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Yellow Aura People Personality Traits and Characteristics

Nov 8, 2023

Every living thing has an aura; it is an energetic field that surrounds us and is generally oval. The auric field is seen in the form of colours. Your own unique aura reflects your state of consciousness and to the intuitive eye will give an indication of your emotions, strengths, weaknesses, health, and energies. Each colour vibrates at its own unique frequency and will have different meanings.

There are 7 layers to the aura, each layer interconnects and influences the other layers.

Auric field color meaning
The colours in your aura can be both positive and negative and can attract as well as repel. Each colour has its own meaning, which will alter depending on the shade, the intensity and even the form the colour takes.

Auras contain the primary colours of the rainbow; these colours can change depending on the emotion an individual is experiencing.

People with a yellow aura are characteristically happy, creative, cheerful, energetic, and have a sunny personality, they are playful and in-touch with their inner child. Yellow is also associated with freedom, joy, intelligence, and spiritual enlightenment.

Yellow aura people generally have a great sense of humor. They can see the funny side of things, are upbeat and positive most of the time and want to enjoy life and all its wonders.

Career wise, people with a yellow aura will be above average intelligence and will want to be in a career that they enjoy. They will be free spirited. Yellow aura people are less likely to hold grudges and will generally be unconcerned about what other people think or feel about them.

However, on the flipside because of their high intelligence yellow aura people can easily become workaholics, which can lead to stress.

They tend to be observant and make good artists and researchers, because they can think outside the box.

For people with green-tinted auras sometimes being around someone with a yellow aura can be a bit overpowering.Yellow aura people can, without realizing they are doing so, make people with introverted or pessimistic auras feel threatened, because they are more outspoken and positive.

The many shades of yellow

Yellow relates to the solar plexus chakra - the third chakra or Manipura and is believed by some to be connected to your core energy. The solar plexus chakra is associated with confidence and fulfilment, which is intertwined with yellow aura characteristics.

However, that said some believe that the yellow aura has an association with the third-eye chakra due to its connections with spiritual enlightenment and awakening. Typically, the feeling of inner joy is a signal that the third-eye chakra is active.

Yellow: Relates to the spleen and life energy. It is the colour of optimism especially when seen around the hairline, awakening, generosity, inspiration, intelligence, action. This person will be creative, playful, optimistic, and easy-going.

Dark yellow shows suspicion, greed, and materialism.

Dark brownish yellow represents the student, study, or one who is over analytical to the point of feeling fatigued or stressed.

Gold: These people are often said to be as ‘good as gold.’ They make great leaders, enlightened teachers, and fantastic healers.

If someone is seen with a golden halo around their head this can be an indication of spiritual enlightenment. It is the color of generosity, wisdom, and personal power.

Deep yellow around the head indicates a person who has found enlightenment.

Muddier shades: Represent excessive thinking and analysing and can indicate being overly critical, feeling of being deprived of recognition and being dogmatic.

Light yellow: new beginnings, an emerging psychic and spiritual awareness and positive excitement about new ideas. Sometimes if the light yellow is delicate, it can be an indication of fragility, a bit like a newborn baby. A light yellow can also be an indication that the person is at the beginning of a new phase of life or is opening to new experiences.

Bright yellow: this color can sometimes signal that the person is struggling with something for example it might be an indicator of mental health struggles. It can imply the person is unable to deal with their issues in the appropriate manner and will typically get bogged down and anxious, possibly even depressed.

Lemon yellow: Can denote one that is struggling to maintain power and control, or someone that fears losing control, prestige, respect, and/or power.

Pastel shades: Reflect wisdom and intellect and enthusiasm for something (especially in the pale yellow to white spectrum).

White yellow: These people are generally shy, sensitive souls that may be suffering from a crisis of faith, which can make them feel fatigued, and needing to withdraw from everyone. It can also mean they feel tuned into the energies of the world around them, especially negative energies like pessimism.

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