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What Does it Mean to Dream About a Visitation from a Deceased Loved One

Apr 20, 2024

Typically to see a loved one during your dream can be quite upsetting when you wake from your dream to dream about a deceased loved one, still being alive is quite a common vivid dream. These types of dreams are often referred to as lucid dreaming

Visitations during your sleep are meant to be a sign that your passed over loved one is trying to reach out to you from beyond the veil to bring you peace, guidance, relief, and closure.

If your dead loved one is trying to reach out to you it might be that you are suffering from grief, stress, or trauma or perhaps you are struggling with a milestone in your life, and they want to let you know that things will be ok.

Vivid visitation dream

Sometimes a visitation dream can feel very real. However, it is said that visitation dreams are your deceased loved one trying to bring you a message of support and encouragement.

Visitation dreams can happen at any time, but generally they occur when you are going through a particularly challenging time such as a loss or a trauma that you are really struggling with.

A dream visitation can be from anyone or anything that was significant in your life such as a pet, your granny, a friend, a parent and so on.


To have a vivid visitation dream is memorable! In most cases the dream will feel so real it is as though they were with you again in real life. You may be able to smell their scent, see the color of their clothes, and really feel like they are there with you in that moment. This type of dream will stay with you vividly in your memory for quite some time, which many find comforting especially during times of grief and loss.


Even if your deceased loved one does not speak to you, you will understand their message clearly. They may communicate with you through expressions – such as body language, facial expressions, signaling and so on. They may communicate with you telepathically or they may speak using words. However they communicate, you will get the message they have come to give you.

What Happens

It is more than likely your deceased loved one will want to show you they are at peace and happy, to bring you comfort that they are not unhappy or suffering, especially if their passing was traumatic or prolonged.

If your deceased loved one appears upset and angry this is not a true visitation dream, but rather a dream where your subconscious is bringing you a message, please see our dream blog what does it mean to dream about the dead.

In true visitation dreams your deceased loved one will appear healthy and happy, because it is believed that when you pass to spirit you re-connect with whatever God they believed in while alive and have therefore become whole once more.

Most people will wake from a visitation dream and feel as if it were real, the memory will last, and the message will be clear. They feel comforted and able to move forward a little easier knowing they have the love and support of someone special above.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post, please see our other in this set of what does it mean to dream blogs, if you have any questions relating to your dreams.

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