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Hello, My name is Melissa and I am a hereditary ancestral Mystic of the Scottish Druids, Czech Celts as well as South and North American Indigenous tribes of Navajo, Ashinca of Brazil and Aymarian of Peru. .I am a master manifestor as I have helped my clients with thier spiritual journeys as well as predicted life and world events through my trusted methods of divination which include Tarot readings, ancestral spirit guides, thought divination, automatic/angelic and ancestral writing, SOMETIMES NOT USING ANY TOOLS AT ALL. What I like most is the historical aspect of Ancient Mysticism and the various types and methods of divination i use to see for my clients. Time is but one realm and those who can travel through that realm and see the past, present and future like myself are the ones who are seeked the most. What I dislike is a negative reading. My readings are always positive in nature. Weather it be something negative that comes up in a reading, the way I present that information and how I advise my clients to act on it sets me apart from others. My purpose is to help people here at Starz Psychics.
I am very honest and clear in the truth and facts so that these things can help you evolve properly and goal reaching. Im available nights 5pm-11pm Pacific Time Zone, so lets chat and get your new life going!

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StarzMelissa's Reviews

" Melissa is one of a kind. She is so accurate with her answers. She makes you feel so understood. She doesn't waste your time, her answers are quick and to the point. She is more then an advisor to me....she is a friend. Thank you Melissa for always being there for me. "

Posted by: Lisa B on 08/06/20
" Melissa is great! She is accurate with her visions and advice. She keeps me calm and grounded. Thank You Melissa!"

Posted by: Lisa Bowersox on 02/22/19
" Melissa is one of a kind. She will tell you like she sees it. She is amazing! She is quick in her responses. "

Posted by: Lisa on 09/11/18
" I love talking to Melissa. She is extremely compassionate but also amazingly accurate. Whatever, she has told me seems to come to pass. If you want true advice and eye opener you should definitely talk to her. It is definitely worth it. She definitely will not tell you what you want to hear. She is straight to the point and tells the truth. Truly amazing. "

Posted by: mmsheth on 05/16/18
" Thanks Melissa... It as a pleasure talking to you... God bless you..."

Posted by: N. on 03/09/18
" I had a reading with StarzMelissa and came away feeling so much better about my life. She eased my mind and I will definitely get a reading with her again. Pay her a visit you wont be sorry :)"

Posted by: Lana on 03/02/18
" I recently had the opportunity to talk to Melissa. Wonderful and positive conversation. She connected immediately with my situation.She confirmed and gave very wise advice. She definitely will not tell you what you want to hear. She is straight to the point and tells the truth. My read with her was spot on. She hit everything on the nail! She is amazing! She knew what was going on with me in great detail and made helpful suggestions which I will implement. I highly recommend; she is very wise, very empathetic and is someone you can trust. "

Posted by: Krisee on 02/13/18