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Would You Like to Know How to Find Your Twin Flame ?

Jun 22, 2023

In this article I would like to explore how to go about trying to connect with your own twin flame!
You will ultimately feel an immediate bond both spiritually and emotionally between you and your twin flame.

*I feel it is important to point out right at the beginning of this article that a twin flame is not a soul mate connection* The soul mate connection can happen between siblings, relatives, and friends etc.
Your own unique twin flame is the other half of your soul!


At the time of your creation, you are given two souls a male and female, the soul is split in to two and both souls will learn their own lessons.

A soul mate connection is one of ease and comfort, the giving and receiving of boundless love. In contrast the twin flame relationship can be difficult; after all they will be the mirror of you, which can cause some difficulties. However, this relationship will be open and honest, all will be laid bare, no falsehoods.

So how do you go about finding your own unique twin flame? There will be a tremendous and intense bond between you. Twin flames can sense each other’s emotions even when they are not together. The twin flame connection is two sided both twins will feel immense love for each other, with no malice.

So, what is it you are looking for? It is rare that twin flames are incarnated at the same time, normally one twin will be in the Ethers (heaven, or whatever you want to call where our souls/ passed over loved ones reside) while the other is on the earth plane. That said, sometimes twin flames will be incarnated on to the earth plane during the incarnation, however not necessarily in the same place even country, even their ages may differ.

To find your twin flame, if they are incarnate at the same time as you that is, it is important to be open and receptive. There is no need to go on some large quest to find your twin flame, you should simply carry on with your life, if you are meant to connect with your twin flame in this lifetime you WILL. Typically, when twin flames connect it is unplanned by either of them, the connection will leave no doubt in either twins mind that it was meant to happen. The connection will make you feel whole and complete and with a spiritual purpose to fulfil.

Characteristics of a twin flame relationship

One of the key characteristics of a twin flame relationship is an immense feeling of wholeness, attraction, and love. Some people describe this feeling as completeness even when you are not with your twin flame.

Typically, you will feel as though you have always known the other person even on the first meeting, you may finish each other’s sentences, have the same thoughts, even ring or text simultaneously. Sometimes twin flames will find themselves buying each other similar or the same present/gift or they will have similar experiences.

They have an immense need to be together regardless of the obstacles or distance that they face.
Some of the other key characteristics of a twin flame relationship are:
  • Instant connection, leaving NO-DOUBT this is your twin flame.
  • Openness, honesty, and trust, holding no secret or detail, lying everything open to scrutiny.
  • Never tiring of each other
  • Never rejecting or abusing the relationship
  • Total acceptance
  • Deep feelings of purpose and an urge to do good, spiritual connections.
  • Even in times of conflict or stress the need to re-unite is strong.
  • Typically, twin flames love each other unconditionally and totally and will have a bond that is evident and un-breakable.

They are mirror images of each other (NOT IN LOOKS BUT IN WAYS) due to their striking similarities. Giving and not expecting anything in return is also a key characteristic of a twin flame relationship, it will be felt that this bond will last for eternity.

The meeting of twin flames can’t be planned, the meeting is dependent on life experiences; if and when you meet your twin flame is not something you can force or foretell, it will be if it is meant to be in this lifetime.

It is believed that twin flames will meet and the creative energy between them will be used for the good, they will meet for spiritual work, to enhance and reflect a love to the world, to make it a better place this will influence and attract others and the cycle will continue.

It is therefore a beautiful experience when twin flames connect; however remember you are a mirror image of each other therefore this relationship may not be plain sailing. Any differences in up-bringing, circumstances and age can also cause difficulties but the emotional and spiritual pull between you both will help you to overcome these.

Do not worry if you have not yet met your own unique twin flame the Universe has this in hand and when the time is right you will meet, either in this lifetime or in future incarnations.

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