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What Does it Mean to Dream You are Flying?

Apr 17, 2024

Common Dream meanings include:
  • New opportunities coming your way.
  • Spiritual growth
  • Tackling fears
  • Impending potential
  • Abilities you may have.
  • Creative spurt
  • New relationships
The meaning of dreams where you fly are generally a representation of your life – joyful and happy or fraught with challenges.
To dream about flying can mean you are breaking free of the chains that have bound you and are beginning to express your own personal freedom.
The meaning of dreams where you are flying upwards.
This type of dream generally means you are attempting to break free of the limiting behaviours that have recently affected your life in some way.

To dream about flying downwards
This type of dream is asking you to make time to delve into your inner world, to try and understand your subconscious mind. To dream about flying downwards is a wake-up call asking you to consider how you are living your life, for example you may be feeling the weight of responsibilities right now, and need to have more faith in your own capabilities and what you can achieve and do.
The meaning of dreams where you are flying can also be associated with lucid dreaming.

What is Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming or “lucidity” generally commences at the beginning of a dream. Lucid dreaming occurs when the dreamer realizes that they are dreaming, they are fully aware the events in their dream are not happening in their physical reality, but in their dream. The dreamer will realize they are dreaming for example when they begin floating, flying, or meeting a deceased loved one.

Common dream meanings – flying above the clouds.

In general terms to dream about flying or floating above the clouds represent freedom, empowerment, inspiration and tell you that you can overcome any challenges you may be facing in your waking life.
This type of dream can also be a sign of personal growth and spiritual development. It represents one’s ability to go beyond earthly limitations and explore the higher realms of consciousness. It is a reminder that when you step back into your own power and retake control, you can overcome self-limiting behaviours and insecurities in your waking life.

What does it mean to dream you are flying near the ground?

The meaning of dreams where you are flying just above the ground represent your desire for adventure, freedom, and discovery. For example, you may be craving a relationship that makes you feel complete. Or it might be that you are blind to some truth. This dream typically implies how you value yourself and your self-worth, qualities, and capabilities.
To dream about flying just above the ground can also mean you either have already or are seeking to make peace with a situation.
This dream may also imply that you are having issues with something, a situation, someone or perhaps many people that are dependent upon you.
Your dream could also relate to loyalty, strength, and devotion and be a warning that selfishness could cost you your friends.

What does it mean to fly remarkably close to the ground?

This type of dream is an alert for your instincts and urges, and means you are probably feeling unfulfilled, inadequate, exhausted, and possibly even emotionally low. It says you are experiencing issues in your waking life probably around work or family life.
This dream can also be a signal for you to reach out to someone in their time of need.
The meaning of dreams where you are exceptionally close to the ground when flying can mean you are not using your full potential and ask you to step up your game up both physically and mentally. This type of dream can also e an indication that you must learn from your past mistakes.

The meaning of dreams where you flap your arms to fly.

Common dream meanings include:
  • Imply feelings of freedom, liberation, independence, and confidence in your abilities.
  • Represent a sense of empowerment and the ability to rise above limitations.
  • Implies your ability to tackle challenges and overcome difficulties successfully.
  • Means you always aim higher when trying to obtain goals and dreams.
  • Show you are competitive and have great energy.
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