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Secrets Of Your Birthday Report

Sold by: Starz_Priestess_Kandi_Ranson

Your personalized Secrets of Your Birthday Report will offer you the opportunity to gain the tools to better understand yourself; have better control of your own destiny; enable You to Build the Self Confidence and Assurance that the decisions You make will be the right ones for You! The truths You will learn, through your personalized Secrets of Your Birthday Report, will change your life for the better. WHAT I NEED TO PRODUCE THE MOST HONEST AND PERSONALIZED REPORT: ✪ Your Correct Month Day, Year of birth (In that order) written out ✪ Exact City & State you were born in ✪ Exact Time you were born (if known) - Can be found on your birth certificate. ✪ Your gender at birth ✪ Your patience - (10 days at most) Your personalized Secrets of Your Birthday Report will arrive to you in an attachment. This will be in a portable and downloadable format. You will be able to complete the secure this transaction transaction through that payment button for the low price of $48.75 I'd like to thank you for visiting my profile and allowing me to help enlighten your world. Please be sure to reserve this item sooner than later. The sooner you complete your order; the sooner you will get your very own Secrets of Your Birthday Report. Here for you, Priestess Kandi Ranson

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