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Why is Crystal Meditation So Useful?

Mar 22, 2024

So why is crystal meditation so useful and what is it?

Quartz crystals are one of the most plentiful crystals in the entire world these beautiful crystals exist in a state of excellence.

Quartz crystals have a high vibrational frequency and are used in the mechanism of watches, T.V’S, radio’s, medical equipment, telephones and high tech equipment and so on.

Surrounding yourself with these wonderful crystals will raise your energy vibrations this is due to the piezoelectric effect of the quartz crystal. The aura of the person surrounded by quartz crystals will grow and reach closer to excellence. Regular contact with quartz crystal, particularly during meditation, will raise the auric vibration to this higher frequency. Therefore when the aura vibrates at this higher level other states of consciousness and awareness open up.

So why is crystal mediation useful? It is the best way to amplify your inner and outer development plus make nonphysical connections, this is also a great way to enhance and use powers that can help you discover and connect to the real you. It is a fact the more able you are at controlling yourself the easier it will become to impact your reality.

For example meditation helps us to unscramble thoughts and thought patterns especially destructive or negative self-talk patterns. By controlling the clutter in our minds and being able to focus on single thoughts and eventually being able to clear our mind completely without these other thoughts slipping in is going to help tremendously in all manner of ways, physically and indeed mentally.

Meditation has been around for thousands of years. Crystal meditation has become popular as quartz crystal is considered a meditation enhancer; the quartz crystal is also good for balancing a person’s aura. Healers are able to manipulate the physical, mental and spiritual bodies when the person is surrounded by quartz crystals

Why is crystal meditation so useful and how do I meditate?

Crystals are very personal, when you are buying your crystal hold it in your hand to see how it feels. You will get a feeling for the crystal that is right for you, not every crystal will be right for you. Choosing a crystal with fault lines or patterns within it may help you to lose yourself within the crystal while meditating.

The relationship between you and your crystal is very important. By holding the crystal for a little while you will know if this is going to be the crystal you can work with. If it is not don’t worry pop it back it just means that crystal is meant for someone else that’s all.

Before beginning your meditation it is essential that you cleanse your new quartz crystal.

How to cleanse your new quartz crystal

There are many ways to cleanse your new quartz crystal you should choose the method that feels right to you. Many people smudge their crystals, or use salt baths…a word of warning if using salt make certain that your new crystal is not going to be
affected by salt first. A lot of people run the crystal under ice cold water and place the crystal in the light of the moon over night, a full moon is best for this but not altogether necessary moon any moon light is good.

So now you are ready to begin. Meditation is about clearing the cluttered mind and focusing, it is not the same thing as zoning out or daydreaming though these can also have value. It is very important to find a quiet place to meditate, night time, or bed time is not a good idea, and meditation will make you relax and you will simply fall to sleep.

For many people sitting within a circle of crystals is the best way to meditate, while others prefer to lie down and place crystals on the chakras or at their feet and crown, whatever you decide it will be personal to you.

Or you may want to concentrate simply on the one crystal to begin with in this case hold your chosen crystal or place it in front of you where you can see it clearly. Begin by slowing your breathing down make each breath out a little longer than the breath in.
Look at your crystal notice its colour, pattern, shape.

Just relax and gaze at your chosen crystal, when your attention wanders, just return it to the stone. If you feel tension anywhere simply take a couple of deep breaths and relax. You may feel as though you want to close your eyes after a while this is fine close them, and re-open them when you are ready re-focusing on your crystal when you do.

Quartz crystals for meditation and spiritual connections

Generally quartz crystals for meditation and spiritual connections are typically clear quartz, as well as blue, purple and aqua stones can enhance spiritual connections and activate intuition.

Spiritual connections typically will not speak to you as another person would, but will inject thoughts into your mind.
These thoughts will feel as though they are your own thoughts, but will typically be missing any prior thought process to connect them with. This is why it is so important to quieten the mind and clear it of clutter as described previously, so that any thought can be distinguished between cluttered thoughts and your own self talk to that of spiritual connections.

When spiritual connections arrive your own mind will catalogue them, for example your spiritual connection may be trying to give you guidance over an issue and may implant suggestions in your mind.

However only practise with meditation will show you how and if spiritual connections will occur.

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