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From: Mother Earth, United States     StarzPsychic Since: Dec 13th 2012    Last Login: Yesterday

I'm Here For YOU! My goal is to Enlighten minds, Open Hearts & Create World Peace.

Getting Psychic Advice in our virtual world is no different than getting Advice in the "real" world. You simply need to find the Psychic Medium Adviser who offers the kinds of attention You Need. Then you can Discover, For Yourself, just how Helpful a Multifaceted Psychic Medium Adviser Like ME can really be.

✪ 10/13/2004 - Ordained as High Priestess - by R.A. Zorger
✪ 10/1997 - Accounting/ Bookkeeping / Tax Prep - PCDI - Professional Career Development Institute
✪ 5/2/2018 Certified Crisis Counselor - Crisis Text Line

*Areas Of Study:*
✪Astrology/ Astronomy
✪Crisis Counselor
✪Dream Analysis
✪Homeopathic remedies (since childhood)
✪Life Coaching
✪Ouija Board Guidance Guide
✪Psychic Connections
✪Rune Casting
✪Spell Casting Guidance
✪Tarot Card Reading
✪Telepathic Connection
✪The Beyond

Brief summary of my abilities:

Psychic Readings
I will not Sugar Coat things for you. If you do not want the truth just don't ask. I can only report Honest, Accurate and Compassionate facts on all aspects of your life. Providing Quick connections to you with no wasting time.

Accurate Relationship Readings
I maintain an open minded and non-judgmental attitude on a constant basis. Using my knowledge of Astrology and Astronomy I then couple these With my Natural Born Clairvoyance and Empathy to provide you with a reading that is quick, clear, concise and without judgment. I am direct and do not sugar coat anything.I have Decades of experiences Accurately Enlightening many on love life and other relationships. Come be Amazed at my accuracy.

Photo Readings
Possessing the clairvoyance to read people and feel their vibrations; my photo readings Are world renowned and reported to be most accurate.
Want to know what the True past, present and future are for someone?
Is There something you just can't put your finger on in a person, or even yourself?

Medium Services
Natural Born Psychic Medium & Reader. I have been able to communicate with those who have left their bodies by reaching into the beyond since childhood. Connect with me in live chat or Contact Me To arrange a House Call.

Guidance & Life Coaching
Certified Crisis Counselor and Ordained Pagan High Priestess of all nature based faiths. I provide Patient and knowledgeable direction, guidance and education. Available to Mentor you along Your Path. Decades of life council and coaching experience.

I have been studying Astrology and Astronomy for over 3 decades. Proficient in preparing your birth chart, including my bonus "Secret of Your Birthday" report. These studies enable me to help you discover past present and future Facts About You.

Dream Interpretation
I began to studying Dream Analysis and Interpretation a trying to understand dreams and nightmares 24 years ago. I have been successfully interpreting dreams and nightmares for over 2 decades.

Ouija Board Guidance
Thanks for choosing me as your Expert Adviser. I will help you to learn about Ouija Board game, which to some isn't really a game at all. There are things that you must know before embarking on a journey using this tool. There are different theories on how the Ouija Board works and if the Ouija Board is a really just a game or not. These are going FAST! Get my full informational report now!

I have been able to see people and objects with my third eye since childhood. I have been able to locate missing objects, people and pets.

Other Services Performed

✪ Counseling and referral services Provide for all aspects of your existence

✪ Perform cleansing and negative energy removal

✪ Crossing The Bridge / Life Celebration ceremonies for those who have left their bodies

✪ Spell Casting Guidance

✪ Naming Ceremonies

✪ Rites Of Passage Ceremonies

✪ Wedding/ Handfasting (Of any faith or none at all) To begin your Live Psychic Reading with Starz_Priestess_Kandi_Ranson Click Here.

Starz_Priestess_Kandi_Ranson's Reviews

" I will return for her insight and guidance. Thank you!"

Posted by: PatriciaC on 09/20/18
" Very good reading with Priestess Kandi Ranson. She was professional, accurate, and insightful, and offered much clarity. Highly recommend."

Posted by: Moosie on 05/20/18
" Very detailed. Thanks!"

Posted by: Nathania on 09/09/14
" She was awesome is wonderful! Loved her psositivity and helpful advice. THank you ~ "

Posted by: Laura on 06/27/14
" Absolutely amazing. Absolutely! She was helpful in more ways than I hoped. She helped heal and give a peace of mind to a very troubling part of my life. I will be talking to her as often and as much as I can!! "

Posted by: Melissa on 09/15/13
" She is very gifted and open minded"

Posted by: Debbie on 05/31/13
" Thank you"

Posted by: Chrisy on 05/04/13