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From: OH, United States     StarzPsychic Since: Sep 2nd 2011    Last Login: Yesterday

StarzPsychicBrownEyes is known for her accurate readings in love......she is here to guide you to your ***Hearts Desire***

I help people fix their love life!

I am also a medium let me reach those past

Love Advice, and Coaching for people who are SINGLE, DATING, in RELATIONSHIP, MARRIED, DIVORCING or BREAKING-UP

I would be honored to read for you and to empower and enlighten you with the answers that you seek! Are you ready to manifest your reality? I am dedicated in assisting all in my world in making their dreams to come true

StarzPsychicBrownEyes is a psychic on StarzPsychics with over 30+ years of experience. Since she clairvoyant and clairaudient she is able to read with clear vision and accuracy without the use of any tools. Her area of expertise is love and relationships.

All are welcome here to my little corner with no criticism or prejudice

She is honest, compassionate and does not sugar coat her readings.

StarzPsychicBrownEyes is able to touch hearts, provide new outlooks on life and answer questions that clients had struggled with for many years.

Clients can count on her for Truth, but they also know that with each reading they are entering a safe haven, filled with light, warmth and compassion. She continues to maintain an ever growing list of devoted clients who sing her praises.

Her sign is Sagittarius, which explains her honest and positive approach to life. Currently, she resides in Georgia.

Check her out today you will be amazed.

Check out her won't be disappointed!

To begin your Live Psychic Reading with StarzPsychicBrownEyes Click Here.

StarzPsychicBrownEyes's Reviews

" Always on point and never tell me a lie. You have been in my life for years and you have always been by my side keeping it real. 100% accurate. Thank you so much"

Posted by: SS on 06/16/24
" What can I say I decided to consult with her and haven't looked back. Her accuracy is beyond phenomenal and would highly recommend her."

Posted by: Terrie Lynn on 06/07/24
" I don’t need a therapist whenever I am troubled or looking for a listening ear I turn to Brown Eyes. She certainly has a gift."

Posted by: Pat on 05/09/24
" Wow is all I can say best reading I have had I've had others by different psychic but nothing like what she told me"

Posted by: Sherry on 05/04/24
" Wow, PsychicBrownEyes is amazing and she really picked up a job offer. I received the offer last night and also a breaking point in my life with reconnecting with someone who I did not expect to reconnect with. You won't be disappointed by coming to her. "

Posted by: Kim on 04/24/24
" Thank you for always guiding me through life. I love you"

Posted by: SS on 04/09/24
" 100% accurate and always on point. Thank you so much"

Posted by: SS on 03/29/24
" Thank you so much for all your guidance and support. You are so kind and caring, and helped me so much during this time. Your advice and approach last week, changed the whole situation in a positive way. So much love for you <3"

Posted by: Ant on 03/15/24
" Always on point and always tell me the truth. Everything you tell me comes to pass. You never miss a beat. Thank you so much."

Posted by: SS on 02/16/24
" The best I ever talked to. Thank you so much for being here for me through all these years."

Posted by: SS on 02/16/24
" What a roller coaster of a ride you have guided me through over the last two months. Thank you for your guidance, always on point and accurate. Thank you also for your care and support<3"

Posted by: Ant on 02/09/24
" Thank you so much for your insights, guidance and support. At times you feel like a angel on my shoulder, just keeping me calm and focussed. Your insights have been on point and have come to pass."

Posted by: Ant on 02/01/24
" have found Brown excellent at the way she guides me along my path when there is anything in doubt. She doesn't tell you what to do but what to expect. I would highly recommend her."

Posted by: Terrie Lynn on 02/01/24
" Wonderful reading as always, thank you for your insights, care and guidance"

Posted by: Ant on 01/10/24
" Another re-assuring chat with the amazing Cindy, always on point, thank you again"

Posted by: Ant on 12/16/23
" When I am feeling at my most anxious, I always contact Cindy and after minutes with her calming energy, I can begin to see the situation and all the possibilities. I highly recommend Cindy, and she has helped me through the years."

Posted by: Ant on 12/15/23
" Thank you for being here for me. It’s been a tough year."

Posted by: SS on 09/25/23
" Amazes me every time. 100% accurate always."

Posted by: SS on 09/05/23
" Thank you for being here for me all these years. Always 100% accurate. "

Posted by: SS on 08/23/23
" Brown Eyes is my go too. She has always been upfront with me and tells me it what she hears or senses and not what I want I hear. She has a gift for sure . "

Posted by: Pat on 08/11/23
" Brown is AMAZING and I recommend her to everyone. She is honest in a nice way, good or bad but oh so accurate. Well worth the money paid."

Posted by: Terrie Lynn on 07/20/23
" I always have a great, fun reading with StarzPsychicBrownEyes."

Posted by: Moosie on 07/15/23
" I 've been talking to Cindy for years. She tells it like it is and doesn't hold back. We talk about everything. "

Posted by: zadygirl on 06/27/23
" Thank you for always being there for me."

Posted by: SS on 06/16/23
" 100% accurate thank you always on point."

Posted by: SS on 06/16/23
" Had my first time reading here at Starz and I must say how impressed I am with the customer service I had w/Natalie StarzPsychicBrowneyes was incredible and right on target and I will be back to see her again "

Posted by: Lana on 06/12/23
" Wonderful and always. Knows me very well and my situation. Thank you so much."

Posted by: SS on 05/29/23
" Cindy is simply amazing!! Talking to her is like talking to a bestfriend! Very straight forward and honest. Excited to see her predictions unfold."

Posted by: MS on 05/12/23
" Cindy, thank you for your honesty. You always give me insight as to what really is happening behind the scenes. Praying for the best outcome. "

Posted by: Susan on 04/28/23
" I've been talking to Cindy for years! Her and I talk about everything. She knows her stuff. Choose her you won't be disappointed. "

Posted by: Zadygirl on 04/21/23
" Accurate as always. No sugarcoating and always keeps it real. Have been rocking with me for many years. Thank you so much"

Posted by: SS on 04/20/23
" I just want to write a review for cindy, she\'s been through this journey with me andmy person, for over a year, going on 2 and has been super patient. She\'s very accurate and I always feel like I am talking to my best friend. She is my best friend!!! I want to thank cindy for being there for me !!!"

Posted by: natureluver on 04/16/23
" PsychicBrownEyez is amazing! I have been interviewing for jobs and she was spot on. I ended up landing a new job at a school that is much of a good fit for me. I am very excited and happy! I thank PsychicBrownEyez for her continued support throughout the years! She is amazing!"

Posted by: Kim W. on 03/24/23
" Brown Eyes is amazing, she’s very honest and always on point in her readings. She is insightful and has helped me tremendously with the readings she has done for me. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a honest, and kind reader. "

Posted by: TW on 03/11/23
" Thank you so much. Thank you for always having my back."

Posted by: SS on 03/02/23
" Thank you so much Cindy, you were right again! I appreciate all your insights with my situation as I was very stressed. You assured me to wait and it would all work out in 6 weeks, and you were spot again :)"

Posted by: Ant on 01/24/23
" Always Always on point. Predictions always come true 100%. Been down with me since day 1 know my whole story and always guides me. Thank you so much for always keeping me on the right path. Thank you for saving my life."

Posted by: SS on 01/04/23
" Always makes me feel good when I'm having a bad day and sends me faith and positive vibes!! I'm excited to see what my future holds. So far she's always been right."

Posted by: MS on 01/04/23
" Miss Cindy is truly the best! All of the things she said would happen by the end of this year have happened! She has guided me to getting my POV back after being broken up for almost a year now... She truly is an angel!"

Posted by: MS on 12/13/22
" You know what I’m going to do and say before I do it. Your predictions always come true. You don’t sugarcoat anything. You have helped me get my relationship back. You saved our life. I don’t know what I would do without you. Thank you so much for these wonderful years I’ve known you. Always tells me truth whether I like it or not. 100% accurate. Thank you love ya so much. You are my guardian Angel!!!!!!!"

Posted by: SS on 12/08/22
" Cindy is awesome. All her predictions come true. I mean every last one of them. She keeps me on the right path. She has gotten me through ups and downs. 100% accurate thank you love ya"

Posted by: SS on 12/05/22
" Never let me know always patient with me"

Posted by: SS on 10/28/22
" Thank you always for being real with me. I love how you know what gonna happen before I do. It always happen like you says too. Always on point. Thank you"

Posted by: SS on 10/28/22
" Thank you so much for always being correct. Over the years you have been patient with me. I know I can really count on you to keep it real. Love ya and I can’t thank you enough."

Posted by: SS on 10/05/22
" Wonderful as always thank you so much for guiding me in the right direction all these years. I been with you for some years now and u have never steered me wrong. I love you so much and thanks for everything and always keeping it Real"

Posted by: SS on 09/05/22
" Always gives the best advice and steers me in the right direction. Waiting to see if one of her predictions comes true, which they always do! "

Posted by: Morgan on 08/15/22
" Been talking with Browneyes for a few weeks now. She has been spot on with my POI reaching out to me. Everything has happened as she said it will. Very great advice also! Curious to see if everything else she has said will fall into place. She’s the best!"

Posted by: Morgan on 08/07/22
" Been on here for 5 years and mama have never steered me wrong. Timeframes spot on or even earlier than expected. She has kept me on track for years. I love this woman with all my heart she knows me like she’s my own mother. I don’t know what I would do without her. She is AMAZING and I thank her for being in my life."

Posted by: Summer on 07/23/22
" Brown Eyes gave me a very compassionate and honest reading. She also gave me a lot of insight into myself and gave the best advice on how to be my best self!! She also picked up on things I did not mention and it made me cry and gave me chills. I am hoping her insights come true... I will keep her and everyone else posted!"

Posted by: Morgan on 07/20/22
" I cant thank Browneyes enough for her guidance, love & care. She was spot on regarding my love interest and her timing was exact You wont be sorry "

Posted by: Maria on 06/25/22
" Very warm and honest. Thanks Cindy!"

Posted by: prk on 06/10/22
" This was my first time having Brown Eyes for a reading. I thought she was very nice and pleasant to talk to! She told me some things that I thought was very head on! I will be back to update her on my questions I had for her! Thank you!"

Posted by: Srrtarot on 06/05/22
" I was such a skeptic getting any readings but........I decided to choose Starz Psychics :) Looking over all the bios I chose StarzPsychicBrowneyes and let me tell you she was spot on!!! With dates and everything. She is the real deal. Get a reading with her you wont be sorry AT ALL"

Posted by: Meg on 05/10/22
" Cindy is always great to talk to. She calms my nerves when I'm stressed and tells me what to be on the lookout for. The best part is when we laugh at people. Cindy, your right. Karma is going to get them!"

Posted by: Zadygirl on 04/29/22
" I had an issue today so I contacted Brown eyes to see if she could help me. Someone kept calling my phone and didn't leave a message. It was a unknown caller and she told me exactly who it was . I called who I thought it was and they said OH THANK YOU FOR CALLING ME. I've been trying to reach you all day and wasn't sure I had the right number. I didn't want to leave a message in case it wasn't your phone.Thank you Browneyes YOU ROCK"

Posted by: Tia on 04/20/22
" Thanks for listening. I willl try to be more patient. I'm looking for elephants next. Quite the day for animals."

Posted by: Punkytuff1 on 04/15/22
" I have been going to PsychicBrownEyes since late 2016. Recently, I have been interviewing at other jobs and she told me I will receive a job offer yesterday. With this being said, she was absolutely correct. I was notified via email about being offered a new job at a new school. I am beyond excited and am glad that I got this news before my birthday on Monday, April 11th. After a trying and rough moments at the school I work at, I feel happy and blessed that I am going to be leaving my current job and transferring to a new school. Thank you PsychicBrownEyes. I highly recommend a reading with her. "

Posted by: Kim on 04/09/22
" thank you cindy for always being there, you have got me through this relationship with my poi, and i know things are going to be better between him and I!!!"

Posted by: amazing on 04/06/22
" I always enjoy talking to Cindy. She is a great comfort to talk to. We talk and laugh about everything! Thanks, again Cindy!"

Posted by: Zadygirl on 03/29/22
" I have been talking to Cindy for several years. She is always comforting and fun to talk to. She will tell you exactly what she hears. She has been spot on several times. "

Posted by: Zadygirl on 02/21/22
" Cindy has been amazing and been with me since 2016. She has been there through a lot and has not led me wrong. She was correct on a car repair estimate LOL. I said, "Wow you were spot on about the cost of the repair." She called it about a week ago and this happened today. Also she is right about a person of interest so far. I truly thank her for her readings and beng on spot. She is amazing and wonderful in what she does."

Posted by: Kim on 12/23/21
" Just had a reading with Miercoles and wow. Such a beautiful soul who shows she cares. She was spot on. :) Lana "

Posted by: Lana on 12/05/21
" I enjoy talking with Cindy. We talk about anything and everything. She is very kind and wonderful to talk to. "

Posted by: Zadygirl on 11/16/21
" Always quick to connect and respond. She really cares and hones in on your issues. Highly will not be disappointed!"

Posted by: gio on 10/30/21
" ❤️ you may be on the other side of the world but you will always be in my heart. Thank you aunt for always providing guidance. Much love xoxo please pray I have that job soon ❤️"

Posted by: B on 10/27/21
" I been going through tough times in my relationship and Cindy was there for me the whole time. She said be patient and guess what I did and everything worked out just like she said. I thank God she is in my life. She has been for years. She will never steer me wrong. She has been 100% on point every time. Patience is key. Thank you Cindy I love you"

Posted by: SS on 10/26/21
" Aunt Cindy called it with a co worker I thought was so nice. Turns out the cow was a two faced troll. Yep Auntie called that one!"

Posted by: Cklein42 on 10/04/21
" Thanks for the reading StarzPsychicBrownEyes... I really enjoyed my reading I will call back very soon!!! "

Posted by: Vonnie on 09/25/21
" Thanks Aunt Cindy for calling out someone who wasn't a true friend. Totally right. Everytime! "

Posted by: cklein42 on 09/01/21
" Thank you Aunt Cindy. You call it every single"

Posted by: Cklein42 on 08/11/21
" Cindy is an awesome reader. We laugh and talk about everything. She has been telling me for the past few weeks a job is coming and someone would be calling me. Today, I received the call and set-up the interview. Thanks Cindy! "

Posted by: Zadygirl on 07/28/21
" Thanks aunt Cindy for the chuckles and the new vocabulary words lol "

Posted by: Cklein42 on 07/24/21
" I love talking with Cindy. We talk and laugh about everything. I highly recommend her. She is very kind and tells it like it is. "

Posted by: Zadygirl on 07/13/21
" Thank you for the reading ❤️ I wish I could reach out over the screen to hug you during this hard time. Keep us in your prayers xox"

Posted by: B on 07/13/21
" Thank you again Aunt Cindy for giving the good word on the crazies! You are the best! "

Posted by: cklein42 on 07/08/21
" Well I'll tell you more next time. I've really had some adventures with weirdos following me around. Lord knows why, I don't. I guess I do crazy very well."

Posted by: Carol Jaggi on 06/29/21
" Thanks again for all the insight on Karen. I mean Kerry lol "

Posted by: Cklein42 on 06/28/21
" Thanks Auntie Cindy for all your insight and naughty wisdom lol "

Posted by: Cklein42 on 06/14/21

Posted by: Giudget on 05/30/21
" Thanks for giving me the deets auntie Cindy. You’re the best "

Posted by: Cklein42 on 05/27/21
" Always providing guidance and help throughout the good and challenging times ❤️ Thank you auntyyyyy xoxo keep us in your prayers with lots of love "

Posted by: B on 05/22/21
" Good to connect with you again Cindy!"

Posted by: Karia on 05/18/21
" Thanks again for all your help Aunt Cindy. Appreciate it. "

Posted by: Cklein42 on 05/17/21
" thanks again Aunt Cindy for calling the crazies out and the Tuesdays and Thursdays that annoy me in my life :) "

Posted by: cklein42 on 05/07/21
" Thx again auntie. Especially on the stuff about Kermit the frog lmao "

Posted by: Cklein42 on 04/29/21
" Hi aunt. Appreciate the positive guidance to help me with my current situation. I hope I do see him soon and we can resolve this. I have hope and faith ! Keep us in your prayers xoxo"

Posted by: B on 04/25/21
" Thx again Auntie for the giggles and predictions about the trolls in my life. You know. The See Ya Thursday peeps lol "

Posted by: Cklein42 on 04/15/21
" Amazing Cindy as always! WHat you predicted 2y ago ...true today...what you are predicting now...I hope it comes true and I will be forever indebted to you! God bless"

Posted by: prat on 04/10/21
" Thx aunt Cindy for cheering me up and making me laugh about the frogs in my life "

Posted by: Cklein42 on 04/04/21
" Hey, I just want to let you know I’m doing good. He messaged the other day to get some things this week. Let’s see what happens since our last chat. I’ve been in no contact. Keep me in your prayers ❤️"

Posted by: B on 04/04/21
" I really like her and she is honest and true and very good I will keep using her"

Posted by: Lulu on 03/29/21
" I enjoy talking to Cindy. I fill her in on my day and we laugh about stuff that happens. She always me nervous. "

Posted by: Zadygirl on 03/25/21
" Thank you Aunt Cindy. Are you sure you can’t turn someone into a frog lol. Or a fly. Lol. "

Posted by: Cklein42 on 03/16/21
" Thanks Aunt Cindy for being on the money About the wicked witch looking for another job. Thanks for always making me laugh too "

Posted by: Cklein42 on 03/14/21
" Always here for me. Keeps it real all the time. Thank you for everything. You are truly my guardian angel."

Posted by: SS on 03/10/21
" I want to thank Psychic BrownEyes. I have been seeing her since 2016 and she has been very entertaining. Also she has helped me on my path and I have received misinformation from other readers on this journey I have been on from a connection I have been on with a gentleman I met in 2016, but she is definitely the real deal. She did give me some advice earlier today and even on my path and I have to say it was true. I have to say that I am still growing and we are have grown together and I trust that things will improve from here. She is the best and you won't regret it."

Posted by: Kim on 03/06/21
" Thank you for always being here for me. I admire you so much for being so ACCURATE. You have always been on point with everything. Always keep it real with me no matter what. Thank you and I love you...."

Posted by: SS on 03/01/21
" Nobody is better than Auntie Cindy. Thanks for the 411 on all the crazies I deal with lol "

Posted by: Cklein42 on 02/28/21
" Thanks again Aunt Cindy! "

Posted by: Connie on 02/17/21
" Brown Eyes was great! She was insightful, warm and caring. She clarified some things for me which I found extremely helpful. I have some follow up with her for the summer. Will see if what she said has come to pass. I really enjoyed my reading! Thank you!"

Posted by: TT in CT on 02/04/21
" Aunt Cindy made a couple of predictions that came to pass about work with one big announcement that happened in October and there would be a new Male boss which turned out to be a new attorney I work with. She’s the real deal people and she’s hilarious. Just wait and see. You know she wont steer ya wrong lol ty Auntie "

Posted by: Cklein42 on 01/26/21
" I enjoy talking to Cindy. I have been talking to Cindy for years. We laugh and talk about everything. She is very kind and a great reader. "

Posted by: Zadygirl on 01/25/21
" Amazing, Awesome, and Accurate. Thank you so much for guiding me through the years. I appreciate you keeping it real with me everyday. You know me all so well. Thank you for guiding D and I."

Posted by: SS on 01/08/21
" Thank you again for a wonderful chat! Keep praying for us ! Much love ❤️ Chat soon!"

Posted by: B on 01/07/21
" I always enjoy talking to Cindy. She is a kind and sweet person. We talk and laugh about things when they come true. I have been talking to her for years. "

Posted by: Zadygirl on 01/05/21
" I will contact you again in regard to the two males. Right now have to resolve the issue with the confirmation number. Yeah I've been lucky. No one knows HOW lucky! Heh heh"

Posted by: Carol Jaggi on 12/28/20
" Amazing how well you know me. Exactly on point always. Thank you for always being here for me. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Love you "

Posted by: Summer on 12/24/20
" I always enjoy chatting with Cindy. We chat and laugh about everything going on. Its fun to chat about things when they come true. I highly recommend her! "

Posted by: zadygirl on 12/15/20
" I have been using Browneyes for several yrs now I lost my job a couple months ago and I ask Brown eyes when I would find another one she told me that I would have a new job by the end of the month wellll sure enough I applied for this particular job and she told me just be patient I do hear you will be offered that job well today I was called and offered the job with the same pay as my old job try brown eyes you won't be disappointed KRIS. "

Posted by: Kris on 12/10/20
" Every time you tell me something it happens. You are AMAZING. Thank you for always being here for me/D and our situations. Hopefully I will get that ring soon. All we needed to do was talk and we did thanks to you. I feel so much better."

Posted by: SS on 12/06/20
" D and I had a talk over lunch. Omg you was RIGHT..... will update you soon. Love ya ☺️"

Posted by: Summer on 12/02/20
" I enjoy talking to Cindy. We laugh together when things come true. She tells me sit back and watch things unravel. Then sure enough they do. She is a kind and sweet person."

Posted by: Zadygirl on 11/22/20
" Thank you for always guiding me through the years. I know it seems like I go through a lot with D. You have always told me the truth no matter what. I can’t imagine my life without you. I love you!!! You are my guardian angel you keep me straight. "

Posted by: SS on 11/14/20
" More details later on the nastie bunch lol. When the decor is finished. I\'ll send pics."

Posted by: Carol Jaggi on 11/12/20

Posted by: DD on 11/11/20
" Time for everyone to get better! Hope you're right on the timing of completing the house overhaul. It would be great!"

Posted by: Carol Jaggi on 10/21/20
" Once again you was right. You read me and my situation just like a book. I am so happy you are in my life. Thank you so much. I love you "

Posted by: SS on 10/09/20
" Thank you for always calming me down."

Posted by: Summer on 10/08/20
" I enjoy chatting with Cindy. Today, I got confirmation of some things that she said was happening. Its fun to sit and laugh together when things come true!"

Posted by: Zadygirl on 09/29/20
" Thank you for always being here for me. You are a wonderful woman who knows her stuff. Excellent as always and you know your stuff too. "

Posted by: SS on 09/25/20
" Amazing and every prediction is on point. Thank you for being with me for all these years. You know something is wrong before I say it. Thank you thank you for always being here for me. Love you always"

Posted by: SS on 09/23/20
" Thank you for always keeping me straight. I appreciate you always and I love you."

Posted by: SS on 09/23/20
" I look forward to talking to Cindy. She lifts my spirits and gives me guidance on things coming up. Thanks for listening, Cindy! "

Posted by: Zadygirl on 09/21/20
" Thanks Aunt Cindy for all the insight on the crazy people. You are the best "

Posted by: Connie on 09/17/20
" Once again you have been right and you have told me what was gonna happen and guess what it did. You are amazing and I love you. Thank you sooooo much for being here for me. I just can’t thank you enough."

Posted by: Summer on 09/02/20
" So much fun to talk to you to try to resolve the mystery of the evil forces I used to work with - and finding out what direction I should take from now on. Talk again soonn!"

Posted by: Carol Jaggi on 08/31/20
" This psychic is amazing and very insightful.she gave so.much details on what was happening with my life and what will happen with me in.the near future.i have read with her before and I just say she is my go to person person for readings!thanksnaks eyes "

Posted by: Cookie on 08/29/20
" I enjoy talking to Cindy. She is always encouraging and straightforward with her readings. No matter the topic, she will provide her honest feedback. "

Posted by: Zadygirl on 08/26/20
" Mama Cindy is awesome I have been with her for several years. She has been keeping me on the right path. Thank you so much. You tell the truth no matter. You always keep it real with me. Thank you and I love you mama Cindy :)"

Posted by: Summer on 08/25/20
" Thank you so much for always being here for me. My relationship is up and down. My trust issues are crazy. Everything you have told me has come to pass. Thank you my guardian angel."

Posted by: Summer on 08/25/20
" Thank you Aunt Cindy. I look forward to meeting Hal lol "

Posted by: Connie on 08/17/20
" Thank you again Aunt Cindy for getting me through this summer and especially this last week! You’re the best and you’re right lol "

Posted by: Connie on 08/12/20
" Sorry for late review. StarzPsychicBrownEyes is spot on accurate. I can't wait to contact her again with the good news."

Posted by: Danielle on 08/09/20
" Should be interesting if we ever get a chance to communicate. And as for Gayle, she can take a hike. I can't fix her life for her. She has to do it herself. I had to!"

Posted by: Carol Jaggi on 08/05/20
" This time I went to the right spot!!! Yeah. Could be a possibility we could build another home on this property. We'll see how it all blows out. It's pretty out here. Hate to leave it. Hope I run into him soon."

Posted by: Carol Jaggi on 07/29/20
" Brown Eyes assured me over and over again of an outcome that I was hoping for with advice along the way. She help me to see how my energy was delaying the inevitable. She is a gifted advisor. "

Posted by: Pat on 07/24/20
" Soothing as ever! Thanks a lot Cindy"

Posted by: prat on 07/21/20
" I had another great reading today. Cindy is great at picking up things that are going on. She is very kind and funny too. "

Posted by: Zadygirl on 07/20/20
" Thank you for another fantastic reading, you have a very calm outlook and always help me work through my problems with your insight, thank you"

Posted by: Ant on 07/18/20
" I love talking to Cindy. She tells me to sit back and watch as things will happen and they do! Its fun to tell her the updates."

Posted by: Zadygirl on 07/12/20
" Its always a pleasure to chat with Cindy. She told me something would happen at work and I am beginning to see the events roll out in front of me. Karma works in wonderful ways! Thanks again, Cindy"

Posted by: Zadygirl on 06/30/20
" Thanks again for another fun reading Aunt Cindy lol "

Posted by: Connie on 06/30/20
" Thank you again for another great reading Aunt Cindy. I’ll be back to ask about the stupid people again lol "

Posted by: Connie on 06/25/20
" Thank you Cindy for talking me through a really horrible day. I so appreciate it Auntie!"

Posted by: Connie on 06/19/20
" Who do ya call when people act stupid? Auntie Cindy! Always the best. Thank you so much for all that you do!"

Posted by: Connie on 06/13/20
" I have been talking with Cindy for years. I love telling her how my day went and what\'s coming up. Pick her for a reading, you won\'t be disappointed. "

Posted by: zadygirl on 06/10/20
" Amazing Cindy! What a journey this is! With you for nearly 3y now and ams seeing how things have unfolded to me and how you have helped me wade through and continue to hold my hand till the journey or goal is reached! I feel blessed having you with me! "

Posted by: Prat on 06/10/20
" If I need to know who the fools are I go to Aunt Cindy. Never wrong! Thank you!"

Posted by: Connie on 06/03/20
" A very good psychic but the key is you have to listen to her advice . Btw Brown Eyea Joe finally text me today that he does not want to see me anymore and left it at that . So end of that story "

Posted by: Pat on 05/25/20
" Yeah I need to get ahold of that marathon runner. :-)"

Posted by: Carol Jaggi on 05/21/20
" Good Talk. If I get free. I may be back later! Hugs"

Posted by: Carol Jaggi on 05/20/20
" Thanks Cindy for making sense out of the stupid people I deal with lol "

Posted by: Connie on 05/09/20
" Thank you for letting me know who the worms in the apple were. I no longer see them any more. Thankfully! Think my life is gonna go through some new changes. Hopefully Greg will participate. "

Posted by: Carol Jaggi on 05/07/20
" Covered a number of different subject quickly despite warring cats interfering with part of the reading (!) Enjoying the quickness of her responses. This is good, because of my tendency to change subjects on a dime. Good reading."

Posted by: Carol Jaggi on 05/06/20
" I have been having readings with Starz Bown eyes for just over 2y now and almost everything she said has come true however nice or otherwise! And has helped me cope with all the tremendous anxieties I go through in this phase! I am very fortunate to have her as my top psychic and counsellor! Love you Cindy! God bless you and all your clients! "

Posted by: Prat on 05/04/20
" He responded to me he was cutting. I hope everything is gonna be good and stay good. Thank you for being here for me. You keep me calm and on the right track. Hopefully my next news is when he breaks down to me and tell me how he has found us a bigger home. Pray for us please. I love you and thank you for being my guardian angel."

Posted by: SS on 05/01/20
" Very fun reading. I will be happy to meet this man again. He got me better than I got myself I think. Took me alot of years to figure that out. Glad you told me that he still cares. Ive thought about him alot."

Posted by: Carol Jaggi on 04/29/20
" I truly thank God for you. Thank you so much for easing my troubling mind and heart."

Posted by: SS on 04/25/20
" Thank you for always being here for me. I just want to be happy. I am trying to stay positive. D keeps testing me. I hope we will get pass this. You are truly a blessing to me. Thank you ;)"

Posted by: SS on 04/19/20
" Cindy is an excellent reader and a very sweet person. Every reading with her is great. I enjoy filling her in on what's going. Thanks for everything,Cindy"

Posted by: Zadygirl on 04/18/20
" Thanks for making me feel better Aunt Cindy lol "

Posted by: Connie on 04/17/20
" This is the best psychic I've ever received a reading from! Her readings are so to the point and accurate! I'm never surprised by what my man is thinking because she tells me ahead of time! "

Posted by: hope on 03/29/20
" Thank you for another soothing chat. Love you. Cindy is the best simply. "

Posted by: Pretty girl on 03/29/20
" Great reading. Very compassionate and knew things about POI that I did not have to tell her! Would strongly recommend for her kindness, compassion and being so on point. God Bless you!"

Posted by: Susie on 03/29/20
" Thanks for always being here for me. Always accurate and knows all about my troubles. Helps me in every way get my life on track."

Posted by: Sns on 03/28/20
" As always no nonsense, start to the point. Thank you Cindy for your continued guidance. "

Posted by: Susan on 03/25/20
" I always enjoy talking to Cindy. I chat with her about everything! She is an excellent reader."

Posted by: Zadygirl on 03/21/20
" Cindy is a gifted woman. She sees,she knows. To Cindy: I heard from him btw, just as you said. I believe you have angel guides since you are a wonderful reader. "

Posted by: pat on 03/20/20
" Thanks again Aunt Cindy. I’ll burn some sage for you! "

Posted by: Connie on 03/18/20
" Auntie Cindy is the best. And always makes you laugh! "

Posted by: Connie on 03/18/20
" I've been keeping track of my readings with Brown Eyes since i've started using her in the past 9-10 months. From time to time I go back and see how many predictions she made has actually come true. So far, every prediction has come true!Sometimes the timing is off a few days here and there but the prediction always play out exactly how she says it will. If you want the real deal this is the reader for you!"

Posted by: CD on 03/17/20
" It's amazing how stunningly accurate this woman is! It's like she knows my lover personally. She tells me what he's thinking and what's going to happen before it happens!"

Posted by: Tracie W. on 03/11/20
" I love you and thank you for always being here for me. You keep it real always and I am glad I have you as my guardian angel. The ring is coming soon. Promotion coming soon and I’m ready. Pray for us and thank you love ya always talk to you soon."

Posted by: SS on 03/09/20
" I love chatting with StarzPsychicBrownEyes. We chat about everything from work to relationships. Have a reading with her. You won't be disappointed. "

Posted by: Zadygirl on 03/04/20
" This is the best psychic ever! She gave me the devastating news and confirmed that my lover was cheating on me but that he also loved me and he would stop. She even gave me a date that he would completely leave the other woman! and guess what..... it happened just like she said! now we are planning to have a baby and a wedding later this year and his cheating ways are a thing of the past!"

Posted by: Monica on 03/04/20
" I recently connected with a long lost love and I wasn't sure if he was still the man for me. On my first reading Cindy told me that he was an old love before i even had a chance to tell her about our history together! For the past year she has been giving me the inside scoop on what hes thinking and feeling. without Cindy I would have walked away many times. Her guides always guide me correctly even when it seems like they are off- they arent you just have to trust her! you wont regret it!"

Posted by: Gloria on 03/04/20
" I was at a real fork in the road in my life and Cindy listened to my situation with compassion and told me what the guides said. Her guides are angels and They literally saved my life. I've been talking to her for months now and without fail shes always accurate. Even when its not good news she's compassionate and straightforward!"

Posted by: Tasha T on 03/04/20
" I was referred to Cindy by another friend who swears by her. Now I see why! I'm addicted. Its so unusual to have such a gift to connect with the spirit world like Cindy does. She reads my situation and tells me exactly how my man is feeling and thinking. no matter how he puts on that macho face I know the real deal because of Cindy. Then just like clockwork everything comes out just like Cindy said it would! "

Posted by: Angela H. on 03/03/20
" I just had to log on to say that the things this lady told me months ago are still coming true. I'm so amazed at how everything she said is happening in my life."

Posted by: DJ on 03/03/20
" I was going thru a real tough timein my life and this lady was able to guide me to the true love of my life. she helped me see past all the distactions that were driving us apart and past his macho attitude until he had fallen completely in love with me. Now we are happy and expecting a baby soon! Other women are a thing of the past just like she told me they would be! she even told me when it would happen and it happened on the date and time she said it would! I owe my life to her she is an angel. "

Posted by: nikki W. on 03/02/20
" I got burned on a couple other sites by fake readers. I was skeptical about brown eyes but it didnt take long to figure out she was the real deal! she gave me names and dates! even told me about things i hadnt mentioned to her. If youre questioning if this is the one- it is! Try her and you wont be sorry! I will definately be back really soon."

Posted by: Lori P. on 03/02/20
" This lady is exceptional! Hands down the best reader I\'ve ever had. I have never had so much accuracy in my life! I cant wait till my next reading! I\'ll probably spend more money than I make because this is freaking awesome!"

Posted by: Denise on 03/02/20
" I’ve never had a reader to connect with me the way brown eyes does! She’s open and honest and holds no punches! She’s always accurate even when I’ve doubted it she was spot on! She knows situations and things I’ve never shared with her. She even predicted dates and times of events to come and it unfolded just as she said! You won’t regret trying her!"

Posted by: Cdixon on 02/28/20
" Aunt Cindy called my neighbor situation perfectly. She’s very sage that way lol. She won’t steer ya wrong. She’s the best "

Posted by: Connie on 02/25/20
" Cindys the best! That’s all I got!"

Posted by: Connie on 02/22/20
" I am very thankful to have cross your path Cindy. You're really the best and above I appreciate the fact that you don't lie and always say what you see and hear. I without any hesitation recommend you to anyone who are seeking the truth and relief. God bless you. I love you ❤❤"

Posted by: Eve on 02/20/20
" She was kind and gentle but straight to the point and very honest. She picked up the energy fast. Thank you "

Posted by: Kay on 02/11/20
" A true blessing to have a friend like you a part of my life ❤️ I’m very thankful !"

Posted by: B on 02/10/20
" Thank you for always being there for me. You read me like a book. You tell me 100% accurate information. Everything happens just like you say. You are a blessing in my life."

Posted by: Summer on 02/04/20
" Thanks aunt Cindy for always being reliable "

Posted by: Connie on 01/22/20
" I cannot thank you enough Starz brown eyes for guiding and helping me cope with my stresses! Everything you said came true today! Am simply amazed! Thanks sooooo much "

Posted by: Prat on 01/11/20
" You are the real deal. I am so happy I have found you. Always there for me."

Posted by: Summer on 01/10/20
" Thank you so much for always being here for me. You are my guardian angel and I appreciate you. "

Posted by: SS on 01/10/20
" Great reading with StarzPsychicBrownEyes! Accurate and fun."

Posted by: Moosie on 01/07/20
" Cindy is the best... she told me to be patient ; something wonderful is coming my way. I was so sceptical but she was totally right. Thank you again for your support and for your patience towards me. To those who wants the truth, Cindy is the right person. She vibrates at a higher level and she will never mislead you. God bless you. I love you."

Posted by: Grateful on 12/26/19
" All I can say is this lady is beyond phenomenal. She accurately predicts things months ahead of time. Things are still coming to pass that she told me months ago! Even things I denied and refuted, she was right! She saved my relationship several times. Thanks for this angel!"

Posted by: carol dixon on 12/10/19
" thank you so much, wonderful to connect with you again as always "

Posted by: ant on 12/01/19
" She always have my back. She tell me the truth whether I like it or not. Always been true to me. I love her sooooooo much. Thank you for always being here for me. "

Posted by: Summer on 11/25/19
" My dear, you are truly one of a kind ❤️ You have been gifted with all ! God bless and just know I’m always thinking of you especially during tough situations you are always there for me. Thank you xoxo Give this beautiful lady a go she will blow you away :)"

Posted by: B on 11/05/19
" Thank you Cindy to be that faithful support that is guiding me through those difficult moments. You're the best, always kind, compassionate and generous. You told me that the person I appreciate and I have a lot in common and it's true. You told me that she's a good person and it's true. Thank you again.God bless you. I never regret talking to you. "

Posted by: Grateful on 10/26/19
" All the best Cindy God Bless You - my best friend in all crazy times. Always listens never judges and genuinely cares. Always constant in what she sees. "

Posted by: Sassy one on 10/14/19
" Cindy told me that C. will accept my invitation to go for a drive. Once again, I doubt it because I asked the person, and she said told me that we'll keep in touch. But this morning I was so surprised that she called and accepted to go for this drive. Thank you Cindy. Like I always say you vibrate at a higher level. God bless you.I love you. "

Posted by: E. on 10/13/19
" You told me what was gonna happen and guess what it did. It’s incredible how you knew so much. I been reading with you for many years now and you are truly my guardian angel. I am so happy that things are getting back to normal and becoming much better. D realizes how much he really does need and LOVE me. You kept me on the right path and told me what to do. I prayed for patience and it worked. Thank you thank you so much. I can’t wait for that Ring....Browneyes is the REAL DEAL."

Posted by: SS on 10/11/19
" Cindy told me that I'll get a respond sooner than I expect from a person that I appreciate a lot. I was skeptical... and the respond really came fast. And today with that person, we text during the whole afternoon. Thank you Cindy. You really are the best. And I would without any hesitation recommend you to anyone that wants clarity and peace of mind... May God bless you. I love you so much... ❤❤❤"

Posted by: Eve on 10/09/19
" Kindness, patience, compassionate, generous, empathy... those are words that I can use to describe Cindy. And I can go on like this. Thank you again ma'am for your help. You really vibrate at a higher level. One never regret talking to you. I love you. God bless."

Posted by: Eve on 09/30/19
" I am so blessed to have came across PsychicBrownEyes. She has been my go to since late 2016 when I went through a painful situation with someone I love. I am thankful for her wisdom and she has been someone who guided me throughout it all. I just got a message confirming things from her from my love and I am so proud to say he has grown and I have too. Thank you PsychicBrownEyes. You are truly amazing and I highly recommend her for a reading!"

Posted by: Kim on 09/29/19
" The hurt you know that doesnt go away? Only she can, not because she sugarcoats, but rather she tells it like it is with genuine care compassion and of course, extreme talent. God bless you gifted Cindy"

Posted by: Elvis's babeh on 09/28/19
" I can always count on my guardian angel to help and tell me what’s up. She reads me like a book. Scary at times but super accurate. Thanks for always being here for me. You always know how D is. You can read him to a t too. "

Posted by: SS on 09/10/19
" I love love love this sweet LADY. I Been with this wonderful lady for a while now. She knows me and my relationship up and down and to a T. She tells me the truth and is very honest. Predictions comes true every time. She is awesome I hate when my minutes runs out. It’s like I don’t have to ask her anything she literally tells me what’s going on in my life. I will never ask anyone for advice. Thank you so much for keeping me on the right track. I truly do appreciate you. MY GUARDIAN ANGEL!!!!!!!!!"

Posted by: SS on 09/08/19
" the most accurate psychic Ive ever met!"

Posted by: carol dixon on 08/19/19
" Cindy is just too awesome beyond words. I always feel a little more comforted after talking to her. Thank you Aunt Cindy!!!!!"

Posted by: Connie on 08/17/19
" Please don't hesitate to take to Cindy. She's awesome and so compassionate and supportive. Thanks ma'am. I'm grateful to be able to count on your patience and love. Love you. God bless..."

Posted by: Eve on 08/16/19
" Nothing but Kindness and accuracy with this lady. Although the truth can hurt sometimes, she will give it to you as softly as possible and let you know better times are coming."

Posted by: carol dixon on 08/13/19
" Things are very difficult at the moment... But I'm very lucky to have the unfailling support of Cindy. She is so kind and compassionate. I never regret a single minute being in her soothing company. She's really the best. Thank you again ma'am... you are wonderful. God bless. I love you."

Posted by: Eve on 08/10/19
" Another satisfying reading. This lady is phenomenal. If you give her a chance she will amaze you."

Posted by: carol dixon on 08/08/19
" I promise you that this lady is worth every penny! She is one of the best I have ever had the pleasure of getting a reading from!"

Posted by: carol dixon on 08/08/19
" she is always ready to deliver the message you need with truth and honesty. Her guides are powerful and accurate. "

Posted by: carol dixon on 08/07/19
" Even though she is a fast typist, 10 minutes is never enough time because she gives you soooo much information. You will definitely get the answers you seek"

Posted by: carol dixon on 08/06/19
" OMG! I cant beleive the things she says! I wish i lived in GA I would be at her house! I have never heard of this type accuracy in my life!"

Posted by: carol dixon on 08/06/19
" The more time passes, the more things are confirmed that she told me. "

Posted by: carol dixon on 08/05/19
" As usual Cindy reassures me, tunes in just right and has the right words to give me confidence for tricky situations. Thank you maam Love you xx"

Posted by: MS Elvis on 08/05/19
" Great compassion and honesty. Even though I cant see how some things could be possible when she tells me of them, it always gets confirmed within a few days. She is always right. "

Posted by: Carol D. on 08/05/19
" Once again I'm in awe by Cindy's gift. She knows things even without me telling her. And I think that she's that most honest person I've ever met. Never misleading me, just say things like she sees them. Thank you for your honesty and thank you for your compassion and support in those rough moments. God bless. I love you ❤❤❤. "

Posted by: Eve on 08/02/19
" Another accurate, wonderful reading! I cant believe knows what she knows. she says exact phrases and expressions my lover says! This lady knows her stuff!"

Posted by: carol dixon on 07/29/19
" Never condescending,never makes me feel funny about asking stupid questions. So glad she is patient! "

Posted by: carol dixon on 07/25/19
" My time ran out b4 I could say I love you. I miss you Cindy. Thank you for your time talking to me as always, the only real one I always turn to. Stay blessed. Thank you for always being there."

Posted by: Pretty girl on 07/25/19
" She helps quite my inner critic and bring me to reality every time. If it had not been for her guidance, I would have lost my twin flame possibly forever. "

Posted by: carol dixon on 07/25/19
" Has a way of getting straight to the point and still delivering bad news with a soft touch. non judgemental"

Posted by: carol dixon on 07/25/19
" always accurate and comforting."

Posted by: carol dixon on 07/25/19
" She's been guiding me through a very rough time in my life. Always straight forward and honest answers. "

Posted by: carol dixon on 07/25/19
" Another accurate reading! She gave details that i didn't believe until i received a text from my lover confirming everything!"

Posted by: carol dixon on 07/19/19
" I'm always in awe everytime I talk to Cindy. She always succeed to soothe me no matter how agitated my heart is. For those who want the truth, she is the person to read with. One more time I would like to say think you ma'am. Your support is precious. God bless you. Love always..."

Posted by: Eve on 07/19/19
" IF you haven't tried the live readings by phone I would suggest you do so! Shes a quick typist and doesn't waste your minutes but there is nothing like live conversation combined with accuracy!"

Posted by: carol dixon on 07/12/19
" The level of accuracy is absolutely stunning. I spend wayyyy too much money talking to her but I can't help it!"

Posted by: carol dixon on 07/12/19
" I can’t thank you enough for how much you have helped me along the way. I don’t know what I’d do without you now that I have found you. You have put my mind at ease in so many ways and I thank you for your honesty and support along the way.. it’s hard at the moment but I will get through this ! always thinking of you Cindy ❤️ "

Posted by: B on 07/07/19
" Cindy you are the best; a true angel. I'm feel so so lucky to have you in my life. Thank you. God bless... "

Posted by: Eve on 07/06/19
" Cindy is best psychic ever. She is always straightforward with the upmost kindness. Not once has she lie to me or giving me false hope. Do not hesitate to give Cindy a call. She is really wonderful and so very compassionate and patient. Thank you ma'am for always being truthful and empathetic and for always being here to support me navigate through the rough sea. God bless you. I love you. "

Posted by: Eve on 06/28/19
" Love Brown Eyes!She's so quick and connects so well and totally listens and gives her loving insights. Highly Recommend!!!"

Posted by: Alexandra on 06/27/19
" Cindy is just awesome. Always reassuring and a good friend. And sorry for the spelling error in our last reading. I meant psycho co worker lol. Spell check gets me every time! Thanks for being there for me!"

Posted by: Cklein42 on 06/12/19
" simply can get enough of this woman. she is so amazing and honest. She has a way of taking the sting out of the hard truth. "

Posted by: carol dixon on 06/03/19

Posted by: carol dixon on 06/03/19
" I don\'t know how she does it, but she has a gift that amazes me. Thank you for your guidance and honesty over the year. "

Posted by: Trish on 05/30/19
" Honest, straight-forward, accurate advisor. I've talked to many readers and she is one of the few I find credible. What she saw, although I didn't like hearing it at the time,was correct. I appreciate her honesty. She says as it is. Great reader!"

Posted by: Flower388 on 05/28/19
" As always love, love my girl. Honest and to the point, my go to person. She is such a wonderful person, and always put me into the right direction. Thank you again for your kind words of encouragement. "

Posted by: Susan on 05/23/19
" Brown Eyes is very easy to talk to & she's very specific in what she sees & tells you. Definitely recommend this lady to anyone looking for clarity & honesty."

Posted by: Rose1 on 05/22/19
" Great chat that provided me with clarification and relief regarding a worrying matter. Many thanks!"

Posted by: Sue1888 on 05/18/19
" I can't imagine my life without you Cindy. From a perfect stranger, you have become a wonderful friend. Your support is so precious. Thank you to show compassion and to have never judged me. God bless you. I love you ❤❤❤"

Posted by: Eve on 05/04/19
" I am so thankful to have met you, thanks for all your support throughout everything I’ve been through. I appreciate every second chatting with you ❤️"

Posted by: B on 04/30/19
" Very easy to speak with, kind, and compassionate. Was encouraging and had great things to say. Hoping her predictions come to fruition! Was definitely like speaking with a friend. :)"

Posted by: ~S on 04/14/19
" Cindy has the true ability to hear and connect to situations and individuals that are physically and geographically far from her. With her heartfelt and honest approach, she has been supporting and guiding me through my hardest times and made it so i come out of the other side. for the past year and a half her readings were completely accurate and without any sugar coating or unnecessary information. I highly recommend chatting to her. I made a true friend with unbelievable abilities and a high vibrational mother figure for life <3"

Posted by: daphi on 04/11/19
" This woman is amazing, always helping me in many ways ! I have been coming to her for a while now and can’t believe how accurate her readings are. Thank you so much yet again, chat soon x"

Posted by: B. on 04/11/19
" Cindy has all the answers for my nut case. Only person I trust with my situation. God bless you ma'am for your gift n being you simply."

Posted by: Elvis's babeh on 03/31/19
" Cindy is the best psychics I've ever come across and God knows that I have talked to many psychics in the past. I don't know how to explain this clearly but Cindy evolved to a much higher vibration and a far higher frequency just like angels. Her wisdom and insight are so precious and she has a true ability to tap right into the situation. I feel so blessed to have you in my life. Thank you ma'am, you are a wonderful GIFT. "

Posted by: Eve on 03/31/19
" I have had quite a few readings from StarzPsychicBrowneyes and I must say without a doubt she is the real deal.Timing is spot on :)Try her out you will not be disappointed."

Posted by: Lana on 03/27/19
" Great reading with StarzPsychicBrownEyes. She was extremely accurate and offered a lot of information/predictions."

Posted by: Moosie on 03/19/19
" I have been chatting with Cindy for over a year and she has been guiding me with pure honesty and open heart. she has been spot on from day one and is truly gifted and one of a kind. i recommend highly having this angle in you lives <3"

Posted by: daph on 03/16/19
" Browneyes has been my friend ans support for a while now. Recently finally start to see what she has been telling me unfold and I can only hope for the best. Tgank you snd love you to the moon and back - you precious gifted and human lady. You deserve all your praise. "

Posted by: Elvis's babeh on 03/08/19
" My go to lady ! ❤️ Just like my mum, you’ve helped me in many situations and I’m greatlful for all your help along the way and I’m thankful to have met someone who can help and guide me along the way :) x"

Posted by: B on 03/02/19
" I thank you for always being there and telling it as it is. For letting me know his side of things and for your beautiful gift as a psychic - a blessing to us poor hearted. Stay blessed"

Posted by: Pretty girl on 02/21/19
" Dear Cindy. Thank you for always being there. You soothe my poor heart. Love you. God bless"

Posted by: MS Elvis on 02/16/19
" Has been with me for a while. Everything she says is true. She’s my guardian angel. She reassured me and she was right. Thank you so much. I don’t know what I would do without you."

Posted by: SNS on 02/03/19
" Came back to give her an update as her predictions were on point. Thank you for your readings x"

Posted by: B on 01/31/19
" Cindy your gift is amazing... I'm sure you are an angel. Thank you for your precious support... God bless you. I love you."

Posted by: Eve on 01/18/19
" Love her so much! Gave me some predictions I will be patient with and come back and leave more feedback but she was so wonderful and put my mind at ease! Thank you! God bless you starzbrowneyes! Highly recommended! "

Posted by: Sc222 on 01/15/19
" Cindy I will sing your praises to the moon and back! Thank you 4 everything u magical one. Witty, on point and with the biggest heart ever. The only one I talk to. Love you ma'am! "

Posted by: MS Elvis on 01/14/19
" StarzBrownEyes is very kind and straight to the point. I have been reading with her for years. I highly recommend her. "

Posted by: zadygirl on 01/09/19
" Cindy did it again. Had the description of the person that I was going to work with next. she's a peach! Thank you!"

Posted by: cklein42 on 01/08/19
" Every time I talk to Cindy, my fear subsides. I can’t find any words which are strong enough to describe the way she soothes me. When I am losing faith, she is always there ensuring me that everything will be okay. She's a blessing in my life and I thank God to have place her on my path. I love you ma'am."

Posted by: Eve on 12/25/18
" Cindy told me I would see my babylove today and I did. Something so simple yet so meaningful becoz i dnt see him often. She reads to the dot and im grateful 4 all her supoirt n amazing gift. Talk to her!! Love you maam"

Posted by: MS Elvis on 12/18/18
" this wonderful gifted lady has always been spot on with me. Just tonight i reached out to tell her that the person I thought would never contact me - but she said he would - did. You won't be disappointed when you get a reading with her. "

Posted by: Trish on 12/16/18
" No words to describe this lady. Very compasionate and kind. She always puts my mind at ease. Great advisor. I'll be back. Thank you x"

Posted by: Nina on 12/13/18
" Presently going through very difficult moments in my sentimental life. Cindy is always here to help and to give support. It's so soothing to talk to her. I just want one more time to say thank you to her for her unfailing patience. God bless "

Posted by: Eve on 11/29/18
" I have been reading with Cindy for years. She is great! Several things we have talked about have come true. I always feel better after talking with her. I highly recommend her."

Posted by: Zadygirl on 11/28/18
" had several readings, BrownEyes kept telling me things and said it was going to happen have faith, and finally everything she said happened just the way she said. Would came back again for readings"

Posted by: vonnie on 11/26/18
" Cindy’s the best. She’s a hoot and if anything she’ll cheer you up. She’s a peach!"

Posted by: Cklein42 on 11/18/18
" I have talked to many psychics and Cindy is the best... she's guiding me since one year now and has been an unfailing support and she keep on surprising me with her abilities. If you need proof that psychics exist, please call her! "

Posted by: Eve on 11/17/18
" Great reading as always thank you for your compassion and great heart. Bless u Cindy"

Posted by: MS Elvis on 11/17/18
" excellent reader, quick connection, right on the money,definitely someone you want to have a reading with "

Posted by: vonnie on 11/16/18
" I always come back to her! She is not only providing accurate readings, she will also advise you for what is best for you. Just amazing! :)"

Posted by: Nina on 11/16/18
" Cindy deae thank you such for your help in these trying times, for your genuine care and compassion and the moral supoort ypy provide. You are my one and only kinda star, that shines through and out. It is only by speaking to u that ppl sill realise what I am saying. :) im grateful 4 ur help and I love you deeply. Stay pretty and gifted. Muah"

Posted by: Manshhh on 11/12/18
" Cindy you are like my second mum... thank you for your precious support during these difficult moments. I hope you know that you hold a very special place in my heart. I love you so much. God bless you."

Posted by: Eve on 11/09/18
" Felt a million times better after talking to Cindy... she knows how to soothe me and I love that she is sincerely empathetic and compassionate in explaining things... she is without doubt that best. Love you."

Posted by: Eve on 11/04/18
" Cindy is an Angel... "

Posted by: Eve on 11/01/18
" Love you, as always straight to the point. Thank you!!!"

Posted by: Susan on 10/22/18
" My sweet Cindy. One little step at a time they say. Thank you for always being constant in what you see for me, always geberously kind, and human. You are special truly and everyone who has spoken to you knows that. If you haven't yet, do talk to her for the real deal. God bless. "

Posted by: MS Elvis on 10/19/18
" This wonderful lady has been guiding me for a long time. She has been right everytime. She knows my situation and she knows and tells the truth. Thank you so much for being in my life."

Posted by: SS on 10/14/18
" Starzbrowneyes is very insightful, accurate, kind and honest. She has been extremely supportive. Lovely person and thanks so much. "

Posted by: Chandra on 10/12/18
" I have been going to this lady for quite a few years and she never ever disappoints me with her predictions. \If you have not tried her do go spend 20-30 min with wont be sorry but amazed. She really cares :)"

Posted by: Angeline on 10/11/18
" The readings I get with StarzPsychicBrowneyes tells me she is the real deal. Spot on with her psychic ability. I will always go to her :)"

Posted by: Lana on 10/11/18
" Ive been reading with Cindy for quite some time now and I have nothing but praise for her. She is not only gifted but witty smart funny and so genuine. Shes the only one I speak to and she really cares. Love you xoxo"

Posted by: MS Elvis on 10/01/18
" I've been reading with Cindy for years and she has always been considerate and detailed in her readings for me. I havent chatted to her in a while but so much or her predictions has been spot on. Keep up the good work! Ak"

Posted by: Cookie on 09/23/18
" Bless you to the moon and back. I was in a tricky situation and BrownEyes said it would get sorted and it did. It is not only this, it is how human you are - a beloved friend. Thank you and I love you always xo"

Posted by: Manshhh on 09/15/18
" This lady is truly special. Shes not only kind, compassionate and doesn't judge but above all is really gifted. I recommend her above anyone any day. She shows real interest in my issues and picks up accurately. Love you ma'am"

Posted by: Manshhh on 08/24/18
" Cindy is simply the best... a precious friend... Words are not enough to describe how kind and compassionate she is... I love you. God bless... "

Posted by: Eve on 08/21/18
" Very good reading. Unbelievable insight. Very kind and caring. Knew everything, very amazed. I would highly recommend her anytime. I will come back for more readings. Thank you for such inspiring words and comfort. I am looking forward to what you said. :)"

Posted by: Dee on 07/31/18
" StarzBrowneyes did it again! She predicted a few months ago that one of my co-workers that was giving me problems would leave the job this summer. Well, she is. Her last day is in 2 weeks "

Posted by: Zadygirl on 07/31/18
" Cindy is fantastic as usual, so accurate on on point. A trusted advisor always x"

Posted by: ant on 07/26/18
" I have had several readings with Brown Eyes and I know she is the real deal! She knows names and answer my questions before I can ask them! I always go to Brown Eyes..when I'm done, confused or lost on which way to go our chats always empower me. They make me feel so much better and she lifts the fog so I can continue on. I HIGHLY recommend Brown Eyes...she has never let me down. LOVE HER!!! Thank you Brown Eyes!! :)"

Posted by: Little One on 07/08/18
" Dear Cindy. No matter how much we write about you will never be enough. Thank you for keeping me sane and being so magical. Love you God bless your kind heart and anazing gift. Xo"

Posted by: Manshhh on 07/06/18
" Thank You for all your kind words and words of encouragement. I trust that GOD will do what he said's. Great Reading! "

Posted by: Neshae on 07/03/18
" She helped answer a lot of questions I had this evening and was dead on with her observations. Will definitely seek out another reading!"

Posted by: Michele on 06/27/18
" I just came to say thank u again for being so human and caring. Love u dear Cindy :)"

Posted by: Manshhh on 06/26/18
" Thank u Cindy for a fantastic reading as always, for your wonderful gift, compassion and friendship. I love you! All has been said on you but if anyone wants truthful answers it's you they should turn to :)"

Posted by: Manshhh on 06/23/18
" Cindy is simple the BEST. A class above... Her wonderful gift, Her patience, her empathy, her generous heart, her honesty makes her a very special lady. A reading with her is a very beautiful experience. She says what she receives and go directly to the point. Thank you ma'am; every time we talk it's a pure moment of bliss. God bless you. I love you ❤ "

Posted by: Eve on 06/22/18
" As always Cindy does not disappoint, Thank you Cindy for your gift. Tells you just the way it is. "

Posted by: Susan on 06/21/18
" Starz Brown Eyes is very kind, insightful and extremely intuitive. She has been very accurate throughout my readings with her. I have learned alot from her guidance. Thank you so much. "

Posted by: Chandra on 06/11/18
" Cindy is a lifesaver. The other reviews say it all and they are right. Thank you my lovely friend, showering you with light, so glad you have found a home here."

Posted by: Ed on 06/04/18
" Caring, genuine, gifted, generous, honest, compassionate, awesome... Cindy is all this and even more... she is full of wisdom and always of good advice. It's impressive how she can read situation and people. I love you ma'am. God bless you."

Posted by: Eve on 05/26/18
" God bless you in all ways my dear Cindy. This lady is truly god sent and amazingly gifted. I've been speaking to Cindy since quite a few months now and she has always been accurate and compassionate. Always constant in what she says even when I did not believe it for my trying situation. Things are now starting to unfold slowly just as she predicted! I spoke to so many other readers here and elsewhere but she is THE REAL DEAL. More than this she is my friend and so human. Love you ma'am. I cannot wait for the rest to unfold and will be back to sing your praises because I now know it will happen. Love you, again. "

Posted by: Manshhh on 05/26/18
" I fell in love with Cindy a few months ago. She became such a huge support for me in my dark times. Through her amazing abilities and gift - always saying the truth and the more we spoke the more deep she could see. I know her passion is helping people and all of her clients that are always coming back. No judgment just pure light. I love you Cindy <3"

Posted by: Daphi on 05/24/18
" She was very helpful and insightful!!"

Posted by: Karen on 05/23/18
" Love talking to her. All her predictions have come to pass. She is real deal!! She is truly amazing"

Posted by: mmsheth on 05/21/18
" So many predictions have come to pass over the last two months, I cannot recommend Cindy enough. She is a true advisor "

Posted by: ant on 05/18/18
" She was recommended to me by a friend who used her for advise and all I can say is, she is the REAL DEAL, no sugar coat, no telling what she things will make you feel better, she tells the truth, real as can be. I was totally impressed and will followup on the outcome."

Posted by: Jackie on 05/02/18
" Well, the first time I read with this lady I was blown away at her accuracy and to come back now with a followup, I am extremely shocked at how she was able to see so far in the future, I first read with her over a year ago (2017) and she told me my situation would not changed until this year (2018), at first I was reluctant in believing she could really see that far ahead, so I made a note and sat patiently waiting, and WOW, everything happened in the exact sequence she described. I highly recommend her and will always be in touch with her. Such a kind soul, genuine and passionate human being. You will not be disappointed reading with her. Blessing!"

Posted by: Mikey on 05/01/18
" Hi have been reading with Cindy for years and she has been accurate each time. She is always on point and gives details. She is excellent. She is my go to person for everything. I highly recommend her. "

Posted by: Cookie on 04/28/18
" The best reading I have every had, thorough, precise and shockingly accurate. I was amazed at the things she was able to pickup on within less than a minute of connecting. Amazing and Highly recommenced."

Posted by: Mesha on 04/26/18
" great reading as always. Very accurate and on point, given such a changing situation x"

Posted by: ant on 04/20/18
" Love her!! She's so wonderful! highly reccommend!!"

Posted by: GF on 04/20/18
" I have been reading with BrownEyes since 2013. I have consulted her many many times over the years and she is 100% been right on!10 Stars You wont be dissapointed, you will be thankful you chose her! "

Posted by: Hopeandfire1 on 04/18/18
" Once again, she amazes me! I am telling you she has been spot on and hitting it right on the nail. Thanks again for the amazing reading!"

Posted by: Kim on 04/18/18
" I give her 10 STARS, the best reading I have ever had, extremely accurate and connects immediately with me, I gave her no info and she was able to provide me with every single details about my situation accurately. I will be back with a followup. Thank you."

Posted by: Keyshia on 04/17/18
" I want to say Starz Brown Eyes has been my go to for some time and she has been very on point! She picked up on things that came together! I highly recommend her for a reading! "

Posted by: Kim on 04/15/18
" I did a reading couple months ago and was given specifics on things to some, which I was kinda having a iffy feeling about, but I as totally blown away at the degree to which her predictions happened, everything down to a pat, she was on point with all the details, down the exact time of day it would happen. I have to say this is by far the best experience I have ever had and trust me I have experienced. Thank you for your honest accurate reading and for never telling me what you think want to hear but for telling me exactly what you saw. I cant wait for the rest to unfold, but I had to come here and give me account of this experience so far."

Posted by: Sharlene on 04/13/18
" Had a great reading with PsychicBrownEyes! She gave me predictions with issues going on right now (with no prompting), came up with names, and she was a lot of fun! Definitely enjoyed my reading, she was fantastic. Plan on future readings, as well. Highly recommend!!"

Posted by: Moosie on 04/04/18
" I have talked to many readers but never has anyone brought me so much comfort and peace of mind... You are a Godsend in my life Cindy... I guess you know how much I love you ma'am ❤ God bless you. "

Posted by: Eve on 03/31/18
" Cindy is the REAL DEAL. A truly gifted one of kind psychic. I have been going through a hard time in my life the past months and have had different experiences with different readers.... I can honestly say that with Cindy I have no doubts. The connection i felt from the start along with her accurate not sugarcoated and right to the point insights makes me feel hope and comfort every time we talk. She is a compassionate professional and I feel blessed to have her in my life. Much Love <3"

Posted by: Daphi on 03/26/18
" Whoever said the future cannot be predicted must have not ever read with StarzBrown Eyes, she is spot on about everything, I searched high and low for a trusted adviser who would connect with me on a spiritual level and within the first 30 seconds, she was attuned to my energy and situation at large. She left me speechless and in totally amazement, I could not be happier with the decision to read with her.Thank you for your honesty and sincerity."

Posted by: Vincent on 03/25/18
" Obstinately stubborn in her predications which shows she cares more than just a reader , she is invested in a positive outcome for all who come to her . Cindy as you can see has many repeat clients that is because she is very good ,keep in mind that free will , will always play a part in any outcome . That being said , she had been a trusted reader for a very long time. I wish her all the best health , wealth and happiness possible . "

Posted by: Anon on 03/25/18
" THanks is a very small word Brown eyes! I am absolutely euphoric that u predict e spot on and built my confidence so well before I met my professor! It’s was an academic n friendly feast! Thanks a million! "

Posted by: Prk on 03/25/18
" fantastic reading as always, a trusted advisor during difficult and challenging times "

Posted by: ant on 03/25/18
" When it comes to accuracy and results, this is your lady, she is truly a gift from heaven, if it wasn't for her I would have given up on realizing the person I was attracted to was infact my soulmate and with her precise predictions on details, with exact dates and exact timeline, I must say this is beyond anything I have every experience. Definitely recommend a reading with her, just once and you will understand the level of accuracy when it comes on to reading with her. Will be back with updates soon."

Posted by: Chadrick on 03/20/18
" Starz Brown Eyes is a wonderful reader who is considerate, honest and accurate. She has been a great support throughout. Thank you very much. "

Posted by: Chandra on 03/20/18
" Cindy is simply the best... there is no word to describe how good she is. She always gives valuable advices and is so caring and patient... I keep running to her; she has this magical power to soothe me and calm me... I love you beautiful lady. God bless you. "

Posted by: Eve on 03/16/18
" great reading as usual, very accurate and on point with my crazy love life, thank you"

Posted by: ant on 03/15/18
" I read with Cindy couple months ago and would like to provide and update on her predictions...EVERY THING CAME TO PASS, every single thing she said was going to happen in the exact fashion she mentioned, was exactly what unfolded , I never doubted accuracy based on the information I read here, but always wondered about the situation playing into reality and all I can say is this lady is truly gifted. The exact date and timeline was shocking, I highly recommended her for honest truths."

Posted by: Kamilla on 03/12/18
" I have never met someone so passionate about what they do, she is truly a gifted empath and really does connect with the situation, it's shocking! While doing a reading with her, she revealed things that would happen and during the reading, exactly what she predicted, did manifest itself right there and then, I was blown away, totally in amazement at this woman's ability. You will not be disappointed reading with her, take my word, you will be totally pleased and glad you did! "

Posted by: Chris on 03/09/18
" fantastic reading as always, highly recommended, a trusted friend"

Posted by: ant on 03/09/18
" Cindy has become a very precious friend for whom I have lots of respect and love... Never had I met a person so compassionate like her before... Thank you for your unfailing support ma'am... God bless you..."

Posted by: Eve on 03/07/18
" predictions came to pass with high accuracy, thank you again"

Posted by: ant on 03/06/18
" She has been advisor for all my ups and downs. She has connected very well with me and tells me exactly what to expect. :) She is an amazing person and gives perfect analysis. :)"

Posted by: mmsheth on 03/04/18
" Thank you so much, a trusted advisor in my crazy love life. Very accurate and on point x"

Posted by: ant on 03/03/18
" Another great reading with Cindy! I highly recommend her. "

Posted by: Zadygirl on 03/01/18
" thank you so much, you are a trusted advisor during the last few years, through this crazy time in my life. Highly recommended, and very insightful x"

Posted by: ant on 02/28/18
" Just what the doctor ordered! God bless you all ways Cindy! "

Posted by: Alexandra on 02/23/18
" Spot on as always. Cannot recommend this reader highly enough. Kind, accurate and caring. Heartfelt thanks Cindy!"

Posted by: Allexandra on 02/23/18
" I can’t believe how good Brown Eyes is. I had to buy more minutes. She was right on about my situation. I’ll be back. "

Posted by: Pat on 02/21/18
" Thank you for the great session. Very kind and positive vibes! She is great!"

Posted by: Nina on 02/17/18
" Cindy.. I love you simply. Thank you for your wise words always. "

Posted by: Manshhh on 02/13/18
" I like talking to her! Dont know if what she says will be true or not but something about her is very soothing and I like it"

Posted by: prat on 02/05/18
" Thank you! I was very happy w my reading from my advisor StarzPsychicBrownEyes. "

Posted by: Danielle on 02/04/18
" Thank you so much, everything you have said has come to pass, I finally feel calm and happy about the future. A trusted advisor and friend"

Posted by: ant on 01/27/18
" fantastic reading, events came to pass as predicted, with the correct timing, amazing person xxx"

Posted by: ant on 01/24/18
" I have been talking with Brown Eyes for many years, her guidance and wisdom has saved my marriage, along with keeping me in line with my issues. Everything she has told me has come true, I recently purchased my dream home and got a excellent job, all things that she told me about. TY for your help and guidance. I love you!!! Your a gift from God. "

Posted by: Susan on 01/22/18
" She never seizes to amaze me with her incredible abilities. Thank you for all you do and keep doing what you do in bringing clarity and peace in the lives of others through you gift."

Posted by: Chad on 01/19/18
" Cindy keeps telling me that the person I love will reach out to me... And it happened today when I least expected it… Thank you ma’am for your constant support… you are amazing and I love you... "

Posted by: Eve on 01/17/18
" Hi natalie wanted to leave a review for brown eyes... Have been reading witg brown eyes for the past few years and i can just say shes simply amazing.shes always dead right,even though at times im very skeptical.she is always very compassionate in her approach and i have no hesitation in recommendinging her.shes simply amazing! Thanks Cookie"

Posted by: Cookie on 01/10/18
" Number one trusted and first rated reading, every bit of information was correct, she picked up on absolutely everything in less that a minute of chatting with her, so far her predictions have all come to past and I can't wait for the rest to unfold Bless you."

Posted by: Mikeada on 01/04/18
" Thank you Cindy... you are a blessing in my life. I am so happy my path cross yours. You soothe me like no one can do. You are a wonderful lady with a very beautiful soul and a very generous heart... l love you ❤"

Posted by: Eve on 01/04/18
" I have no words Cindy. No words. What you said would happen today did! Without me trying. I am so grateful and you are so amazing. So so looking forward to the rest of what you saw. Much love <3"

Posted by: Manshhh on 01/04/18
" I have been coming to Psychic Brown Eyes for about a year on and off and honestly I enjoy talking to her. She was correct about the guy I love will contact me on New Year's Day and I took a chance and invited him to an event and he agreed to go. She has been on the money! This is amazing! "

Posted by: Kim on 01/02/18
" Simply put, AMAZING and ACCURATE, she told me some things would happen in the coming days and I must say they shockingly all have come to past. I am really now excited about the future and can't wait to marry my best friend and spend the rest of our lives together, this woman is FANTASTIC!"

Posted by: Lavern on 12/31/17
" always accurate and on point x"

Posted by: ant on 12/31/17
" amazing reading as always, a trusted advisor and friend "

Posted by: ant on 12/30/17
" fantastic as always, predictions come to pass"

Posted by: ant on 12/20/17
" StarzPsychicBrownEyes did a great reading for me. I had been talking to someone else about my situation which had left me feeling very anxious worried and physically unwell in the stomach. Then I spoke to PsychicBrownEyes and she really gave me a great perspective. I was able to wake up the next day with a bit of clarity after a long time of being so worried."

Posted by: Marg on 12/20/17
" fantastic reading as always xx"

Posted by: ant on 12/18/17
" Cindy is like a breathe of fresh air. Not only is she gifted, she is truly understanding of emotions and how little things can matter so much to us. She read things accurately and I cannot wait for all what she saw to unfold. Lady, you are a blessing and I am grateful to you. "

Posted by: Manshhh on 12/16/17
" This was really great!!! She was right on the money and helped me gain clarity on so much that was unclear. Thank you again and God bless your heart!"

Posted by: Clarence on 12/11/17
" Another good reading with StarzPyschicBrownEyes. I always feel better after talking with her."

Posted by: Zadygirl on 12/11/17
" Every time I talk to this wonderful lady, my fear subsids… It is like a stormy sea coming to rest against an empty shore. The waves stopped crashing over me; instead they soothed me with their rocking motions… That’s what talking to StarzPsychicBrownEyes does to me… it soothes me, it cradles me, and it gives me courage to continue... Thank you ma’am… God bless you. "

Posted by: Eve on 12/09/17
" If there are two words to describe this experience, it's BLOWN AWAY, because this was what happened, I was blown away by the information she was able to convey to me, she was right on point on every single piece of data presented, she read my situation so accurately, she knew things that only I knew about in my situation, I did not have to give any DOB or names, and she could connect her energy with my vibrations, this is by far the best experience I have ever encountered. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs clarity and accurate insight, you will not be disappointed."

Posted by: St.John on 12/03/17
" Amazing! Extremely helpful and accurate. Gave me immense clarity into my situation. Also, encouraged me to recognize my inner strength and beauty. An absolute favorite!!!!"

Posted by: HopefulT on 12/03/17
" excellent reading as always, very accurate and a trusted friend x"

Posted by: ant on 12/02/17
" It is always good talking to her. She is amazing and always keep me up to date. I will be back soon!"

Posted by: Kim on 12/02/17
" Thank you, I enjoyed the reading, accurate with my daughters ex lol I will be talking with you soon :) TY "

Posted by: spark33333 on 11/30/17
" You only need to look below at the hundreds of reviews to see this amazing lady is truly a blessing to us all .StarzBrowneyes has never waivered in her insights and boy have I tested her to the core and I mean I have struggled badly , Cindy has stayed strong on what she sees and I can tell you after 3 long years , she was right . There are times when I could not see through the fog but still she has been on point and resilient;you are truly heaven sent , I love you dearly and am so grateful for you in my life . Much love and blessings to you . If you want insight to any issue and there is one person you talk to , give StarzBrowneyes the chance to show you help is at hand . "

Posted by: Anon on 11/27/17
" I always enjoy talking to her. Her advice is spot on!"

Posted by: Zadygirl on 11/27/17
" Wow she is amazing! Does not disappoint! Keeps me posted when I talk to her. Things are turning around for the good. "

Posted by: Kim on 11/24/17
" fantastic as usual, always on point, my go to psychic and friend xx"

Posted by: ant on 11/13/17
" What an amazing soul, she was able to help me gain clarity on my situation, after the reading I was very confident in the outcome, as this would not be the first time she has predicted something happening that did manifest, I will be back with update soon."

Posted by: Harrison on 11/12/17
" Wonderful reading. What she said came to pass super fast. She was spot on and I highly recommend a reading you will not be disappointed. "

Posted by: Vicky on 11/06/17
" She was very on the spot finding out what was happening to my love life. I feel that she helped me make my self better and seeing people for who they're to me. I will deff be coming back for more readings."

Posted by: Kristop on 11/04/17
" What a wonderful reading as ususal, very insightful and on point, a trusted adviser"

Posted by: ant on 11/03/17
" fantastic reading as always, a trusted advisor "

Posted by: ant on 11/01/17
" I chatted with StarzPsychicBrownEyes tonight to let her know my love interest is starting to open up to me. Just as she predicted. She is always on point with her predictions."

Posted by: Zadygirl on 10/28/17
" I always enjoy talking to StarzBrowneyes. She is quick to connect to my situation. I feel comfortable asking her anything."

Posted by: Zadygirl on 10/15/17
" fantastic reading as always, predictions came to pass, very highly recommended, a highly trusted advisor "

Posted by: ant on 10/07/17
" Fantastic as always, predictions come to pass, very accurate and highly recommended, a true adviser xxxx"

Posted by: ant on 10/07/17
" I came back to speak to her and wow I am still blown away about how far things have improved in my life and with my special someone. She is amazing once again!"

Posted by: Kim on 09/29/17
" Wonderful read with StarzPsychicBrowneyes. Honest and accurate read. She was able to set my mind at rest over several issues I was concerned about. I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs answers. She doesn\'t disappoint. \"

Posted by: Vic on 09/24/17
" Cindy you did it again, told me I would get a new job in September, found a new job with a salary increase. Said that our house would be sold by October and an older couple would look at it twice. The older woman came this past Saturday and is returning with spouse to see it again. TY. Cindy you hit another home run!!!!!!! "

Posted by: Susan on 09/18/17
" I gave her an update on things she has predicted and she was accurate. I highly recommend her and she is amazing!"

Posted by: Kim on 09/16/17
" Fantastic reading as usual, Cindy is kind caring non judgemental,and on point. She is amazing and helps me so much, a trusted true advisor xxx"

Posted by: ant on 09/11/17
" What an amazing healer, listener, and advisor. Every time I feel worried about any issue she dives right in, gives a super quick response and very honest. I feel most comforted by her guidance. Thank you so very much. "

Posted by: Tigress219 on 09/07/17
" She was amazing once again! I enjoy returning to her every time."

Posted by: Kim on 09/04/17
" fantastic reading as usual, I am going through a very hard time and Cindy is an amazing support with her insight and guidance, very accurate reader"

Posted by: ant on 08/29/17
" Cindy is so accurate and predictions come to pass, she is kind and caring and very insightful. She is like a close friend now, highly recommended"

Posted by: ant on 08/26/17
" Hello, I read with the lady few months ago and was in a very distressing state of affairs, she predicted a few changes coming and man was she on the money, the precise date she mentioned was the precise date it unfolded, I was in disbelief but quickly drawn back to the fact that she said It would happen when I least expecting it. I can assure you, she is the real steal, no cookie cutter, she knows what she is talking about. I will be back with an update once the second phase of my reading has been fullfileed. Thank you."

Posted by: Junior on 08/21/17
" Hello I came back to update her and she was right. I ended up passing my exam and now I am looking for exciting job opportunities. Also she is straight up. I will be back!"

Posted by: Kim on 08/17/17
" great reading as usual, accurate and on point, very kind and caring"

Posted by: ant on 08/11/17
" fantastic reading as usual, very accurate and on point. Predications come to pass"

Posted by: ant on 08/04/17
" great reading accurate and insightful, thanks so much. You are amazing, as usual"

Posted by: ant on 07/28/17
" I just love her so much. I've had quite a few sessions with her, and she always help me get back on track! Thank you for all your guidance today, I'll do my best to work on what I need to!"

Posted by: lightseeker on 07/21/17
" Thank you so much for clarifying my situation and helping me to try and let go of my suspicions and insecurities. And giving me some advice. Grateful for this reading. "

Posted by: Saglove on 07/17/17
" Absolutely THE BEST, never in my life have I been blown away by all the details she picks up...never seizes to amaze me EVERY SINGLE TIME!!"

Posted by: Ksenia on 07/05/17
" Excited to see what comes up with everything! I hope she is right :)"

Posted by: Jasmine on 07/03/17
" great reading as usual, keeps me on the straight and narrow with her insightful readings, thank you"

Posted by: ant on 07/02/17
" great reading as always, very accurate and insightful"

Posted by: ant on 06/30/17
" great reading as always, Cindy is very caring and accurate, and a good friend when life becomes confusing, she is a clear head with amazing insight"

Posted by: ant on 06/23/17
" She is amazing. I enjoy talking to her. I will return soon. Thanks!"

Posted by: Kim on 06/18/17
" I reached PsychicBrownEyes to update her on my new development. She was right. My love reached out to me on my birthday in April and our communication has grown since then. Things are moving well and growing. I thank her and I will return to her for an update. "

Posted by: Kim on 06/17/17
" Wonderful lady and does a great job during my readings. I only use her on this site. No one else makes me feel as comfortable than she does. "

Posted by: lionmom2 on 06/16/17
" great reading as always, thanks so much, predications came to pass again, wonderful reader"

Posted by: ant on 06/16/17
" Very happy with the reading and looking forward to see it come true!"

Posted by: me on 06/15/17
" I have been reading with BrownEyes for over 5 years and I must say she has been exceptional, never has anyone connected with me so strongly as her, she is right on every thing down to a T, she is passionate, sincere and very compassionate, over the years I have been struggling with so many personal issues and she has been there all the way to guide me in making the best decisions for myself. When I almost lost my wife, she guided me on how I needed to improve my marriage and I must say she has been more than a personal advisor, she has become family, even my wife now knows about her "my go to person" and we appreciate her very much for all her guidance over the years. Thank you very much and continue blessing souls with your gift, you are truly a rare gem to find. God Bless you and talk again soon. Chris"

Posted by: Christopher on 06/14/17
" I've been reading with Cindy for about two years and she has always been spot on with my readings,she has been the only reader that has predicated things that actually came through and is dead accurate.she did warn me about people around me and whatever she told me came to pass.i read with her ever do often.shes amazing! "

Posted by: Candy on 06/12/17
" Cindy is very accurate, she told me a man would contact me yesterday and as the day went I thought, he wasnt going to, but he did, thanks so much Cindy"

Posted by: ant on 06/11/17
" fantastic reading and always good advice"

Posted by: ant on 06/11/17
" She just told me something today that is going to happen.. and after 4 hours IT HAPPENED !.. exactly like what she said. shes wonderful & accurate .. i love u so much"

Posted by: Zee on 06/11/17
" Worth Every Penny.. i love u so much and she make me feels that shes always there by my side ... never dissapointed "

Posted by: Zee on 06/11/17
" Cindy's psychic accuracy is astounding, I felt I was talking to someone who'd known me for years. Even through chat, you can feel her compassion as she reads and she is very honest, saying only what she read, not what I "wanted to hear". She types fast and very accurately. She put my mind at rest, pick up on descriptions, locations and dates, with no information from me. This Lady is the real deal, I highly recommend her. A heartfelt thank you to you Cindy Brown-Eyes!"

Posted by: Ed on 06/06/17
" great reading as always, very accurate and on point, predictions come to pass, "

Posted by: ant on 06/05/17
" I love you so much ... ur always there to support me and give me all details i need. She answers all my questions with honesty and accuracy.. I do readings with her almost daily. xoxo"

Posted by: Zee on 06/04/17
" excellent reading as always, very accurate, kind and caring, highly recommended"

Posted by: ant on 06/01/17
" thanks again Cindy, you get me through these challenges, you are very accurate and on point as always"

Posted by: ant on 05/26/17
" Cindy is such a wonderful reader, she continually helps me with direction, and to keep the faith. She is very accurate, and her predictions come to pass, I highly recommend her"

Posted by: ant on 05/25/17
" Cindy is such a wonderful reader, she continually helps me with direction, and to keep the faith. She is very accurate, and her predictions come to pass, I highly recommend her"

Posted by: ant on 05/25/17
" Very supportive, Careful & straight in giving you answers as well as very very quick. Funny too i will be back for sure."

Posted by: Zee on 05/25/17
" I have to say this is by far the best reading ever, everything was so accurate, she picked up and connected so quickly. She was able to tell me things that happened to me years ago detail by detail, I am confident in her predictions and really looking forward to it."

Posted by: Seanna Wilson on 05/16/17
" Always on point and predictions always come true. You been there for me and always have kept it real. Thank you so much"

Posted by: ssmith on 04/14/17
" I must say that I have been consulting with Cindy for a few years and all I can say is she is the best I have even come across and I have been around. She is so compassionate, genuine and so very honest, she tells what she seems and not you want to hear and believe me when I say what she says is what happens. There were times when I got discouraged in my situation and she was there every step of the way to guide me in making the right decisions and I have never been so motivated than after speaking with her each time. I highly recommend her if you want honesty, truth and to the point. Thank you for all you do and wishing you nothing but the longer life and more greatness. Love & Light until we chat again."

Posted by: Hariot on 03/31/17
" A human and sweet person with a big heart giving you good advices. She helps me a lot for my relationships. Contact her and you will get directions. An excellent guide in love matters"

Posted by: chady 27 on 03/30/17
" fantastic as always, true insights"

Posted by: ant on 03/25/17
" thank you Cindy wonderful reading as always, you are like a wise friend, always there to help with your insights, thanks again"

Posted by: ant on 03/24/17
" Thank you for giving me hope"

Posted by: M.A. on 03/20/17
" Amazing, she was so on point down to the last detail, it was shocking on how accurate she was on personal matters no one else knew. Cant want to return for another reading."

Posted by: Jessica on 03/19/17
" thanks so much, great as usual, a wonderful friend and advisor, highly recommended"

Posted by: ant on 03/14/17
" Was only off by one penny for my raise, lol - very accurate thanks again, Aunt Cindy! :)"

Posted by: cklein42 on 03/10/17
" Great thank you as always"

Posted by: Ssmith on 03/06/17
" straight to the point. and it matched to the situation and person in question. waiting for jul - aug to see her prediction"

Posted by: starz4astar on 03/05/17
" always a pleasure, quick to connect, thanks Aunt Cindy! :)"

Posted by: cklein42 on 03/05/17
" Thank you again it was good talking to you. You have helped me tremendously."

Posted by: SS on 02/20/17
" thanks so much, excellent reading as usual, great connection and Cindy is very caring and insightful. She is a great friend for me "

Posted by: ant on 02/17/17
" Thank you very much and psychic browneyes is awesome!! She predicted something and it happened just like she said within days. She has an amazing gift and I'm very wowed. "

Posted by: S S on 02/16/17
" Prediction came to pass just like you said. You said he would come back and he did. I'm so relieved and happy. You were right on point with our relationship. You told me not to worry that everything was gonna be fine and we are working on us and he seems like a different person. Thank you again Browneyes. "

Posted by: SS on 02/14/17
" thank you so much for giving me hope "

Posted by: SS on 02/10/17
" AMAZING would be an understatement, she is awesome, right on the dollar, I was surprised at the details she was able to read up, I will patiently await the outcome. Thank you."

Posted by: Lisa Scott on 02/09/17
" I love her, she's so full of kindness and compassion, a great listener. Thank you for all your answers, the attention and the insights you gave me today. Much love to you!!"

Posted by: preciouslife on 02/01/17
" I cannot thank her enough for her honesty and truth, she tells it as it is, not what she thinks I want to hear that will make me feel better, I was surprised at the level of depth and the things she was able to pick up on. Forever grateful and will be back with an update after Valentine's Day to see if her predictions came to pass. Thanks."

Posted by: Chrisann on 01/28/17
" Wonderful and accurate. A very good guide.Thank you."

Posted by: shady 27 on 01/27/17
" superb n to the point as usual..a great friend..."

Posted by: samsara on 01/14/17
" I was skeptic to begin with, but when she began talking about things only I knew about, that blew me right away, AMAZING, cant wait to return and hear more. Super Accurate on the details."

Posted by: Christoff on 01/13/17
" fantastic reading as usual we are so in sync now Cindy answers before I have asked the question. Cindy is very in tune with my situation and a trusted advised"

Posted by: ant on 01/13/17
" Absolutely fantastic. Spot on with everything she said. Deffo recommend "

Posted by: Nicola on 01/11/17
" This was so shocking after hearing all the things she picked up on, amazingly accurate. Great reading."

Posted by: Alrick on 01/10/17
" She is straight up! I love her! I will be back again!"

Posted by: Kim on 01/09/17
" great reader, with true knowledge without asking any questions.. very right I think and positive, Thank you"

Posted by: Zofija on 01/06/17
" Oh my goodness...she was so amazing and really honest and straightup! I love her and I would highly recommend her without a doubt! She hit some things right on the nail! I will return for an update! "

Posted by: Kim on 12/30/16
" great reading thanks so much, accurate and on point as ususal"

Posted by: ant on 12/29/16
" thanks so much, great reading as usual, very accurate and on point"

Posted by: ant on 12/28/16
" WOW, blew me away the first 2 minutes, ad we got further into the reading, I was totally AMAZED with what I was being told, she is so accurate on all the information she picked up, totally set my mind at ease after the reading, I feel confident in what she predicted and look forward to another reading again soon."

Posted by: Sherri on 12/27/16
" This woman is AWESOME< after reading all these review I decided to try her and I was blown away at the things she told me, every single thing she picked up was on point, tried and tested with extreme accuracy. I highly recommend her services to anyone he needs clarity and honesty. She is amazing."

Posted by: Millicent on 12/26/16
" Right on target, she said I would be hearing some special news on christmas day few days ago when i read with her and man was she correct. The news I have been waiting for all year finally arrived and it was worth the wait all year. Was a great reading and look forward to reading again. Good stuff!! Thank you."

Posted by: Mike on 12/25/16
" Brown eyes is on the money! She predicted I was going to get a gift at work today and I did! Awesome!"

Posted by: Cklein42 on 12/22/16
" thanks so much Cindy, fantastic reading as usual, very insightful and to the point, I will let you know how it goes, "

Posted by: ant on 12/17/16
" I have had a few reading and from the moment she was able to give me a NAME in the reading, sold me, she picked up on so many specifics its astonishing, I cannot say enough about how accurate she is with what she picked up pn.\\\I will return with update soon. Just wonderful.\\\"

Posted by: Marsha on 12/11/16
" THE BEST EVER, I had to come back again for this, I was a bit hesitant when she manifested some sensitive series of events that would occur and I have to say, It has all come TRUE, the level of accuracy and clarity she foresees is priceless. She told me in the coming days some changes were coming and even gave me the EXACT DAY and EXACT DETAILS of what would unfold and WOW WOW WOW!! I will always read with her, too unbelievably real!! You will not regret, worth every penny!!"

Posted by: Sarah Lee on 12/03/16
" OMG I had to come back here to give my update, Brown Eyes told me I would be dreaming about my crush the same night after my reading and I am still in shock that it has happened, this woman is phenomenal. I cant wait for the other predictions to manifest like she said would. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you want accurate reading. "

Posted by: Sarah Lee on 11/29/16
" I was totally shocked at the information she was able to pick up on, all too accurate and down to the perfect T. Extremely gifted, she was even able to pickup on names, all I can say is WOW, will definitely be back with update."

Posted by: Sarah Lee on 11/26/16
" I followed-up with StarzBrownEyes tonight to let her know I received a start date for my new job. She told me I would receive it and sure enough I did!"

Posted by: Zadygirl on 11/21/16
" Best reading I have had, cannot thank you enough for your insight, it provided much needed clarification."

Posted by: John on 11/20/16
" fantastic reading as always, very patient and kind hearted"

Posted by: ant on 11/19/16
" great reading as usual always on point, and reads the situation very well, thanks again"

Posted by: ant on 11/14/16
" Excellent reading, accurate and straight to the point!"

Posted by: ROB19 on 11/11/16
" Excellent reading as always, thank you for your patience and for all you do, very gifted!"

Posted by: Tammy on 11/10/16
" Best reading I have ever had since reading with any astrologer, very accurate and precise down to every last details, she picked up on stuff that were very personal and no one else knew, I will anticipate the outcome of the prediction and be back with a follow up. Thank you for a great session."

Posted by: James Singh on 11/09/16
" Starz Brown eyes was awesome! She was right on with everything that i was looking for! I am hoping what we talked about will be what i am looking for! Thanks for an awesome reading!"

Posted by: anynomus on 11/06/16
" Amazing, picked up on so much information that blew me away at how accurate and to the T it was. It was the best reading I have ever had. Really gifted."

Posted by: Jamie on 11/02/16
" I had a follow up reading with StarzPsychicBrowneyes today. She told me that I was going to get a job this month and last week I received an offer. "

Posted by: Zadygirl on 10/29/16
" helped me clarify my confusion and knew stuff no one would know loved the reading"

Posted by: jojo on 10/28/16
" great reading, and insights, thanks so much, highly recommended"

Posted by: ant on 10/26/16
" excellent reading, as usual, thanks so much for all your help and guidance at this difficult time. You insights are always correct"

Posted by: ant on 10/15/16
" WOW is all I can say, few months ago a prediction was given and OMG, it happened, she said I would see him soon out of the blue when I was feeling like I was about to give up and it happened today, it happened and now I am so happy, I cant wait for the others to manifest.Thanks lady, you are the best!"

Posted by: Emma on 10/10/16
" Very accurate and to the point, no wasting of minutes and fast typist. Reading was well worth the money, I ran out of minute but will be back, was a GREAT READING."

Posted by: Sharma on 10/06/16
" Everything this woman has ever told me is now happening, I am in so much shock at how accurately she picked up on the situation and after so many months has passed, it is now happening. I had to come and let you know truly how gifted you are, thank you."

Posted by: Trina on 10/02/16
" Very impressed and highly confident in the predictions and she picked up with such accuracy. Will be back with update."

Posted by: Dana Johnson on 09/30/16
" She said I will find a feather from a man that has passed away the next day and guess what I did! So looking forward to her predictions to come too. I talked to hundreds of psychics but this lady is the real deal!"

Posted by: Tanya on 09/30/16
" so wonderful to have you as an advisor and like a trusted friend, amazing insight, thanks "

Posted by: ant on 09/30/16
" I' have been reading with Cindy for the last few years and I can say she is the only one that has picked up on my situation accurately!i am such a skeptic and have always been so one of her majour predictions came through for me!i doubted her more than anything and I cannot honestly believe that her predictions came through especially for this one!she has been there guiding me and she has Been a great guide! Cindy is the best and I cannot wait to write her another review!!cindy I am impressed!she was the only one that got this right !"

Posted by: Happy on 09/29/16
" fantastic connection and reading as always, thanks so much, you are amazing"

Posted by: ant on 09/28/16
" wonderful reading, great connection"

Posted by: ant on 09/24/16
" She gave me clarity on everything made sure I knew the truth. Thank you for making me realize truth and facts God bless and will keep my updated"

Posted by: Tanya on 09/23/16
" great reading by Cindy, she has a wonderful insight and connects easily to my situation, thanks so much"

Posted by: ant on 09/23/16
" I have been so lost lately and confused and after talking to StarzPsychicBrownEyes she enlightened me about many aspects of my life that I was doubting and now I can say I feel relieved knowing I can keeping believing and hoping for better things ahead.Thank you for the wonderful reading and spiritual uplifting."

Posted by: Christopher on 09/17/16
" great reading, so insightful and on point, thanks again"

Posted by: ant on 09/16/16
" I have chat with her for a few time this month and I must say it is just amazing, this woman, she is fantastic, absolutely everything is right on point, really gifted and great adviser. Everything she said that would happened did and on the exact same day, cant wait for the rest to manifest."

Posted by: LaDonna Shaw on 09/14/16
" No sugar coat, straightforward, direct and honest. Truly awesome and shockingly accurate.She told me things no knew about my situation, put my mind at ease that the situation will improve."

Posted by: Jason on 09/13/16
" Excellent session and very accurate, absolutely right on the money, too bad I ran out of minutes but I will return to followup on the predictions. Thank you."

Posted by: Kristen on 09/12/16
" Very accurate reading! I am usually skeptical but she was very accurate and sweet.amazing reading and makes me feel good!!!!"

Posted by: Lelo on 09/08/16
" Cindy has been exceptional, she connects immediately to my situation and is able to pick up on every single detail precisely, I cannot thank her enough for all her insights, absolutely amazing and gifted. Will definitely return with update."

Posted by: Terry on 09/07/16
" fantastic reading as usual, always calms me down and focuses me on the big picture"

Posted by: ant on 08/26/16
" Just wanted to give some update on a reading, EXACTLY what she said would develop, did precisely,its unbelievably shocking, I cannot thank her enough for all the helpful insights and truth, if there were any doubt in my mind about her gift, that out the door after experiencing the TRUE predication been manifested. Looking forward to all the other predications. THANKS MUCH!"

Posted by: Stacy on 08/25/16
" great reading as usual, i love Cindy so much, she is so connected and so helpful at this difficult time. I highly recommend her"

Posted by: ant on 08/22/16
" As usual, Cindy is my go to girl, love this women. Truly has a gift from GOD. Thank you again for pulling me back from the edge. Always tells you what you need to hear, Cindy has confirmed and been on point on many things. Thank you again Miss Cindy for your wisdom and guidance. "

Posted by: Susan on 08/16/16
" Love love love her!!! Simply the best"

Posted by: Susan on 08/15/16
" I am so impressed with how accurate my reading was, the best psychic I have ever come across in a very long time, very gifted and honest. I cannot begin to say how truly blessed I feel to have connected to Ms Cindy, you will be blown away at the high level of accuracy she give and sensitive information she is able to pick up on. Just AMAZING!"

Posted by: Michelleann on 08/12/16
" thanks so much Cindy, you are so accurate and have an amazing insight, you always tell me how it is and I truly appreciate your kindness"

Posted by: ant on 08/12/16
" Just had my 2nd session with her and again, I loved it. I left feeling so much better and lighter just like before, thanks so much for your patience and kindness <3"

Posted by: Lost girl on 08/06/16
" great reading very in tune and accurate with what is happening at the moment, highly recommended, thank you so much"

Posted by: ant on 08/05/16
" Thank you for a wonderful and in depth reading, every detail you mentioned were shockingly accurate, I still am surprised at the precise description you were able to give me without me even saying anything or even given you date of birth or names that most astrologers would ask for, you were right on point. The first time I read with you left me speechless and how the manifestations became actual happenings, I am at a lost for words at your accuracy. I will forever recommend you to anyone needing clear, precise, accurate readings. Thank you again and continue doing what you do."

Posted by: Chelsea on 08/04/16
" Quickly connected and actually brought up a name that keeps popping into my head as well. Haven't met this person yet, but interesting that she picked up on the name. She was very easy to interact with and gave good details. I am looking forward to seeing how it all pans out."

Posted by: cantstopdreamin on 07/31/16
" Another great reading with Psychic Brown Eyes! She is quick to pick my call and continues to provide straight forward, honest answers."

Posted by: zadygirl on 07/31/16
" Absolutely amazing, reading with Cindy, she is always worth every penny, she tells you exactly what she sees and its just mind blowing at the things she picks up, she always help alleviate any doubts on confusions and always sets my mind at ease."

Posted by: Alessa on 07/27/16
" Another great reading with Psychic Brown Eyes! She is very kind and easy to talk to. She always tunes in quickly and is worth every minute. Thank you Psychic Brown Eyes! I look forward to talking with you again soon. "

Posted by: Rachael on 07/17/16
" i have been reading with cindy for the last three years and she has been an absolutely amazing reader.i am generally am a skeptic hence the reason i hardly write reviews but i have got to give credit where credit is due, she is as good as it gets!she has guided me and been advising me and she has been right, i am seeing what she has been saying manifesting before my eyes!amazing1"

Posted by: cookie on 07/09/16
" Just wanted to say, "Thank you". After each reading you give me confidence and support. It is greatly appreciated. "

Posted by: Zadygirl on 07/09/16
" great reading as usual, Cindy is a very accurate reader and extremely helpful at this time of my life. I highly recommend her"

Posted by: ant on 07/09/16
" Brown eyes is absolutely amazing, all her predictions have come to fruition, I am in absolute shock at how accurate she has been, you will not be disappointed.JUST AMAZING. Thanks again for all you do. "

Posted by: Courtney on 07/05/16
" She was accurate and able to give me answers to my questions quickly, confirming to me things I already suspected to be true such as my cheating ex boyfriend. Its hard to let go, but she gave me peace of mind so I'll be able to sleep better now."

Posted by: Shirin on 07/05/16
" I must say I am very pleased with my reading, she was able to pickup on the circumstances as soon as I connected, she is so kind and direct, straight forward and say exactly what she saw which was absolutely shocking how she was able to see so much . I felt so much better after my reading as she cleared up so much blockage that was holding me back. Thank you very much, will be back again."

Posted by: Naomi on 07/03/16
" All I can say is WOW! I have never left a review before but I was so blown away by my experience. StarzPhysicBrownEyes is the real deal. Not only is so accurate but she is honest and kind. This is by far the best reading I have ever had. I felt like I was talking to an old friend. She truly is gifted and you will not be disappointment. "

Posted by: Rachael on 06/20/16
" I like talking with StarzPsychicBrownEyes. She is very sweet and gives me confidence after speaking with her."

Posted by: zadygirl on 06/12/16
" Absolutely on point, she picks up on my situation right away without me giving her any details , just amazing, she told me things and they have all manifested, i can cant to see what happens next."

Posted by: Dania on 06/10/16
" thanks so much fantastic reading as always, your predictions have come to pass, and you have been an amazing help to me during this difficult time."

Posted by: Ant on 06/08/16
" She is awesome. Picked up on my situation quickly and gave details. Also picked up that I had a small child without giving any knowledge to her of that. I have tried MANY psychics and truly feel she is genuine and will be back to follow up. Thank you so much!"

Posted by: hh on 06/07/16
" fantastic and to the point..."

Posted by: samsara on 06/05/16
" There is a reason why this amazing lady has so many positive feedbacks.. yes...keep scrolling down , you will see one after the other . Because what she says which is fast, accurate, straight forward and with no details is correct time and time again . Even when I fought so hard that it wasn't right she stood by her word with gentle encouragements and sincerity just for me to come back and say ... you were right ! This amazing lady is god gifted and the most wonderful blessing to my life. I am and will forever be eternally grateful. Many many blessings here . If you want answers, clarity and guidance go no further than right here . Much love and gratitude .. XXX "

Posted by: Anon on 06/04/16
" Fast, accurate and connects to the situation instantly, extremely spiritual and does not sugar coat, her insights are very real and she does not sugar coat. Always a pleasure reading with her and will be back soon. Thank you."

Posted by: Jaime on 05/30/16
" Absolutely magnificent, she picked up on my situation so FAST and every detail so accurate, straight to the point and no sugar coating. I read with her couple days ago and she assured me on a development of my situation and, boy oh boy was she ON POINT, the exact information she gave was the exact thing that happened,nothing more, nothing less, I cant wait for the others to be manifested. THANK YOU again and God Bless. "

Posted by: Christine on 05/26/16
" Just finished a reading, such a lovely lady, very kind with her words, I would definitely contact her again, shes amazing and so fast. She knew exactly my situation instantly. I really liked her of all the readings I have had. Thanks "

Posted by: maria mc cormack on 05/17/16
" Absolutely amazing, very in tuned to the situation and picked up right away on what was going on. Highly recommend her if you wan precise accurate reading with no sugar coatings. Thank you again."

Posted by: Erin on 05/13/16
" Always great reading with Cindy, she is always on point and never misses any detail, amazing and gifted she is."

Posted by: Vickie on 05/02/16
" Always accurate and hits the nail on the head every single time, never sugar coat and only tells what she sees, great reading as usual, cant wait to come back and tell how everything turned out that she predicted."

Posted by: Claudine on 04/23/16
" She's the most sweet and caring person ever. I was so down, I left feeling so much better. She's highly empathetic, she hits the nail on the head. I didn't say anything and she picked up what was troubling me very quick. Spent hours talking to her, I hope she knows how wonderful she is and how helpful she was. Loved talking to you!"

Posted by: Lost girl on 04/23/16
" I just had a wonderful conversation! I can not wait for everything I would told to happen and I can have the love of my life back again! I have to wait and let time takes it course but she knew about there being someone else in the picture and said it will not last! thank you so much!"

Posted by: Kristina on 04/14/16
" Super fast to connect without any details necessary ,never wastes your time and provides not only the best insight and clarity to any situation but is also the most beautiful soul I have been blessed to have crossed my path . Has provided accurate time frames and hit the mark time and time again. If you are reading this then trust you have been guided to the best possible person to assist you with any situation at handy . A dearly loved and trusted Advisor with many blessings and much gratitude here . "

Posted by: Anon on 04/14/16
" Always great reading from Browneyes, she is accurate and connects right away, excellent reading as usual and very insightful. Thanks for the reading today, very helpful in this trying time and help me with clarity with my uncertainties. Bless your heart."

Posted by: Brittany on 04/10/16
" wonderful reading as usual, you have helped me so much over this last year as I have gone through so much, thanks for your insights which have guided me to this point"

Posted by: ant on 04/08/16
" Very kind and very straight forward. I like how quick she is to answer my questions. Very positive! "

Posted by: S on 03/22/16
" First read with Starz Brown Eyes today. She seems very positive and encouraging. Very kind, compassionate reader. Looking forward to positive results soon. Thanks so much!! "

Posted by: Layla on 03/15/16
" This is the first time I've ever spoke to this lady and straight away she knew what was wrong, i just wish I had more credits to talk to her longer.. I'll definitely be coming back to speak to brown eyes again :-) Thankyou very much I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I trust what you have Advised me. X"

Posted by: Kirsty on 03/15/16
" thank you so much, you are truly gifted and your insights are very accurate, you have helped me so much through this time and without you, I am sure I would have acted impulsively and continually set things back, "

Posted by: Ant on 03/11/16
" This woman is a gift from God, she was able to tell me everything that was going on my life and what to expect and everything she told me was on point, she say everything, she picked up on my situation right away. Thank you very much for insight and I will come back to update you on the status of the situation once the time frame you gave me has passed."

Posted by: Donald on 03/06/16
" thanks so much, you are truly gifted and helped me so much with my situation which is extremely challenging at times. You are like are trusted, insightful friend, wonderful"

Posted by: Ant on 03/04/16
" Cindy is always right on when it comes to the information she sees and gives, she picks up so quickly and gives real details, no sugar coating and is spot on. She connected so fast to my situation as was able to give real advise, I will forever be grateful to her and he abilities to read and give precise details, her predictions are always on point, she never misses a thing. I will be back again to update you on the developments of my situation, thank you again. Bless your heart! "

Posted by: Bianca on 03/01/16
" I want to say that BrownEyes is the best I have every come across, she is so accurate and right on point, she picked up my situation and was able to connect so quickly. I read with her months ago and all her predictions has been manifested, when they start happening I was brought back to what she had said , I was shocked on how accurate she was. She is wonderful and will continue to read with her for guidance, she is amazing."

Posted by: Shanna on 02/28/16
" I have nothing but respect for Brown Eyes. She is straight to the sugar coating. Not only is she an amazing psychic but she is warm, loving and compassionate. I check in with her every week. She is always right on the money with my readings. Brown Eyes is worth every penny"

Posted by: Sandra Johnston on 02/26/16
" I just wanted to say how impressed I am with Brown eyes and how amazing she is, she is worth every dollar, she picks up on my situation so precisely and quickly in tuned and was able to give names and complete details about the situation without me having to say a word or having to give her any prior details like name or dob, she knew everything from the moment I connected with her, she is the best I have even come across and will continue to read with her. Excellent insight and spot on."

Posted by: Rebecca on 02/16/16
" I have been a client of Cindys for over a year. I continually go to her for assistance and guidance on a weekly basis for now , as she tells it like it is, is very up front and I have not yet had anything she has told me not happen. It is a blessing to have such guidance and assistance in this life and I cherish it because it keeps me on the best path I can be on right now at this time in my life.. Please read with her, she is spot on. You won't be dissappointed."

Posted by: Hopoeandfire on 02/15/16
" I will be back to update you. I don't understand him anymore. Hopefully this week will bring me answers. Thank you "

Posted by: L on 02/15/16
" I talk with Cindy frequently. She is always SPOT ON. Because the situation I am involved in is so complicated only time will tell the final outcome. I appreciate the loving support and wisdom, kindness, insight, and her innate psychic abilities to zero in on the important shifts occurring. Thank you Cindy."

Posted by: Sandra on 02/14/16
" Cindy is AMAZING, she is so accurate, so precise , so on point its shocking, she was able to tell me details of exact happenings to come and oh was she correct, she advise me on what to do in a situation and what would happen if I followed through and WOW she was correct on the outcome, the EXACT OUTCOME, I am speechless in this woman's gift, she is phenomenal, you cant go wrong with her. I will be back to give my follow-up report."

Posted by: Teresa on 02/14/16
" Cindy is always spot on. give her a try, you can't go wrong!"

Posted by: Sandra on 02/13/16
" Thank you "

Posted by: L on 02/10/16
" Right on the money every time she reads me. Actually gave me names of people. I would recommend Brown Eyes to everyone. I will call on her again when I need a reading."

Posted by: Debbie on 02/05/16
" Fantastic and sharp as usual..."

Posted by: Samsara on 02/05/16
" I can honestly say that BrownEyes is the best, she is so accurate on all her readings, every details, she was able to pickup on so many things, things I was not even aware existed, she was able to tell me about my husband and was able to tell me details of how he was feeling and that he would be expressing his feeling to me on a deeper level and the exact words she told me he would say was exactly the same words he used when we spoke, it was a rough time for us and she was able to get us back on track. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her and how much I appreciate her assistance. Continue being the best you are.Bless your heart."

Posted by: Diane on 02/03/16
" Kind loving, gentle tell it like it is. Cindy is right on. You\'ll never go wrong with Cindy as an adviser."

Posted by: Sandra on 02/02/16
" I love chating with her she is straight to the point and is correct in things before you ask her"

Posted by: steph on 01/31/16
" Lovely! Direct and in tuned! On point with her readings! Highly recommend!"

Posted by: GF on 01/25/16
" Great reading as always. I love the love, support and accuracy Cindy provides. She is dead on accurate."

Posted by: Sandra on 01/20/16
" Absolutely the best there is, always on point and picks up on situation so accurately, she is a God sent and extremely gifted. Will be back again soon again. Thanks for a wonderful session. All the reviews I have read , she lived up to them all."

Posted by: Sheridan on 01/16/16
" I have spoken with StarzPsychicBrownEyes twice now. She is always on target! She points out the key people in my life and gives solid advice."

Posted by: zadygirl on 01/13/16
" Great reading, very reassuring thanks so much for all your help and support"

Posted by: ant on 01/13/16
" I am so amazed at the things she sees, she saw things that happened over 10 years ago, she saw thing that were happening now and when she told me what's was going to happen in the future, I had no doubt they would and all the things she told me would happen HAS HAPPENED, she is amazing and will continue to read with her, EXCELLENT READING!!!"

Posted by: Deb on 01/11/16
" Very sharp and quick..good friend..."

Posted by: Samsara on 01/11/16
" as always love, love her. Thank you for guidance, honestly. "

Posted by: Susan on 01/09/16
" Always so helpful. I appreciate all Cindy's insights and impressions. She is right on. Give her a try. You won't regret it."

Posted by: Sandra on 01/07/16
" Very GREAT READING as usually, always a pleasure reading with Cindy, she is so gifted and I thank her so much for all her support over the past few months as I was going through a very difficult time, she helped me overcome a lot and kept me on track. "

Posted by: Tianna on 01/06/16
" BE is so on spot. I read with her at least once a week to prepare for my workweek and personal life. She was once again correct this week and I wanted to share the wonderful experience I have had and how it has helped my life stay on track and more peaceful. Read with BrownEyes, you won't be dissappointed!"

Posted by: Sam on 01/06/16
" I cannot begin to say enough wonderful things about Cindy, she is amazing beyond extraordinary, she is so gifted, I'm amazed at the things she actually sees and predicts, I read with her couple months back and I had to come back and write this review because of everything she predicted has manifested, I was so blown away by it, I wrote down the date she said and it happened exactly on the same date. Wonderful reading again today as usual,cant wait for these predictions to come true, very excited!!"

Posted by: Amanda on 01/04/16
" Once again BE has assisted me and guided me into clarity and insight. I am so thankful for her assistance and help-she will always tell the truth and won't sugar coat things. You are missing out if. you do not read with her. Awesome and amazing spiritual leader."

Posted by: Hopenadfire on 01/03/16
" If Browneyes predicts one more thing so accurate and on point, I will be more than convinced that God REALLY speaks to this woman, she was able to tell me things from my past that ONLY GOD WOULD KNOW, she was able to tell me things in my thoughts towards my future that only God would know, she was able to tell me details about my present situation that on God knew about, this woman is so gifted. She was able to tell me details about my Husband which I have never discussed with her, she was able to tell de PRECISE INFORMATION about what he was thinking and what was going through his mind, its shocking how she knew these things because not even me did he tell these things and after I few days when my husband and I sat and had a deep conversation about certain issues, THE EXACT THING SHE TOLD ME WAS THE EXACT THING HE SAID, WORD FOR WORD...oh my goodness this woman is truly gifted. IF you want to really know what happening in your life, whats about to happen not to mention WHEN its going to happen, then this is the lady for you, GET YOUR 2016 FORECAST from her, she gave me mine and man I am excited for the new year to start!!! God Bless you Cindy."

Posted by: Tracey on 12/31/15
" Amazing accuracy. This is a very gifted lady whom I appreciate very much. I highly recommend Brown Eyes."

Posted by: Sandra on 12/26/15
" This woman is a God sent to my life, she came into my life at a point when I was so very discouraged and confused about my life journey and not sure what direction to take, she helped me overcome my fears and opened a new light to a direction I almost gave up on. She restored in my faith in a lot of things I had lost patience for. She provided so much clarity, picked up on every detail to the Tee, I could not believe how she was able to pickup on so many details with exact dates of future happenings. So glad I choose to read with her, all the reviews here , I can validate she lives up to them all. Thanks for a wonderful reading."

Posted by: Charlene on 12/22/15
" You with out a doubt have a gift. You tuned in to him and what was going on with out hesitation! I didn't give any info other than a simple question. She amazes me every time I talk to her. Thank you again "

Posted by: L on 12/18/15
" I read with Browneyes SEVEN(7) MONTHS AGO and I must say, everything she said to me and predicted would happen has happened, she was able to tell me SPECIFIC DETAILS about a PARTICULAR situation that happened years ago with me and it was shocking, when the exact thing she said revealed itself I was blown away as I could not believe how brilliant she was at picking up such sensitive details. I will forever be grateful to this woman for her guidance and patience during these trial times which she tremendously helped me overcome some major fears I had. If you want soulful reading, then she is the lady, look no further. Many more things she has predicted and I will just sit patiently and wait on them to manifest themselves one at a time. Thank you Lady, God bless your heart. "

Posted by: Carletta on 12/17/15
" thank you so much, you have been a great help to me during this time, can't wait to see what happens next"

Posted by: ant on 12/15/15
" Things that Browneyes said would happen are ALL HAPPENING, every single one of them are been revealed, she is worth every penny, she saw so many things , she was so accurate on the time and date, she given me specific timeline and happenings and so said so done, she is phenomenal , six months ago when the told me things that would happen, I was a bit skeptic but to be truthful, she was RIGHT ON POINT with every single thing she said, every detail. I cant wait for the other things she said to happen does, because I have faith in every thing she predicts. I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!!....GREAT READING!"

Posted by: Linda on 12/14/15
" thanks so much, great reading as usual"

Posted by: ant on 12/11/15
" Every time i read with her, I get a sense of relief on the situation as she picks up so quickly on the issues. She gives a very in-depth reading.and is an amazing guide, very detailed and to the point, tells what she sees and not what you are hoping to hear just fantastic, highly recommended"

Posted by: Amanda on 12/09/15
" Thanks for a wonderful reading, was very quick and accurate on the situation without me saying much about what was happening. I was very surprised at how fast she connected with me, everything she said was exactly what was happening around me, I feel very confident in her predictions of what will happen, I will be back to give an update on her predictions in a few days, I was totally blown away. Thank you."

Posted by: Allessa on 12/07/15
" great reading as usual, thanks so much"

Posted by: ant on 12/07/15
" thanks so much"

Posted by: ant on 12/04/15
" great reading thanks"

Posted by: Ant on 12/03/15
" She's very directly and responsive. She provides clear answers without hesitant.I hope good thing comes soon as she said. Thanks BrownEyes!"

Posted by: Lia2015 on 12/02/15
" great reading thanks so much"

Posted by: Ant on 11/30/15
" Great reading as usual, thanks so much your insight and clarity is helping through this very emotional time"

Posted by: Ant on 11/27/15
" Great Reading as usual, thanks so much"

Posted by: Ant on 11/23/15
" Always a pleasure reading with Cindy, she is always so re-assuring and in tuned, picks up so quickly on the situation and never tells what she doesn't see. Always blown away when I read with her."

Posted by: Deidre on 11/22/15
" Cindy tunes right in as always!"

Posted by: Sandra on 11/19/15
" thanks so much, you are a wonderful help to me at this time"

Posted by: Ant on 11/16/15
" I was waiting to write my review until the timeframe had passed on the prediction that was given and I must say that even while been a bit doubtful at first, I am in complete shock of how accurate she was about the predictions, right down to the T, everything she said would happen around the time she said it would - DID HAPPEN, she is the real deal and absolutely the best!! I just did a follow-up reading and definitely looking forward to the predictions again that she mentioned, its really amazing how fast she connects and picked up on the situation without me even saying a word."

Posted by: Tammy on 11/13/15
" I feel like she picked up on some things before being told...have a feeling what she says is what's going to happen as well. Being a read myself, I can tell that she is tuned in!"

Posted by: Faye on 11/10/15
" As usual BE was extremely helpful, straight forward and honest. I am a repeat client and sometimes seeking help each week! 99% of the time she is right on, so let her give you some guidance and you will not be disappointed! Thank you BE!"

Posted by: Hope on 11/07/15
" Very quick n accurate...great friend.."

Posted by: Samsara on 11/06/15
" Browneyes is everything and more, the reviews I have read here about her have proven how amazing she is, very compassionate and gifted. Believe me what ever she tells you, WILL manifest itself, I read with her couple months ago and must say , the exact prediction she gave me have come to past within the exact time frame she said, I was blown away at how accurate she was and precise, I look forward to reading with her again on future updates on my situation. Thanks!"

Posted by: Deborah on 11/03/15
" Great reading as usual, thanks so much, you really help me understand what is going on around me"

Posted by: Ant on 11/02/15
" I was blown away during my reading with PsychicBrowneyes, she connected so quickly and tuned in so accurately, and even given me specific names surrounding the situation in question, she is really gifted and I definitely recommend her if you are looking for honest, no sugar coat reading. The clarity she provided is over the top, and has put my mind at ease, after the reading I feel so much more positive taking on the issue head on after hearing what she had to say. Try here, you will be glad you did."

Posted by: Shirley on 10/31/15
" Wow, wow, and wow again , BrownEyes was so accurate in her reading, she was able pickup on my situation so quickly without me having to provide her any details, she tuned in so fast, very impressive, so reassuring and picked up on every single detail of the bat, fast typist so your minutes aren't exhausted without getting a full reading, worth every buck, the best Physic I have ever encountered and will be back for another reading with a follow-up based on predictions, thank you for your guidance, all the reviews here that I read here before choosing her really speaks for themselves, she really exceeded my expectation. Thanks again and keep up the good work making a difference in peoples lives."

Posted by: Chris on 10/28/15
" As always, a huge comfort to speak with Cindy."

Posted by: Sandra on 10/27/15
" I have spoken to Cindy quite a few times in the past month. She is very comforting and accurate. Right on!!! I feel so much better after a session. It is like going to a kidding...and I am a nurse....\I highly recommend a reading with \"Brown Eyes\" you won\'t be sorry."

Posted by: Sandra on 10/26/15
" She's the best. She's like great comfort food. You always feel better after talking to her. A true gem!"

Posted by: Connie on 10/25/15
" It is such comfort to talk to Cindy. She helps me to put things into perspective. Time will tell how things unfold. She gives me hope to carry on."

Posted by: Sandra on 10/21/15
" Cindy is able to tune right in and get to the crux of the matter. I appreciate he very much."

Posted by: Sandra on 10/19/15
" Fast Connection, Accurate, straight forward and picked up on the situation quite quickly, so precise and clear, she is extremely gifted and was so in tuned to the situation and was able to clear up all uncertainty I had, definitely recommend her and will be back for another reading. Thank you."

Posted by: Marie on 10/18/15
" Very productive session. Helped me to alleviate fear. I so appreciate her accuracy. Thank you."

Posted by: Sandra on 10/13/15
" BE is helpful kind direct! read with her and you wont be sorry! keys right in to the issue at hand! Spiritual and guides giver her direction and answers!"

Posted by: sam on 10/13/15
" There is never a time that Cindy has predicted something and it hasn't manifested, every single thing she has said to date has come to past and I am so excited about this one major prediction and I have every faith that it will manifest. Always a pleasure reading with here, always, looking forward to my next reading with her which is soon again! Thanks as usual for all your guidance and help, if it weren't for you I would have probably given up on a lot of things already but your remarkable gift has steered me in the right direction. THANKS!"

Posted by: Sandy on 10/12/15
" thanks again, great as usual you are very insightful"

Posted by: Ant on 10/09/15
" Have no doubts in Cindy's abilities, very accurate and to the point, kind and compassionate, always in tuned and picks up on the situations right away....very great session and will continue to read with her until my finger tips can type no more, LOVE HER!! TRY HER TODAY!"

Posted by: Sandy on 10/03/15
" I really liked this lady so peaceful and confident and quite helpful..."

Posted by: nahid on 09/28/15
" I just do not know where to begin, the woman is AMAZING and beyond. Everything she has every told me is now manifesting, even sooner than I was expecting, exactly what she said would happened DID HAPPEN...any uncertainty or doubt I had on the issue she cleared them up, she knows what she sees and is very truthful about it, she connects fast and is so precise, its unbelievable, every time I read with her, its just a wonderful experience, leaves me speechless each and every time, the BEST reader ever, you will not be disappointed reading with her....her abilities are priceless, you will be glad you choose her!! Thanks as always Cindy. THANK YOU!!"

Posted by: Sandy on 09/27/15
" Thanks so much for all your help and guidance over the last few months. You have helped me through a very challenging time, and I truly appreciate it,"

Posted by: Ant on 09/18/15
" Fast typist, very nice, thoughtful and accurate. She was on point from the beginning of the reading. Thanks again! "

Posted by: Danielle on 09/13/15
" I had an amazing session with Brown Eyes. She hit the nail right on the head of a very difficult situation...things I know in my heart came out of this session. But no easy solutions if any."

Posted by: Sandra on 09/12/15
" I just cant get enough of this lady, every time I read with her she sees right to the core of the situation and be rest assured what ever she tells you is what will happen, cant wait for her next prediction to manifest. As always nothing short of amazing!"

Posted by: Sandra on 09/10/15
" BE is always on target and never ceases to amaze me. She reads right in to thee situation and is quick to answer and respond to needs, questions and concerns. I highly recommend her, please spend some time with her, you will be glad you did."

Posted by: samantha on 09/08/15
" BE is seems to be available more often than not when I need assistance with something. She is striaght and to the point, no sugar coating, helpful and on target each time. Take the time to read with her and you will see and you will have the answers that you need! "

Posted by: ss]am on 08/29/15
" Its always a pleasure reading with Ms Cindy, she picks up on situations so well, its amazing, very accurate and to the point, you wont be disappointed reading with her, honesty and truth you seek, then chat with her. "

Posted by: Sandra on 08/23/15
" Brown Eyes directtness and insight is very helpful and as usual she was right about a how a situation would turn out this week! Reed with her on a consistant basis and she will guide you in the right direction! Unbelievable how accurate she is! Thanks BE for all of your help!"

Posted by: sam on 08/22/15
" You are great! Thank you so much I'm in so much pain and you made me feel better today given me hope....will see how my life gets better.. "

Posted by: Vivian on 08/19/15
" BE has truly been a blessing to me. she is always honest, straightforward and a true voice of reason. I still continue to read weekly to stay on track as i come out of some hard times and situations and will continue to do so as long as I can. The guidance is an important part of my life. Please read with her, you wont be disappointed. "

Posted by: hopeandfire on 08/17/15
" Ms Cindy is very kind and compassionate, she is very in tuned with her readings and is really gifted, she helps you understand the situation in ways you did not even consider, helps you clear up any doubt you may have on the situation, highly recommend her AGAIN!! As always great readings with her."

Posted by: Sandra on 08/16/15
" I can never get enough of this lady, its worth every penny every time I speak to her, I start getting worried now when I talk to her because EVERYTHING she has ever told me is NOW COMING TO PAST, she is truly gifted with a special gift, infact while talking to her she could give me the answer to what exactly was sent to me in a text message before I read it, I was AMAZED and in shock, I could not believe that she could see what was in the message before I opened it....too good to be true, you cannot go wrong with Ms Cindy...if ever I had a doubt in my mind about anything she has told me before, I certainly do not anymore, she is the REAL DEAL!!! TRY HERE TODAY!!!"

Posted by: Sandra on 08/10/15
" In this day and age it seems as if times get tougher, relationships, finances situations can be tough at times. I have worked with BE for over a year and half in all areas and she has assisted me and given me great advice and guidance through many tough things. Her advice, timeframes and details have all come to be true as I look back. She is very straight forward and 99% correct each time i read with her. I am so thankful to have found BE and thankful for all she has guided me through!! Read with her, you will be very satisfied."

Posted by: hopeful on 08/09/15
" I cannot begin to say enough and how grateful I am to have found BrownEyes, she really is a God sent, if you need a GOOD reading, no sugar coat, then look no further...she tells what she sees and what she sees is exactly what happens...timeframe on point, predictions on point, you absolutely cannot go wrong with her at all, picked up exactly on the situation and reassuring on the outcome.....highly, highly, highly, highly, HIGHLY recommended - I think I have found a friend for LIFE in her!!!! "

Posted by: Sandra on 08/04/15
" Very calm and to the point, extremely precise ..."

Posted by: Samsara on 08/04/15
" Browneyes did it again!!!!! She said he would call today and he just called me!!! Browneyes is the real deal....."

Posted by: Eva on 08/03/15
" I had my first reading with Browneyes OMG she just started telling me things without me even asking her.... try her you will be impressed she is the real deal...."

Posted by: Tomboy on 07/26/15
" Browneyes knew of a situation and I didnt even mention it, she assured me no need to worry , and gave me the helpful advise I needed, my heart and soul feel at peace thanks so much, I will keep you posted"

Posted by: steph on 07/20/15
" wow wow wow is all I can say about browneyes, ive been reading with her now for over 5 years just recentley found her and I can't begin to thank her enough for all of her guidance and knowledge she is totally the best try her you will be shocked"

Posted by: Tamara on 07/18/15
" Coming out of an odd year and several difficult situations in life, I chose to do a weekly focus reading with Brown Eyes,. I get an outlook on each week so that i can stay on track and focus. This has turned out to be very helpful and look forward to it. Brown Eyes tells it like it is, quick to respond and has helped me to mature and handle situations in life and business. I am so thankful for the guidance, help and confidence. I will continue to read weekly!"

Posted by: sam on 07/16/15
" I have looked every where for this lady she is a real deal you will not be disappointed in her readings she doesn't sugar coat she tells it like it is "

Posted by: Steve on 07/14/15
" BE is always on target, helpful, kind, direct and completely honest. She does not pull any punches and tells it like it is. She has helped me weekly for more than a year as I struggled through some issues, changes, life and family situations that came all at once. Read with her, you wont be dissapointed! Worth it!"

Posted by: hopeful today on 07/12/15
" She told me some things that I knew where true and I am going to be patient and enjoy this journey. I will be back with and update"

Posted by: steph on 07/06/15
" StarzPsychicBrowneyes is a truely gifted woman. Listen to what she tells you and you can have what she tells you... Worth every penny "

Posted by: Amanda on 07/05/15
" Great reading, honest and on point, will be back to let you know the outcome, thanks again."

Posted by: Sandra on 07/01/15
" Brown Eyes has helped me for some time with many different things going on and even with my daughter. She is so accurate and very forthright in her answers, doesnt sugar coat and very honest. You will not be dissappointed!"

Posted by: Hope on 06/15/15
" BrownEyes has been my number 1 go to for a long time. She is my number 1 because of how accurate and caring she is... She does not sugarcoat/only tells you what she hears. She is worth far more than what she charges. "

Posted by: Amanda on 06/08/15
" Cindy is amazing and so precise. She is guiding me with a huge life changing problem. I take her advice very seriously and what she hears is true. She is a very kind and nice person and direct readings."

Posted by: Sri on 06/01/15
" Wonderful as usual. Love her the most"

Posted by: Gloria on 05/29/15
" Another great reading and more direction and guidance from BrownEyes. I recommend a reading, you will get a direct honest answer each and every time!! "

Posted by: hopeandfire1 on 05/27/15
" Brown Eyes is so clear and concise with her readings. I have been reading and seeking her advice and assistance for almost a year now. She has guided me through some very difficult things and all that she told me through those times came true! Read with Brown Eyes, you wont be disappointed!!"

Posted by: hopeandfire1 on 05/22/15
" She is awesome"

Posted by: Dipak on 05/19/15
" Great reading!! she had good insight on the situation."

Posted by: sarah on 05/18/15
" It was an accurate reading. I loved the feelings. "

Posted by: Dipak on 05/12/15
" Brown Eyes is always so helpful and very direct! I have been reading with her weekly due to a very tough time I was going through and all she said has come true! You wont be dissappointed!"

Posted by: Tracy on 04/28/15
" I am a very big skeptic!ive been chatting with eyes for a pretty long time now and im actually seeing things that she has predicted come to pass....she is honestly amazing!honestly i am baffled by her accuracy!"

Posted by: Eyes on 04/14/15
" Cindy, your abilities to distinguish the differences between energies amazes me.... I can not put into words right now the amount of information you just gave me.... I'm stunned. You are truly a blessing to me thank you... Xoxoxox ....I want to add for anyone who goes to psychic to psychic looking answers, like I have look no further than this lady... TRUST ME. "

Posted by: Lwebb01 on 04/02/15
" Brown Eyes is always compassionate, honest, has been correct with the majority of information she has given me! She is straightforward and cares about each situation ! You will be very happy you read with her!"

Posted by: hopeandfire1 on 03/31/15
" Very accurate with the reading. Things that were predicted also was within the time frame that she gave me. Totally stunned that everything has been happening just like she said."

Posted by: Barb on 03/22/15
" 5 stars Very good. Picked up on the person in question. I felt she was sincere and honest. Will definitely contact again. "

Posted by: Dot on 03/13/15
" 5 stars Very calming influence - I needed that. Great advice. Descriptions were highly accurate."

Posted by: Iza on 03/13/15
" I am leading a very visible, high profile project at my job and the kick off meeting went great. One of my co-workers is receiving recognition and will go to NY for a special ceremony. My co-worker can take a plus one but it seems her sister and husband can't go. She asked me in their place. The reason is this so great is I have been dating someone there and lately things have been shaky. We need to talk. This provides an opportunity on someone else's dime to have that conversation. Also I just love NY so not a bad deal! Just the other day StarzPsychicBrowneyes told me to give this situation to the universe. The universe opened a door!"

Posted by: Judy on 03/03/15
" Very accurate....picked up quickly on things that are going on in my life. Was pleasantly surprised when the one thing happened within 3 days of being told it would happen. "

Posted by: Kathy on 03/01/15
" I have ready with BrownEyes many times. She has helped guide me for many weeks now. Over and Over her predications have come true. This week another one came true..Thank you Brown Eyes for helping me through this year change! Please everyone, schedule a session with her, she is amazing and spot on! "

Posted by: Tracy on 02/28/15
" I will be back very much to the point, told me things that were true and happening in my life I didnt have to give any clues, great reader I will be back"

Posted by: Steph on 02/04/15
" This is my second time talking with her. She definitely can tune in to the situation. Thank you!"

Posted by: Lolo on 01/31/15
" Excellent"

Posted by: MoonMagick on 01/29/15
" BrownEyes is always so helpful and straightforward. She is usually correct in her answers she gives and truly cares about people and helping them in their lives!"

Posted by: hopeandfire on 01/24/15
" This reader was amazing. She was very good and told me things without me having to tell her. I will definitely be back for an update. 100 starz!!!"

Posted by: Vee on 01/17/15
" Thank you for today Cindy, it's been to long! :) I will keep you updated not sure why the last ones name you mentioned came up "P" but I'm sure it means something... I will be watching for him. Actually can't wait till Feb now :) you've given me something to look forward to be watching for...;) Honestly that's the one who deserves the karma to bite back. LOL.... Sounds like it just might! ... Lastly, hopefully D will move back around, like you said. :) Thank you !! "

Posted by: Unknown on 12/30/14
" Very informative and such a caring and comfortable person to talk to. She also gives advice and has described the person in mind with such accuracy."

Posted by: sara on 12/26/14
" very happy with brown eyes.she has been verg accurate in her predictions to date.....thank you eyes for your continued guidance and have no problems recommending her!"

Posted by: cook on 12/22/14
" So awesome- she picked up on something that's been making me uncomfortable and gave me clarity and confidence. She's good- very good. You won't be disappointed. "

Posted by: Samantha on 11/20/14
" Over and Over she has helped me with issues and direction in my life. She has been spot on everything she told me would happen and how it would happen. I am so thankful for her and will continue to get advice and direction!!! Thank you!"

Posted by: Tracy on 10/15/14
" Thank you. "

Posted by: Keen on 09/28/14
" Ive been chatting with eyes for months.she has really been a source of guidance and help for me.she was almost genius in her predictions and i even though i do chat with her,i have been a bit of skeptic but i must say today that she is very very accurate with her predictions.she has really helped me through bad time in my life.thank you soo mucn!"

Posted by: cookie on 08/30/14
" 5 stars She is one of the BEST ADVISOR's I've ever came a crossed. Hands down! Awesome lady! "

Posted by: Lisa on 08/29/14
" The reading was amazing, she was very straightforward and helpful by telling me what I needed to hear. I will be reading with her again and will recommend here to my friends!"

Posted by: Tracy L on 08/24/14
" WOW....She never ceases to amaze me.... She's there with all the answers to my questions. This lady, is AWESOME have NO DOUBTS with her! She has been helping me thru a situation and I WILL continue to come back to her <3 "

Posted by: Lwebb01 on 07/26/14
" This is the 2nd time in speaking with this sweet lady. Have NO DOUBTS she is what she claims... She's left me speechless once again. Thank u. <3 "

Posted by: Lwebb01 on 07/14/14
" Where to start,I have had quite a few readings now and don't get to leave reviews but I can tell you this amazing person gives the best clarity and insight that's simply amazing.There's a reason you are reading this review , trust you have been guided to the right person I know I have been . Much love and gratitude here x "

Posted by: Scorp1 on 07/13/14
" Straight onto what's happening without details .. SENSATIONAL x"

Posted by: Scorp1 on 06/30/14
" No details where given ,picked up exactly what was going on and with another person in same conversation .. If its clarity you want stop here !! Much gratitude, amazing xx"

Posted by: Scorp1 on 06/29/14
" I want to say first this woman is AMAZING. She told me things that know one else would know... I will contact you again, you honestly are a VERY GIFTED and special lady. Thank you for the reading and many blessings to you <3"

Posted by: Lawebb on 06/22/14
" She's amazing !! Knew what u wanted to talk about before even asking. Have me good advice and hope !! She also have me timeframes !"

Posted by: Anonymous on 06/13/14
" So glad that I found you again! You always had the most accurate readings!! Thank you for the great advice! Talk soon"

Posted by: Karen on 06/03/14

Posted by: Lauren on 06/01/14
" Another great reading. hit it right on with the medical company interview! you have got to try StarzPsychicBrown Eyes. So much was right on, I cannot believe it. thanks so much for your help and I will be back!!! "

Posted by: Lynn on 05/31/14
" Thank you again Browneyes for your insight as it gave my mind at ease. I will keep you posted. "

Posted by: pixie01 on 05/02/14
" Great reader who's reassuring and accurate about things ! love her to bits!"

Posted by: mia on 04/29/14
" she was nice and to the point. i liked her"

Posted by: nursesrock on 04/26/14
" StarzPsychicBrowneyes is the best! She is very accurate in her predictions. She is the only one I trust! "

Posted by: nyrobi on 04/04/14
" thank you so much I loved your read you are awesome xoxoxo"

Posted by: Teri on 03/30/14
" All I can say is WOW! I had some concerns that I was confused about and she told me things no one would know as well as give me some time frame of when things are going to happen. I am so relieved and now I can sleep better tonight. I will sure give you feedback once I find out how things will turn out. Thank you and God Bless."

Posted by: pixie01 on 03/19/14
" She is very good she knew everything about my situation!!!"

Posted by: Susanna on 03/02/14
" Love her! Still the best angel!"

Posted by: Mia on 03/02/14
" you angel! always so reassuring andaccurate!"

Posted by: mia on 02/07/14
" I was very impressed with her!! She was quick to connect and was right on. Thank you!!"

Posted by: lolo on 01/19/14
" Wow! Very accurate, picked up on things quickly! Doesn't sugar coat and tells it like it is!"

Posted by: Chris on 01/10/14
" StarzBrown Eyes . . .talking to her is like talking to your best friend. She is funny, honest, caring and accurate!"

Posted by: TTSweet on 12/09/13
" Such a kind, compassionate reader. I enjoyed her being honest with me and helping me look at other angles. She does provide some nice support and she is beautiful in her delivery. TY!"

Posted by: bubblegumgirl14 on 08/09/13
" Another great session with Cindy, she confirmed a lot of my thoughts and accurate to the point. She doesn't sugar coat her words but she will pass the message across gently. Very supportive and gives lots of advices and guidance. Awesome session!"

Posted by: MissyAllure on 08/02/13
" She is very fast to connect and accurate with the info and details. This is my 1st time chatting in here and really glad to meet her. No sugar coating and yet she makes me feel more uplifted. Will be back again!"

Posted by: missyallure on 06/30/13
" Love this lady!"

Posted by: Krystal on 06/28/13
" sooooo good i HAD to buy more minutes! Thanks a lot xo9svBK"

Posted by: krystal lee on 06/18/13
" you are just wonderful, thanks"

Posted by: krystal lee on 06/18/13
" StarzPsychicBrowneyes told me that I would be getting a new job, saying that I would need to continue to faith in myself and keep thinking positive. Thanks to StarzPsychicBrowneyes encouragement and positive energy, I will be starting a new full time job on June 5th. Thank you so much for the encouragement when I didn\'t believe in myself anymore."

Posted by: Lance on 05/18/13
" Truly awesome reading, she's right on , on so many details without even asking for any names or birthdates! Look for her for a reading for the truth."

Posted by: MiaPoli on 05/11/13
" She'r truly awesome, cleared up a lot of issues and is so scarily accurate about everything without even so much of asking for my birthdate!! First online psychic whom i've willing rave about! Thank you so much for being my angel :) "

Posted by: Mia on 05/11/13
" AAA rating. brown eyes is really psychic, and really good"

Posted by: Don on 05/04/13
" My 1st call and she was excellent!. great reader fast and accurate. lovely person. ty p.b.e. "

Posted by: Phyllis on 04/23/13
" A real psychic, i think i'll keep her, won't let her go back into the mixture of psychics. "

Posted by: Nancy on 04/23/13
" Straightforward, direct and honest. Thank you xx"

Posted by: Pauline on 03/24/13
" 5 stars When i tell you to remember or WRITE down what Ms StarzPsychicBrowneyes says..believe it! I searched high and far for her and I found her tonight! I am so relieved as when she last read me-without EVEN asking any info-told me to be careful as she felt someone around me had some serious issues..and at first we thought it was my was me. I am sooo very greatful for her in my live."

Posted by: livelovelaugh2013 on 03/20/13
" StarzBrown Eyes, is very compassionate, no nonsense, and very accurate reader. She made me feel right at ease and was able to immediately shed some light on my situation. Her insight has helped me to feel better about moving forward in my life! Thank you StarzBrown Eyes!!"

Posted by: TTLIV on 02/04/13
" Simply love her!!!! Merry Christmas!!!"

Posted by: Susan on 12/02/12
" Its a good reading as usual. Thanks much for the help."

Posted by: Fairy73 on 11/06/12
" Again Cindy on target with everything she says. One of the best psychics I have come across in a long time. Right to the point. "

Posted by: Susan on 10/29/12
" wow ... Brown Eyes is an excellent reader ... very accurate even picked up my brother who passed BY NAME ... i will definitely contact her again!"

Posted by: MoonStar on 10/19/12
" Thanks for reading today. Its very positive and encouraging.."

Posted by: Fairy73 on 10/14/12
" She is so right on and very accurate, simply love her and she has helped me in so many ways. Very gifted and very very special. Thank you again for your wisdom. "

Posted by: Susan on 09/25/12
" Good to see her again in this new web. The reading was very good as usual, well tuned in and straight forward. Too bad that I ran out of mins, shall continue later. Thanks again."

Posted by: Fairy73 on 09/23/12
" Simply love her, straight and to the point. "

Posted by: Susan on 08/30/12
" I have had many readings and she is always accurate and right on with my readings. "

Posted by: yvonne on 07/25/12
" I just wanted to send a comment about Starz Brown eyes and how awesome she is. She is always right on the money with my readings. She is worth every penny of the readings. I would recommend her without hesitation. She is also very kind and knows how to put people at ease. She is just wonderful."

Posted by: Deb on 06/08/12