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Genevieve's Heart Of Love Couples Spread

Sold by: StarzGnosis

This amazing 21-card Tarot spread was designed with couples in mind! Each partner has seven cards devoted specifically to that person. I designed this spread to be comprehensive and thorough just for you! I will need dob for each person Starting from the topmost card, they are: Partner One's Past, Partner One's Present, Partner One at Home, Partner One's Hopes, Partner One's Fears, Others' View of Partner One, and What Partner One Brings to the Relationship. Cards 8-14 are the same as outlined above but for Partner Two. Next, outlined in red (the color of love!) there's five cards to describe the relationship both partners share. And one card for The Outcome below completes this masterpiece of love. The Heart of Love Couples Spread was created to be thorough and to dig deep in order to help you uncover and understand YOUR relationship at its deepest level. Discover the wisdom your relationship has just for you! This is an electronic purchase that will be sent via email to you. *Note: It's not my policy to include reversed Tarot cards in your reading spread. I don't normally use them. All your Tarot cards will be upright by default. If you want reversed Tarot cards in your reading, please state the that along with your question.*

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