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From: Shinrone Ireland, Ireland     StarzPsychic Since: Aug 31st 2011    Last Login: Today


I'm Starzambercat and using The Cards, we can work together to find the answers to your very important questions about love, career, money and your life path.

As an intuitive reader, I also often get "flashes" that can help explain the meaning of your personal cards and how they realate to your life!

As the "non-scary" reader, I will work with you to find what the energies are surrounding your situation and help you decide the most favorable future path.

My favorite card decks are Psy Cards and the Psychic Tarot, both of which are fantastic for all of these sorts of questions, including your pets!

Psy cards work especially well when trying to understand difficult or disturbing dreams and the Pschic Tarot is uncanny when it comes to the really "cosmic" questions about life choices, goals and your spiritual path.

Both decks are wonderful for questions about LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS, as well as "CAREER and MONEY" questions.

I also have a wonderful deck of Past Life cards, that we can use to explore those types of questions as well as special animal decks when reading for cats and other pets.

Occasionaly, I can also use other tools such as pendulums, etc., for clarification when needed.

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StarzAmbercat's Reviews

" Amber Cat is a fantastic reader. She uses powerful cards and what she says is fact! She has a different way of looking at my problems and I appreciate it. Get a reading from her, you'll be happy you did!"

Posted by: Jerri on 06/01/24