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From: IL, United States     StarzPsychic Since: Jan 6th 2013    Last Login: 4/16/24

There is no other psychic I’ll ever go to again. This woman knows her stuff. Just look at her ratings and comments in general to know I’m not that only one. I’ve known candybar for years and years and while I can get frustrated sometimes given how blunt she is lol I think that’s what a psychic should be… blunt and honest and she is just that"

I will not sugar coat anything because it won't help your path and help you become one with your higher power. Along with that my psychic reading, I do help the coping process by meditation and spiritual cleansing if needed. Contact me today to receive advice from a person who treats you like an old friend.

25 years of experience in giving people honest and accurate advice. I have conducted in person readings and online readings. Energy can read be read offline or online without names and date of births needed.

My gifts are Clairvoyant - I "see" the past, present, and future.
Clairaudient - I "hear" information from my guides.
Clairsentient or Empathic - I "feel" energy; from people, situations, etc..
Claircognizant - I "know".. this just seems to happen out of nowhere.
Medium - I "talk" to spirit; human, animal, angelic, etc..

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StarzClairvoyantCandy's Reviews

" First time ever having a reading on the site and Candy Barr was very good! I will def come back to her again, esp to get a message from the loved ones that have passed on!"

Posted by: rain44438 on 08/04/19
" Thank you for using your gift and quick response to the questions. I enjoyed the chat and I'm looking forward to my future."

Posted by: hollie4468 on 07/20/19
" I enjoyed my reading quick to text back. And answered questions honestly and quickly without even trying its like the answers that i had for her she already knew them. I would recommend her "

Posted by: shamika87 on 02/01/19
" I did my initial reading with CandyBarr. I felt at ease, and yes it was like i was talking with a good friend that ive known for many years. I will be going back to her next time as well. Thankyou!"

Posted by: Athena on 03/14/18
" She was the best picked up right away about alot of things and i will see if her predictions come true i hope they do i will be excited i like him so much 💜 thank you for a beautiful reading"

Posted by: Amanda on 01/20/18
" Thanks for the reading.straight and to the point.will get back to you with the prediction results."

Posted by: Mini on 11/12/17
" Awesome first reading and you knew things and I didn't tell you."

Posted by: SSmith on 08/18/17
" Thank you I will be back to update Thursday or Friday. "

Posted by: L on 02/15/16
" VERY consistent in her readings. Spot on. And honest without judgment. I have had her read for me many times and each time she gives me clarity like no other. No fluff, no fooling, no bs. Out of all the readings she is the ONLY one that has been accurate. If you want the real deal here she is!"

Posted by: ~S on 02/02/16
" Thank you! I trust your insight very much. You are one of the best on this site. You are always accurate with predictions as well as timing. "

Posted by: Xxx on 07/22/15
" Thank you for an interesting reading. You are great :) "

Posted by: Lwebb on 06/16/15
" On point with the questions , I ask but waiting to see what lays ahead for the fall for me"

Posted by: s. on 05/11/15
" I liked her, she is short & quick to answer, hoping to come back and say it all came true..."

Posted by: Teri on 04/09/15
" Always so quick, so straight, so focused. I love talking to CandyBarr she tells you what she sees not what you want to hear! her predictions have come to fruition time and time again. :)"

Posted by: ~S on 03/26/15
" Thank you for your help. Sorry it cut off :) I will be back! "

Posted by: Lwebb on 03/24/15
" She connects to you quickly and her answers are to the point. :)"

Posted by: Anak on 03/20/15
" She is a very good pychic, patient, detailed, and answers all your questions. I look foward to her predictions. I will call her agian. Great reader!! "

Posted by: Annonymous on 01/15/15
" Wow, wow, wow is all I have to say! She gave me details and timeframes and I look forward to her predictions. She is unbelievable with her accuracy. thank you! "

Posted by: Vee on 01/11/15
" Keep coming back bc she is right on w her answers and honest. Yes she is gifted and if you want the real deal answers w/o the fluff this is your Reader! Love her readings~! "

Posted by: ~S on 12/22/14
" Phenomenal! Feedback very accurate!"

Posted by: 4unme on 12/15/14
" Solid, right on details. She is so quick, so accurate, and so precise. Always ceases to amaze me. Thank you!"

Posted by: Bubblegumgirl on 06/24/14
" SarzCandyBarr is awesome and I will be back in a few weeks to update woth her. Very detailed with her readings and a great connection."

Posted by: unknown on 06/13/14
" Dead on accuracy. I came back to have another reading from her bc last one was so true. During this reading she hit several points that were \'dead on\'. She is pretty awesome and very straight forward. you won\'t be disappointed. TY!"

Posted by: S on 03/25/14
" Very pleased with reading. I am relaxed and calm in regards to questions. Thank you for your patience. Happy :)"

Posted by: marjoram on 10/27/13
" StarzClairvoyantCandyBarr is REMARKABLE. on the dot and to the point. she is clear to the point of your question and has a fast response time. you are definatly within the reach of the Starz. thank you so mutch"

Posted by: Ponee on 09/19/13
" Very target on w details. Really enjoyed chatting w her. She does not sugar coat anything. TY!"

Posted by: bubblegumgirl14 on 08/16/13
" Very very good reading - I've had a ton of readings and I was blown away by her accuracy! I asked about a break up and she honestly knew every single was great!"

Posted by: Debbie on 05/21/13
" I enjoyed her read and she was quick & to the point. Thank you..."

Posted by: Teri on 05/16/13
" I enjoyed my read with her, she is fast to answer and to the point.Thankyou"

Posted by: Teri on 05/16/13
" I thought she was quick to answer and to the point. I enjoyed talking with her, I will be back Thank you so much"

Posted by: teri on 05/16/13
" I wanted to let you know you're great with the timeframe you gave got a 3 and I was the one to contact him for an interview someone wanted to do....He responded back. Wanted to let you Candy that you rock with time frames. I will be back again :)"

Posted by: Josephine on 05/03/13
" She is an awesome Reader and she is quick with the questions you ask her. Amazing Reader!"

Posted by: Josephine on 01/26/13
" Thank You CandyBarr for my reading tonight. :)"

Posted by: Jiselle on 01/16/13
" I didnt get to spend as much time with her as i would have liked, she is amazing. and can tel it like it is. She has a very special gift. and i was shocked when she new names without me tell her names. will be back"

Posted by: lana and toyah on 01/12/13