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StarzRosaPearl is known for her accurate readings. She is honest, compassionate and does not sugar coat her readings.

Often times, she will do energy work on you at no additional cost. Allowing you to leave the reading feeling more confident and clear.

StarzRosaPearl is a clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient with over 30+ years of professional experience. Her clients count on her to provide accurate energy readings to give relief in their physical stresses.

Enter into StarzRosaPearl chatroom and know it is filled with non-judgment, compassion and acceptance. She is a loving, kind Libra with a positive attitude. Her daily meditations include tapping while listening to Abraham Hicks.

Ask for your energy to be spruced up and feel the shift within.

I appreciate my clients. Thank you for choosing me.
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StarzRosaPearl's Reviews

" So lovely! Yes highly recommend! Quick to connect!"

Posted by: GF on 04/19/18
" Cindy Lee is very direct in answering questions or concerns, yet informative. Which is exactly what I need. Thanks for reading me today! "

Posted by: Fairy73 on 02/14/18
" I keep coming back to Cindy bc she is such a delight to speak with. Very positive and very honest. She gives you awesome advice on how to handle situations. Thank you so much for your awesome reading!"

Posted by: BubblegumGirl on 09/05/14
" What an awesome and wonderful Advisor CindyLee is.....She is a true friend also for helping me out with this man I care for. I would give her over a million stars if I coud. I will be back to update her in a few weeks."

Posted by: unknown on 07/03/14
" honest and to the point"

Posted by: nurses rock on 04/26/14
" A breath of fresh air. A delight to speak with. She is so amazing, so kind, so beautiful with her words. I spoke with her last October and she came me solid predictions that all panned out... I circled back today to give her validations and she gave me a new set of predictions and some pretty awesome positive reinforcement. TY!"

Posted by: BubblegumGirl on 03/26/14
" I got honesty coming through all the way! I feel she was accurate, no sugar coating, sincere, and not what I wanted to hear, but nevertheless what I needed to hear. Thank you so much, Cindy!"

Posted by: Graciela on 02/25/14
" Excellent advisor "

Posted by: Stephanie on 01/21/14
" I recommend CindyLee she is gives practical insight and knowledge that guides you in the right direction, with help from the angels "

Posted by: Stephanie on 01/21/14
" Thank you so much for your time and prayers. Looks like there may be light at the end of this tunnel. I look forward to talking to you soon with update. God bless."

Posted by: T on 11/06/13
" I asked her about my business. Nodoubt, She gave me a good advise consulting her spirit guide . She sounds like a professional business mentor. Anyone looking to start a business, I would suggest to talk to her before you make a decission. "

Posted by: Dipak on 10/17/13
" What I liked about Cindy is she answered my questions but did not ramble on to fill up minutes... she was kind, patient, and straight to the point. Her guidance was wonderful and she does show you that you can rewrite your script. She is a beautiful person. :-)"

Posted by: bubblegumgirl14 on 10/16/13
" Very good reader!! I thoroughly enjoyed Cindy Lee..."

Posted by: Carolyn on 08/18/13
" She's so very helpful, not only in providing accurate readings, but in CHANGING the dynamics of interpersonal relationships. I find this to be invaluable. She has helped make my work environment so much better, by working on various relationships I have there."

Posted by: Ahz on 08/15/13
" Thank you so much. I'm always grateful to be able to call on you for your help. And you do always help!"

Posted by: Ahz on 07/03/13
" Rosa Pearl always is GREAT. And she not only is a keen reader, but she can CHANGE things to help you. It's wonderful knowing I can turn to her to smooth out interpersonal issues in this way. She's great!"

Posted by: Ahz on 05/10/13