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From: Glastonbury, United Kingdom     StarzPsychic Since: Aug 31st 2011    Last Login: Today

Hello! My name is StarzSedona and I Help People Unite with their soul’s purpose.

Have you been searching for: Greater harmony and fulfillment in relationships? Your most divine ideal partner in love, friendship, business? Your voice and freedom in relationship? Greater levels of excitement, joy, and infinite possibility as you engage passionately with life? Release of what prevents you from loving yourself deeply and experiencing yourself as divine essence? A clear connection with your higher power, inner guidance, and soul purpose? I love doing Consultations for those who are looking to Grow, Renew, Reinvent and Re-energize in difficult and uncertain times. I believe that NOW is a time of opportunity! My style - a mix of Clairvoyance, Coaching, Counseling, Cheer leading – is Insightful, Inspiring and ALWAYS empowering.

I am clairvoyant, empathic, third generation psychic who has trained as a Certified Angel Intuitive TM and Medium with Doreen Virtue, the author of the Angel and Fairy Cards. I have trained with Denise Linn - and a Certified Gateway Dreaming Coach TM. and currently undertaking Soul Coaching Oracle Card Certification TM.

I am a trained psychologist, relationship coach and Past Lives Therapist with certifications in Hypnotherapy, Psychology, Life Coaching, Theta Healing and Law of Attraction Counseling. Certified Yoga Teacher

My psychic abilities and psychological background have given me immense insight into the human condition.

I help people fix their love life!

Love Advice, and Coaching for people who are SINGLE, DATING, in RELATIONSHIP, MARRIED, DIVORCING or BREAKING-UP

I would be honored to read for you and to empower and enlighten you with the answers that you seek! Are you ready to manifest your reality? I am dedicated in assisting all im my world in making their dreams to come true

How is your past life impacting on the present? Were you lovers in a past Life? Learn how your Past Lives are important to you!

Master the Universal Laws of Attraction to MAGNETICALLY attract Health, Wealth, Happiness And Love. Overcome ANY obstacle! Clear the path and open the doors!

To begin your Live Psychic Reading with StarzSedona Click Here.

StarzSedona's Reviews

" Another very positive read with Sedona. I have been getting reads from her for years and I love her. "

Posted by: Pat on 05/10/21
" I look forward to my monthly reads with Sedona. She is straightforward, honest and caring. Everything she tells me will happen, happens for the most part. A wonderful reader!"

Posted by: pat on 01/22/21
" I’m so sorry we got cut off. Technology malfunction. I always feel better and more zen after one of your readings. Thank you!"

Posted by: Connie on 12/18/20
" Great energy and connects right away, very genuine to the point and is pleasant and honest "

Posted by: Kaya on 03/12/20
" The best on here for sure! Very positive person."

Posted by: RBTeach on 12/21/19
" Sedona is so uplifting. That’s what I love about her. I always feel a little better after talking with her. She did predict that there would be a change with the group that I worked with. I wasn’t really seeing it at the time but it happened!! It was very cool and very welcome!"

Posted by: Connie on 01/10/19
" Very uplifting"

Posted by: RBTeach on 11/21/18
" I had a wonderful session with Sedona. The reading was very uplifting and detailed. I had a heart to heart with her and she gave me hope to carry on in the midst of my difficulties. Thank you so much "

Posted by: Ctsui1 on 11/17/18
" She was absolutely spot on and wonderful. Very friendly too!!! Definitely have a reading with her!"

Posted by: Stephanie on 10/15/18
" She is absolutely amazing. She told me a person I have not spoke with for 8 months would contact me over the weekend. Lo and behold the phone called came tonight. It was totally unexpected. Then I smiled when I remember she told me it was going to happen. Thank you for your insight Sedona. "

Posted by: Pat on 09/14/18
" Always a great reading pretty much hits it right on the money"

Posted by: Vonnie on 07/07/18
" Always uplifting"

Posted by: RBTeach on 07/03/18
" Had a wonderful reading with Sedona. Offered valuable advice and insights."

Posted by: Moosie on 06/30/18
" Very insightful"

Posted by: RBTeach on 05/31/18
" She is wonderful"

Posted by: RBTeach on 05/10/18
" I liked her very much. She picked up on things I had not shared with her."

Posted by: RBTeach on 03/28/18
" Have been getting readings from Sedona for years! What can I say- I Love Her!!! and Yes she is simply Amazing!!!! <3"

Posted by: Teri on 03/08/18
" Best psychic ever"

Posted by: Trish on 01/21/18
" Kind and very gifted and knowledgeable. She was able to tune into my energy quickly and help with an issue I’d been having. Will be returning soon!"

Posted by: Stephanie on 12/26/17
" Wow what a lovely lady to chat too, my reading was beautifull and went right where I thought it would. Really needed to hear it. Would definitely recommend."

Posted by: Marg on 12/18/17
" Thanks Sedona for your reading.will follow your advice and let you know.please invoke the love angels for me.much love"

Posted by: Yaamini on 11/18/17
" Best on this site! Spot on accurate. Everything she has said has come to pass. She's amazing. Highly recommend!"

Posted by: Anna on 08/17/17
" Thank you Sedona.. You have a wonderful gift. I will be chatting with you again soon! Xoxox "

Posted by: Sarah on 04/23/17
" Ran out of credit, but will come back soon Thank you for everything "

Posted by: Naz on 04/16/17
" She really helped me and guided me through difficult decisions! She is very nice and gave me hope and made me more calm. Thank you"

Posted by: Anynomyous on 04/13/17
" Sedona is really Awesome!!! Fast, Answered all question, very detailed and helpful. Sorry I ran out of fund but Im coming back soon. Thank you very much"

Posted by: Pim on 04/04/17
" The reading was comforting and I was relaxed"

Posted by: Sharlene on 03/12/17
" Thank you for giving me hope"

Posted by: Ss on 02/12/17
" Really enjoyed talking to sedona the most. Hoping all comes to as sedona told me and I teared up as my minute ran out and the last message she sent me was confirming a certain someone. If I get the unexpected surprise ...ill be back soon Sedona! Thank you !!"

Posted by: thank you on 11/05/16
" Always a pleasure. Always feel better after talking to Sedona! "

Posted by: Connie on 03/03/16
" Excellent, accurate would highly recommend her"

Posted by: Terrie Lynn on 01/09/16
" You are so wonderful- thank you "

Posted by: Teri on 12/21/15
" A wonderful and positive reader. Very kind and informative. Will definitely be coming back 10/10"

Posted by: AmyB on 11/26/15
" Thank Yoou....your so awsome! <3"

Posted by: Teri on 08/22/15
" Thank you for your help <3 "

Posted by: Lweb on 06/23/15
" Love her! Thank you so much are the very very best! I always look forward to and enjoy your reads, very accurate and to the point! Thank you ...Ill be back! love you <3 "

Posted by: teri on 04/11/15
" Sedona is one of the VERY VERY BEST! I m not kidding.....Ive been using her for years and I just Love her reads, shes fast accurate...and to the point, You really get more than your moneys worth with her! <3 Thank you ((Sedona)) love u"

Posted by: teri on 04/11/15
" I am super happy with the reading. answered all my questions quickly and knew the facts well. thanks"

Posted by: goss ave on 02/07/15
" She has alot of information to give and is a pleasure to work with."

Posted by: Sam on 01/31/15
" This lady was amazing!! She was insightful, accurate and so tuned into the person in question. One of the best advisors I have ever come across! She was incredible. 100 stars "

Posted by: Vee on 01/06/15
" She's sooo good! Picked up a lot in detail, on what is happening around me! I really liked her, everything is true."

Posted by: Patty on 08/23/14
" Sedona is awesome and a very compasionate Avdisor. She confirmed what my friend got for me. Can't wat for the new man to ccome into my life. I will b back to upate her and thank her too."

Posted by: uknown on 07/21/14
" Sedona was so wonderful! She was very compassionate and knew exactly what I was going through! She pinpointed my situation and gave me excellent advise! Very caring reader! I will be back for sure!"

Posted by: debbie on 01/18/14
" Always such a blessing to talk with this amazing lady "

Posted by: Scorp1 on 12/18/13
" Awesome xx"

Posted by: Scorp1 on 12/01/13
" Sedona provided a Love reading for me and it was an eye opener.It spoke to my heart! Her words seem to come from the heart, for that I say THANK YOU!. I highly recommend her."

Posted by: CC on 10/06/13
" Provided very sound advice! I enjoyed our reading! Thank you so much!"

Posted by: bubblegumgirl14 on 08/02/13
" I've been read by StarzSedona for years ..she is truly an angel from God. I most highly reccommend her..empathic, caring and on pointe!"

Posted by: GF on 05/30/13
" good insight."

Posted by: yvon on 02/14/13
" received good insight and she clearly understood my questions. very happy "

Posted by: joleen on 02/14/13
" amazing talk again. she was right on about everything was spoke about. the best experience i have had. i will be back."

Posted by: toyah on 01/03/13
" another amazing chat. shes amazing"

Posted by: toyah on 01/03/13
" one word - amazing!"

Posted by: toyah on 01/03/13
" i've been read by her quite a few times since 2002. the depth of her readings is incredible, extremely helpful and empowering. if you want a reader who will help you see any situation and/or yourself from a wider, more positive perspective... you need to chat with sedona! "

Posted by: Christine on 12/18/12
" I am so impressed and surprised. If she lived in my neighbourhood I would be picking flowers for her constantly . "

Posted by: Mickey on 08/02/12
" Nice , empathic but also very precise - she has talents not given to everybody !"

Posted by: Micky on 08/02/12
" have had many many readings and always right on the money. i recommend her very highly"

Posted by: yvonne on 07/25/12
" Sedona is so wonderful, her insight is dead on, I have been getting reads from her for years and I do mean....many many mooons!!! I love her...and will be back! <3 xoxoxo "

Posted by: Teri on 04/12/12
" Sedona is awesome! All hail Sedona! No matter what is going on in life, good or bad, she's there for encouragement and kind words. Thanks so much!"

Posted by: Connie on 02/04/12
" Sedona is great - tunes in well and gives you great insight into the ppl and situations. She has a wicked sense of humour and is very compassionate and caring. As a psychologist, this helps with the spiritual insights as well. You can't go wrong with this wonderful reader."

Posted by: Twinsoul15 on 01/01/12
" I think Sedona is a wonderful reader. Very kind, compassionate and funny!! Lover her!!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 11/30/11