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Starz Wand has had at least two decades of experience in a broad range of metaphysics but her true skills lie in the fact that she loves Tarot and has never met anyone she could call a stranger! "...we are all connected... sometimes all we need is someone to talk to.. ????"
" I have also been with New Zealand and Australian lines for 10 years. I am here when you need someone to talk to and will use all my skills to help find the answers you need. Love and life can be complicated, talking about it helps! <3"

She is friendly, casual and feels almost anything is open for discussion. Wand's talents are many and varied and her laid-back style will put you at ease and make you feel you've known her forever.

** I am a person with experience and caring for my clients.**
Stop by with that question that keeps bothering you. We can figure it out.***

~~~Why are you who you are!? A Numerology/Zodiac write-up will explain it! How your numbers interact with your astrology signs define your personality and helps you understand why you do what you do! Knowing things can help us work with them, change them if needed. All of this is only $20.00 !! Look at my Shop! All I need is your first name and date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth! You will have an explanation of your personality.. all kinds of interesting details and information..

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StarzAstroWand's Reviews

" Nice, positive reading with AstroWand."

Posted by: Moosie on 02/17/23
" Glad to talk to you. Will research the help for the house do over. As far as Greg goes, he's in danger. HAH!"

Posted by: Carol Jaggi on 03/29/21
" Will have to keep an eye out for these new developments. Still not certain what that entails."

Posted by: Carol Jaggi on 01/11/21
" Well that was fun! Will keep pushing on the clean up front. I gotta figure out NY."

Posted by: Carol Jaggi on 09/23/20
" She's so great! Gets a quick connection with you and really picks up on things without prompting. Highly recommend!"

Posted by: GF on 03/19/19
" Had a great reading with StarzWand! She really connected to the situation, gave wonderful insights and accurate information. I really enjoyed my reading with StarzWand."

Posted by: Moosie on 12/01/18
" I have been a client of StarzWand for quite some time. I followed her from another site Natalie had all her advisors on before I have known her a very long time. Her wisdom and kindness make all the difference in the world. She has such a way about her and is the real deal. Go visit her you wont be sorry. "

Posted by: Lana on 11/18/18
" wonderful woman to talk to, thank you so much for your help and conversation! *****"

Posted by: Sarah on 10/28/18
" Thank you ma'am for the reading and for all the informations. It was a real pleasure talking to you. And thank you for your advices."

Posted by: N. on 05/09/18