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What Does It Mean If You Are Seeing Blue Feathers?

Feb 2, 2024

Blue feathers are a symbol of freedom from burdens and transcendence. In ancient times blue feathers held powerful symbolic meaning, they were believed to be associated with the sky and heaven, which is where the soul was thought to reside. Blue feathers were therefore often used in religious ceremonies, such as weddings or funerals.

There are many shades of blue but typically when you find a blue feather, you have probably found some sense of truth in who you are and what you believe and are being asked to let go of whatever it is that has been holding you back.

Blue feathers are generally associated with communication, self-expression, and spirituality. If you are seeing blue feathers this could be a message from spirit asking you to connect with your own truths, and to what you believe deep down inside you. Spirit is trying to tell you to communicate with honesty and to not hold what you feel inside and say speak out but not in a rude way.

Blue feathers are not only associated with the sky, but they are also associated with water.
In history the Egyptians believed the colour blue was the colour of truth and justice. Native Americans considered the colour blue to be sacred, and that it would give them the ability to see into another dimension. In Christianity the colour blue was used to represent heaven and faithfulness.

Blue feathers are thought to have spiritual and naturalistic qualities and symbolize wisdom and truthfulness. So, seeing someone wearing a blue feather necklace, could mean they speak their mind and aren’t worried about doing so!
If you see a blue feather floating in the sky, it is a sign from your angels, message from spirit that your angels are watching over you always.

The blue colour represents faithfulness and trust and is a message from your angels that they are with you all the way, they walk beside you, and that you aren’t alone.

The Angels are asking you to have faith in them and remind you that your passed over loved ones watch over you. The blue feather can also be used as a tool to help with spiritual growth.

Seeing Light Blue Feathers

Generally light blue feathers are associated with peace and harmony. Light blue feathers are also thought to relate to health, tranquillity, and gentleness. Seeing light blue feathers could be an indication of a peaceful, calm, and tranquil lifestyle, they can be an indication of a person’s ability to stay on top of their troubles with relative ease.

Seeing Blue and White Feathers

If you find a Jay Bird feather or any other blue and white feather it could be a sign that you have found inner peace and what you are looking for. You will no doubt be feeling peaceful and calm. Tranquillity, and true peace are associated with this feather.
White feathers in a religious sense are associated with Doves the bird of peace and are a sign from spirit and your guardian angel as well as from departed loved ones, that are now seated in heaven. What this can mean is that a departed loved one has finally found peace, especially if their journey was difficult and took courage.

Seeing Dark Blue Feathers

Dark blue feathers are associated with deep water – as in the ocean. This feather is linked with intelligence, seriousness, and with being powerful, it asks that you consider the consequences of your actions and plans.

Seeing Very Dark Blue Feathers

The very dark blue almost black feather is sometimes viewed as being negative. But that said there is also the view that seeing this feather can be symbolic of coming out of a dark place, moving through your troubles and that there is a ray of light now coming into view for you.

Seeing Blue and Grey Feathers

For many greys considered quite a cold, sad, and lonely colour, it represents loss and dullness, even depression. It is almost the complete opposite to blue, so when the two colours combine and are seen on a feather it can be an indication of the sadness that losing someone can bring, but that you must look at this in a different way. Perhaps they had been suffering and therefore the silver lining in this scenario is that they are now finally peace (the blue).

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