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Peace and welcome to the experience that will change your life and open up pathways for you to find true Answers to your life's questions. This connection will give you the empowerment to find happiness and joy.I want to use my gifts as a tool for your advancement and knowledge.Whatever you may need or seek I am here as a catalyst for you to find your way out of the clouds of darkness, uncertainty and confusion.

Do you want Love, peace, happiness ,financial success or whatever it is you need, come and get the answers that can chart a great and uplifting future for you.

Peace and blessings always. To begin your Live Psychic Reading with StarzLapisLazuli7 Click Here.

StarzLapisLazuli7's Reviews

" WOW!! What a clear reader!! So happy with my reading. Gets to the point fast and clearly and easy to receive a clear answer. Love the cat too :-) "

Posted by: Carol on 09/25/18
" Thank you so much! Clarity and detail on so many things, i feel almost at peace now. Bought extra minutes! Never do that! Will talk again I hope. :) "

Posted by: Sarah on 05/09/18
" Thank you "

Posted by: L on 08/09/15
" She read my situation well, sorry run out of time will come again"

Posted by: Anon on 12/14/14
" Excellent reader, picked up well on situation. "

Posted by: Vj on 11/18/14
" Very helpful and insightful"

Posted by: Jade on 11/15/14
" Thank you. I enjoyed the chat. I felt like you truly tuned into the situation. "

Posted by: Suzy on 04/01/14
" Compassionate understanding fast and can connect to your situation very.well"

Posted by: sunny1 on 10/27/13