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StarzEmma's Reviews

" Amazing! She helped a lot with my area of concern! Thank you so much Emma :) xox"

Posted by: Biljana on 08/25/18
" Very nice reading with StarzEmma. She really connected with the situation and gave wonderful insight! Planning on future readings with StarzEmma."

Posted by: Moosie on 05/21/18
" Thank you so much dear friend for all your insights! Ive been talking to several who I felt were not telling me the happy to have found you! :) Amazing accuracy & honest & gave so much details. Im so happy you are here helping with your wonderful gifts! SO grateful for the advice from you & will continue to help him. Bless your heart & take care dear friend! :) Love & Light"

Posted by: Aquarius on 04/24/18
" AMAZING,totally SPOT on with everything, great insight, fantastic clarity and advice . EMMA you are incredible not to mention an absolute sweetheart to talk/share with . If you're reading this and want to know if you've been guided right , trust that you have , you will not be disappointed . Blown away , thanks so much Emma xx "

Posted by: Anon on 03/26/18
" Nailed every point and demonstrated a deeper appreciation of the complex situation and the hopes and feelings of each of the key players. Covered a lot of ground quickly and gave me much hope and no judgement of anyone. Compassionate but straightforward. I can sleep tonight. Thank you "

Posted by: Mary Ann on 02/16/18
" wow, Emma is super fast to connect and type . Doesn't waste time and picks up on person really fast with no names or info. She nailed person in question. Thank you so much for the amazing clarity and energy Emma, I'm really grateful for the support in this super tough time . This reader is well worth the time , you will not be disappointed and happy I could offer a review .Many blessings x"

Posted by: Anon on 06/10/17