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What Steps can be taken to help you realize Spiritual Awakening?

Sep 4, 2023

Some people will tell you Spiritual Awakening is a realization, that is often referred to as a state of enlightenment, nirvana, bliss, or a realization.

However, the fact is no matter what you decide to call it, the state of spiritual awakening is something that people realize!

Seeking Spiritual Awakening

Perhaps you have been scrolling through the internet or books and have noticed people offering guidelines on spiritual awakening and how you might achieve it, but the reality is these guidelines will only help you to reach the state of enlightened spirit.

A spiritual awakening begins the moment you step back and "awake" and have a new sense of being in this world. This can of course happen spontaneously, maybe you’ve had a life changing experience (losing a job, divorce, the death of a loved one, a near death experience, or perhaps a psychedelic experience).

Some people will argue that experiencing an awakening is a deep and often philosophical experience in which a person realizes their own true self. Through this the person will develop ways to have a balanced life that is in keeping with their environment, and that enlightenment only happens unplanned and often unexpectedly.

When you experience spiritual awakening, it is common to ask questions such as, “Why am I here?” “What is the purpose of my life?” “What happens after death?” as well as other questions that examine the fundamental nature of life during your awakening. A spiritual awakening will stir the deepest and most significant questions within you, the ones you have put off asking! One of the most significant concepts of spiritual awakening is to be true to oneself.

It was Carl Jung the world famed western psychiatrist that first described the idea of the spiritual awakening as the process as coming back to the original Self. He described the experience of rising to a higher state of consciousness as an intrinsic part of what it means to be human.

Depending on your line of thought, approach, and the kind of book you are reading or the teacher you are choosing to follow the steps to reach spiritual awakening will follow certain rules or guidelines.

Some require complicated steps while others just require several kinds of meditations and the awakening you’re seeking will come eventually.

Preparing yourself is a good way to begin. Whether you believe in a step-by-step process or accept the fact the spiritual awakening happens only in a natural and more spontaneous way, preparing your self brings you closer to that goal.


The first thing you must do is accept that a certain level of awakening is possible. Do this by going inwards to your own core, and begin to recognize your own weaknesses, flaws, and failings, dig into these to identify how they relate to you and your environment.

Knowing ‘thy-self’ is very important! Be grateful for your life in this present moment count your blessing and stop searching for something better. Being grateful doesn’t mean you have to give up on your goals but does mean you need to recognize that what you have right now is enough.

Attaining an awakened or enlightened spirit comes from understanding the nature of the world and how you react to it and how you can impact it.

Learn the process of healing. When you have identified an area in your life that needs attention, take the path of healing not only focusing on healing yourself but also for others as well.

Achieving balance is also very important - balance of the physical body spiritual body is what you must aim for.


Spiritual awakenings happen as your Soul evolves, expanding, and maturing. Just as everything in life grows, so too does our connection with our Souls.

You need to be present if you want to achieve spiritual awakening, which can be hard for some people.

Practicing mindfulness each day is a great way to help you become more present.
For example, the next time you are out and about or taking a walk tap into your senses and ask yourself some questions such as:

What colors can I see?
What can I smell?
What can I feel?
What can I hear?

By using your senses, you will become more aware of your surroundings and thus more grounded in the present moment.


Being aware is one thing, what isn’t easy is being able to act and make change!
Once you understand and can identify the habits that aren’t serving you or that hold you stuck in life, you need to have the willpower to change them!
Having a clear decisive plan can help. For example – Excessive drinking, you know it’s bad for you, you want to stop, so you pour the alcohol down the sink! That’s not going to work, because you can just go and get more!
You need to know why you are cutting back, for example it is better for your health, and will help you to become more in-touch with yourself.
Create a detailed plan, maybe write in your diary set target dates, put them on your wall planner, or anyplace you will see them.


Meditation is probably one of the easiest ways to achieve spiritual awakening. Meditation helps you enter a mental stage where you can be mindful of yourself.
Possibly the best meditation to achieve spiritual awakening is the focused meditation. To practise this meditation, you must focus your mind on a single object. You can use any object or idea, but the best thing to focus on is your own breath. You need to clear your mind and focus on just one thing, this can help you cut out distractions and help you achieve a relaxed state of being.
Having a relaxed state of being allows you to achieve spiritual awakening much quicker than if you were stressed out or distracted by other things in your life.

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