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I am a third generation cartomancer and an intuitive empath. In other words I read a plain old deck of playing cards the way some read Tarot. Yes the deck with the hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs. This is called Cartomancy and is actually much older than the art of Tarot.

As an intuitive, When I read for you I get images in my mind and I hear information from my guides. Being an an empath enables me to tune into the emotions of the people in the situation you are inquiring about.

While I am compassionate and non judgemental of the many varied situations that come up I am also honest and will not feed you a fairy tale. My goal is to give you the answers you need so you can make the most empowered choices to better your life.


Psychics can't read your mind or tell you what you had for dinner; nor can we come up with the winning lottery numbers.

What we can do is help you unravel the threads of your life and reweave them into the tapestry worthy of your bright and shining brilliance.

I'm here to help you with life's little curiosities and provide honest, genuine guidance, from my heart to yours!


What is Cartomancy?

From a historical perspective, using playing cards(the regular kind with Hearts Spades Clubs and Diamonds) for divination has been around a lot longer than Tarot. The practice can be found to have originated from the fourteenth century in fact! The use of cards in this way can be traced back to China and India and eventually it made it’s way to Europe and the rest of the world.

My Experience with Cartomancy

My first experience with Cartomancy was as a young child watching my Grandmother and Mother and Aunt lay out playing cards on my Grandmothers kitchen table. No one called it cartomancy, I don’t remember the words, ‘psychic’ or ‘intuitive’ being used. As of this writing some thirty-two (?) years later, I don’t recall anyone referring to it as anything in particular except, ‘readings’ and ‘fortunetelling.’

How I work with Cartomancy

Like many readers I have come to work with the cards in my own way, instinctively and intuitively devising my own inner language with them. When I look at the cards I draw from my lifetime experience my fascination with metaphysics and mystical philosophies. This has created a broad mosaic of practical, intuitive guidance that I work with from a deep soul level each time I read for a client.


I consider this Sacred Work and I would love to hear from you today! Let's Chat!
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" Laurie you just get it. You are so intune with me. Thank you again for all your help. YOU are truly more than an advisor, you\\\'ve become a trusted friend to see me thru this life. Thank you :) <3 "

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