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10 Card Celtic Cross Spread

Sold by: StarzGnosis

Ten card Celtic Cross reading, general or specific question focused. Ideal for one question to look at in depth. For really understanding that one question in particular. This spread has 10 cards and will lay everything out for you and leave nothing untouched. As such, it is more time-consuming but also more detailed. Use the Celtic Cross to learn what is at the heart of the matter. The Celtic Cross spread tells a tale from start to finish and like any good story it involves the self, others, the environment, conflict, and resolution. The Celtic Cross is so thorough because each card illustrates a specific part of the question. As outlined: The first card is chosen from the Tarot by the Seeker, or Querent, to represent themselves. The second card shows the Querent's supporting or opposing energies. Regardless how this card is dealt it will be positioned upright. The third card shows the past issues and where the question came from. The fourth card symbolizes the past experience of the Querent regarding the question. The fifth card indicates the energy around the Querent now. The sixth card represents the immediate future and what will happen regardless. The seventh card symbolizes the Querent's attitude about the question. The eighth card represents how others feel about the question. The ninth card signifies what the Querent must get through to reach the outcome. The tenth card indicates the outcome of the question. This is an electronic purchase that will be sent to you via your email. *Note: It's not my policy to include reversed Tarot cards in your reading spread. I don't normally use them. All your Tarot cards will be upright by default. If you want reversed Tarot cards in your reading, please state the that along with your question.*

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