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From: CORNWALL, United Kingdom     StarzPsychic Since: Sep 9th 2012    Last Login: Tuesday

I have been successfully predicting the outcome of many types of relationships for over 40 years. I am a Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant and a Spirit Guide Channeller! I can read into Relationship, Business, Personal, and Career (but NO health) issues. Reading in an ethical, honest, and integral way is part of my core, and my aim is not to give you false promises, but the way forward. I have been featured in several national & local newspapers and Soul & Spirit magazine since 1983- the latest in 2018. I also have many international & famous clients, and I'm also a Workshop Facilitator, Author & Intuitive Counsellor.

I am also Internationally known, and pride myself on being 98% accurate (I'm only human after all lol). I aim to provide you though, with the answers to life’s most challenging questions regarding relationships, career, family, business, & direction. 40 years in practice with hundreds of letters from grateful clients.

CALL NOW.. for the answers & clarifications to your most pressing issues, I will do what I can to help you find the right way forward. No sugar-coating!

I reveal your past as it was, the present as it is, and your future as it will be!

Degrees and Qualifications:

Working with Spirit Guides & 3 x Crystal Balls to give you an accurate, purer, in-depth reading. No false promises here either, only a way forward – 8th generation. I can also use Tarot with the crystal ball if you prefer. Speed/touch-typist, so no hanging around wasting time or money!

When I have the time, I also run courses and workshops on Psychic Development & Attunement and Astral Projection. Emotional Freedom Technique. Experienced in all Psychic matters. I’m not able to predict dates as such (but will do my best) or give information on health(pregnancy issues)or legal matters either I’m afraid.

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