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Medium Session

Medium Session

Sold by: StarzMayaMoon

$170.00 1 hour. Must be used in one session. Contact your loved ones with a true medium. I have been blessed with the gift and ability to connect to those that have crossed over and share messages to help bring peace and closure. I have done hundreds of medium readings in person or phone. I always offer validations to make sure we are connecting and honor spirit by sharing what special message they may have for you. I prefer if you have suffered a loss that you wait a minimum of 1 week before trying to connect unless there are unusual circumstances or questions. I have helped many people and families solve the questions and my connection is always through God and of the highest, as I am a true light worker. If you purchase an hour it must be used at one session and cannot be broken into 2 sessions. A half hour session is the required as it takes a great deal of energy and focus and as I honor your loved ones I ask that you also honor my time, gifts and experience. I have been connecting with those who have passed on for over 30 years, and it is my true calling to bring peace, love and closure to all. Please use the contact button or contact Natalie to arrange a time. All readings are done via phone, not chat. Sessions may be recorded for personal use, prices are for individual sessions, for family or group readings please contact Natalie or use the contact button to get a specialized quote. Many blessings to you, Maya

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