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Intention Candle

Sold by: StarzClairvoyantCrystal

You're purchasing an intention candle that I have fixed to your needs. It has some special oils and herbs that I have added to it, and it comes with a pendent and parchment paper to write your intention on for what you're wanting to manifest. RED - Reunite Love, Enhance Love in your current partner, Attract Love, Attraction. Represents physical pleasures. It can stimulate lust, courage, or strength against enemies. Can confer passion, love, and/or respect. Stimulates energy, health, fertility and will power. Draws Aries and Scorpio energy. Increases magnetism in rituals. Infers sex, vibrancy, and survival. GREEN - Money (general Needs, Attract higher pay, New Job, Draw money to you. Promotes prosperity, fertility, and success. Stimulates good luck, can increase money, harmony, and rejuvenation. Also represents Healing, health, and growth. Can be an important component in rituals involving Venus; attracts love, and social delights. WHITE- Protection against evil, Protection against negativity, Make Peace with people. Stop Gossip, Cleanse your home with protection. Cleanse yourself. Eliminate Negative blocks etc. Represents truth, unity, protection, peace, purification, happiness, and spirituality. Some say it can be used to replace any color candle in rituals. Used for concentration rituals and meditation work. Lunar energy. YELLOW - Attraction, Charm, Confidence, Used to stimulate mental clarity, knowledge and concentration. Also used in healing. Like gold, it can serve for magic and rituals involving solar energies and deities associated with the sun. Stimulates logic, aids in overcoming mental blocks and promoting the self.

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