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EnergyCard Healing- Two Areas

Sold by: StarzRainbowRose

How does this work?

This 5th Dimensional Concept of Energy Healing is a very simple idea that is as easy as breathing for many of us. Energy merging and exchange is actually something we do every minute of every day. It's just now that we are in the Aquarian Age and the veils are lifting we are a lot more aware of it. Now we can through intent mix and mingle our etheric energies with these computer generated little bundles of love & light to help find the balance we seek in many areas of our lives.

What do I do?
Just send me two areas/issues that you would like healing energy in, say as much about it or as little as you choose.

What do you do?
I will connect to your areas/issues and immediately generate 2 energy cards that are completely specific to you, and also write any info that comes through.

Then what do I do?
Look at the energy cards for at least 5 minutes every day( or more often if you wish) until you feel the area has shifted for you. And enjoy your personal new energy buddies.

Disclaimer - Please remember these energy card emails are not a substitute for medical care. This information is not offered for the purposes of substituting, replacing, or contraindicating sound medical or psychiatric, advice or care. This information is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness. If you have concerns you are advised to contact a licensed professional.

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