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Spiritual Channeling Sessions

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Spiritual Channeling is to connect with your inner self as you connect deep with your Spirit Guides. Channeling is serious as the air we take in and its no game, Channeling only works if you want to connect and not because some one ask you to or tells you to. If you want to see feel and sense for your self what will be ? what shell you do? or what is it? Channeling is the way as you will get messages from the connectons with spirit guides. Its a hour to 1 session... You would need 3 elements to do channeling. Call me and I can explain to you clear what you need and how to set it up as it needs to be done right If your interested sbout connecting.. Powerful and helps one to be their own reader s your intuitive in many way as well. .$ 250.00 1 hour session. 7 Things That Can Block Your Spirit Guides Your angels, spirit animals and spirit guides in general are supposed to be connecting and communicating with you, offering guidance for your life and acting as a source of light and encouragement. If you arenít experiencing this, whatís the problem? As it turns out, itís probably largely you yourself that stands in your own way, as well as the way of your spirit guides! Everything from your attitude to even the things that you eat can affect the connection with your spirit guides.Never fear, however, there are a lot of things you can do in order to open the channels again. You are the problem, and you are also the solution. Here are seven common problems that almost everyone faces. Of course, there are many more that you may discover in your own journey, so take these as a beginning point of examination and take a good look at your own heart and lifestyle:

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