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From: NJ, United States     StarzPsychic Since: Aug 28th 2011    Last Login: 9/22/23

What is your potential? What was in the stars for you? StarzJC will help you find out what the Universe gave you at the moment of your birth.

JC has been studying Astrology since she was sixteen. She was dubbed a "psychic astrologer" by a renowned practitioner because of the methods she uses to read a chart. While the elements of reading a chart are necessary, JC brings a unique ability to "feel" the chart she is reading.She is a patient teacher. She doesn't teach people to "do" astrology, but rather, to listen and absorb what the chart is saying to them. Her methods are simple and clear and tailored to the student.

JC has worked for and with a variety of professionals. Those experiences and her wish to serve humanity eventually culminated in her having her own web site. Not only is she known for her work in Astrology, but she does other things as well. Her Guided Journeys allow people to contact the inner person and clear fears and blockages; as a counselor she teaches and encourages people to further their skills and talents. She is also an ordained minister of The Church of Spiritual Humanism.

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