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From: SC, United States     StarzPsychic Since: Mar 1st 2011    Last Login: 6/11/24

Starzcast has been a clairvoyant astrologer for over 25 years. Her talents began when she was very young but as time went on she discovered a further awakening that she was gifted in clairaudience as well as being a channeler. She uses a personal deck of cards which she designed for further clarification when doing readings.

She can provide you with private readings for monthly lunar returns or yearly forecasts using your solar return.

Please contact her at: for further information and to schedule an appointment..

Many blessings

Natalie resides in South Carolina :)

To begin your Live Psychic Reading with StarzCast Click Here.

StarzCast's Reviews

" I feel like Ms. Natalie has been placed on this Earth, with us, to help keep some balance while she seeks to replace negative with positive on a daily basis. Ms. Natalie doesn't think or feel hr way to bring love and light to just her own world. But, to the entire world and everyone and everything in it. I have never met as kind and compassionate, calm, cool, collected, but firm, all in the same package kind of person before now. Ms. Natalie does so much, behind the scenes, to make Planet StarZ, Inc. to run smoothly! I want to personally thank you. Ms. Natalie, For All That You Do!"

Posted by: Priestess Kandi Ranson on 02/09/17
" Natalie is a very dear friend of mine and a very spiritual soul. I met Natalie about ten years ago, when I was having a great deal uncertainty in my life. I thought that I had just stumbled upon her, looking for some guidance, but I now realize that I was drawn to her, as I have never met anyone like her in my life. She used her clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities to help me not only understand my world around me, but the significance of my past and what I have to look forward to in my future. Natalie became my spiritual advisor and my own Angel of wisdom. She is not only intelligent, very caring and funny, but unbelievably accurate in her readings. She uses her own senses to connect with her guides and looks to her cards for a little extra guidance when she needs it. She has also helped me to understand my own abilities that I have been blessed with and have been aware of since I was a teenager. You will not be disappointed if you decided to connect with Natalie or any of her staff. I have worked with several of her other readers, over the years, and while they all have their own style and personality, they are equally as caring and giving. If I had to sum up Natalie, her site and the work that she and her staff do, in one word, it would be WONDERFUL. "

Posted by: Lori on 02/04/12
" If you are looking for a gifted, kind, understanding, intuitive astrologer/reader, Natalie is the person for you! She's been a trusted confidante of mine for over 10 years, and I have referred her to many of my friends, all of whom have enjoyed their readings immensely. She will help you see the truth in front of you and will guide you to recognize the best choices in your life. Her readings are a great treat for yourself and also they make a unique birthday gift for the friend or relative who "has everything". Natalie is never harsh or judgmental with her readings - instead she is gentle and compassionate. You will ALWAYS feel much better after speaking to her than you did before!"

Posted by: Pauline S on 02/04/12
" StarzCast is a very compassionate, empathetic and intuitive reader. Her readings are accurate and the information given is always helpful. I know that each time I am given a reading it is given in light and love. I can count on Starzcast readings to help me navigate my way through my cloudy days, and that is a wonderful blessing! "

Posted by: Tanya on 02/04/12