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From: , United States     StarzPsychic Since: Apr 10th 2014    Last Login: 3/05/24

Having years of Expertise and Experience I will help you by going deeper than the surface issues by providing detailed insights on Love,Relationships,Marriage, Career, Twin flame energy and other life problem.

My readings are Detailed, Honest, Non-judgmental and result oriented because i believe it is better for you to know the truth so that you restore your life to happiness by deciphering the issues and following the guidance.

My Spiritual Readings will help you to Know about: ☆Love ☆Reunions ☆Career ☆Marriage ☆Spiritual Health ☆Family ☆Partner’s Intent ☆Soul mate Connections ☆Twin Flame ☆Finance ☆Deception ☆Opportunities in Life

☼With my Gifted abilities i will help you in making right decisions in your life. I will tell you everything as it is and not tell anything otherwise just to make you feel happy. I provide guidance along with solution to your complex situations which will help you restore Happiness in your lives.My certificates are thousands of people I have helped over the years. I am an em-path who gives precise and result oriented answers which enables my clients to achieve goals regarding love, Relationship & Career.

I have blessings of generations backing me to help the ones in need. Being Spiritual Life guide and Therapist I share and send my light to those who going through bad phases in their lives. My Spiritual readings are Professional, Precise, Honest and Subject oriented which will help you in getting the whole picture regarding the situation. I have been in this profession for over 13 years and have helped thousands of people with my own unique way of guiding and counselling which have been really beneficial and a client feel a great sense of peace and relief after a TRUTHFUL & HONEST session with me.

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StarzShades's Reviews

" This reader is incredible. He pin points the situation and knows exactly what is going on with the questions I ask him. "

Posted by: Pat (Trish) on 04/06/23
" I had a reading with Shades back in 2018 and left a good review. This new reading was just as good as he picked up things fast and gave awesome advice. I will say he picks up feelings of people you are involved with , "

Posted by: Trish on 08/11/20
" Great reading with StarzShades! So accurate and insightful, very pleasant reading. Will be returning for future readings."

Posted by: Moosie on 04/28/18
" Wow he picked up on things. I did not share. Highly recommend "

Posted by: Trish on 04/02/18
" Always a pleasure and great soul to speak to. I feel a real connection and I will be back for sure. Thank you and all the best!"

Posted by: AngelStar on 12/20/17
" Needed a bit of a reboot. This soul is pure and loving. She is so wonderful. I wish I could give her a hug, oh well this review is the closet I can get. Thank you so much for the rebalance Shades. xoxo"

Posted by: Angelstar on 11/14/17
" An absolute Gem of a human being and a gentle soul that is calming and reassuring. No doubt one of the best here. So loving and holds a big place in my heart. I will be back. Thank you Shades for your kindness."

Posted by: Angelstar on 11/13/17
" She seem good with knowledge about my situation.. Thank you my new visionary friend.."

Posted by: Spurs on 11/12/17
" very impressed with shades!!! was very empathetic in the reading :)"

Posted by: hardworker on 06/22/17
" Very good got to the point and very gental. Love shades advice look forward to you're advice next month."

Posted by: Mo121 on 06/17/17
" I really appreciate how detailed my reading was! StarzShades took the time to explain in depth what I needed to know and I felt like they really cared. I will be back to update as soon as I can. Thank you again!"

Posted by: Miele on 05/03/17
" Shades is a very very very sweet and kind person. Very sensitive, no tools needed to connect and know the situation. Gave me great advices, loved him!!! I will be back!! Thank you!!"

Posted by: Lifted on 08/27/15
" Thanks "

Posted by: L on 08/12/15
" a lot of insight. great reading!! looking forward to seeing the outcome"

Posted by: sarah on 06/01/15
" I found StarzShades a very genuine person who keeps your religion in mind while conducting a reading. His readings definitely touched me and made me realize how much i needed spiritual connection. I hope to keep in touch with him at all times as he provided me with religious guidance and allowed me to realize who I really am and what i have become. I thank him for his generous help and I pray that he continues to help people the same way. god bless. :)"

Posted by: NSHAH on 06/09/14
" shades is great and gives you very indepth reading.he is a fantastic guide and has been coaching me alot.I recommend him as he is one of the best here....he stands out amongst the rest.I think he's god sent!my life is changing in positive way thanks to his coaching.thank you shades"

Posted by: cooks on 05/25/14
" thank you for the reading StarzShades...I will be back again"

Posted by: unknown on 04/27/14
" he was very good. i enjoyed my session with him. "

Posted by: vj on 04/25/14