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Warm Welcome, I'm StarzSusan,

I am an Intuitive Reader, Tarot reader, Clairvoyant, and Dowser Writer and Spiritual Teacher. I am the author of several books on the subjects of Love, Money Attraction and Good Luck. My other specialties are fame work, Charisma and Seduction work. Good Luck Conjure. Prosperity, Removal of negative energies, Auric cleansings, communing with the departed.

I specialize in the following:
Pendulum readings
Prosperity work
Candle readings
Tarot and Oracle card readings
Clairvoyant readings
Life and love coaching
Home & Office Spirit Cleansing.
Removal of negative energy in buildings.
Working with spirit guides
Good Luck

Money $ Wealth Attraction!

Connecting you to a departed loved one
Pet readings and channeling.
Making Mojos for love or money.

Spirit Guides
Pendulum divination
Dowsing for missing people and pets.
Blockbuster work.

I specialize in:

Crystal Ball
Intuitive Astrology
Tarot Cards
Candle Rituals
Dream Work & interpretation

Some of the magical work I do contains the following:

Conjure work for romantic love, new love, increasing passion, money, job success, peaceful home and court case work. Banishing of an outside lover who is destroying your relationship.
Seduction, Attraction, Favor with a boss or with someone you want to impress, Gambling Luck, Truth be Told, Getting money that is owed to you back. Negative Spirit Cleansing.

Work I do not do:

Break up of married or common law couples. No negative work.

Before any work is done, a divination ( reading ) must be done first to see if work is applicable in your case.

I also set candles for positive ritual work, including love, money, prosperity, protection, steady job, school success, fame, making love stronger, passion, petitioning the Saints, petitioning the angels for healing. I work with Jesus, Mary, St. Michael, St. Expedite, St. Joseph, St. Raphael, Santo Nino De Atocha, and San Martin Caballero, I also work with the ascended masters,and my personal spirit guides.

I am certified in N.L.P., hypnotherapy, time line therapy.
I've studied with a Shaman in Mexico and learned how to work with herbs, eggs,
and how to do spiritual cleansings, protection work.
I learned how to do intuitive tarot readings from a powerful, Italian psychic.

I come from a long line of psychic women, my mother was a medium and healer.My Great-Grandmother and Grandmother were psychic.

As a teacher, I teach classes on how to have good luck, attract money and prosperity. And psychic development.

Imagine having the life you want in a positive, happy, loving way surrounded by abundance and God's Love.

I've been a professional intuitive for over 20 years. My mission is to serve you and guide you toward your highest good through the guidance of spirit and positive energy.
Bright Love & Blessings,
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StarzSusan's Reviews

" WOW! What a God sent to have connected with Susan. I had been prayering for someone to help me with things I knew but couldn't put it all together. She has helped me to put many pieces to the puzzle of that has been going on in my life. Her insight and years of work in knowing HooDoo Rootwork of what to do for my life is truly a Blessing. I am so grateful for her gifts and what she is doing to help myself and others in setting us on the path of your true destiny. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Susan, you are a blessing to me! "

Posted by: Carol on 09/26/14