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What Are Guardian Angels, And What Are Their Jobs?

Aug 3, 2023

Perhaps you sometimes hear that little voice inside you giving advice? Well, in fact, it's your guardian angel coming to your rescue. These protectors are in charge of orienting and guiding us, plus, they influence our life by accompanying us every day, in good times and in bad according to

They act as messengers representing the higher powers, indeed they operate between the heaven world and Earth. Their mission is to help us and accompany us throughout our lives, so we can live life the best we can. We all have one divine guide based on the day and month on which we were born. Every divine angel symbolizes a force, such as willingness, patience, or even perseverance. They protect you on a daily basis but never physically present themselves to you, which may seem odd, especially if you are very in tune with the higher powers and spiritually aware. They only appear subtly and pass on a message through a symbol, like for instance via Angel numbers and mirror hours.

Your protector only manifests spontaneously in the exceptional situations of your life, but it is possible to communicate with your angel directly or with another if you feel the need to do so. Among all you need to know about angels, know that they are able to materialize your requests for any area of your life and to intervene in it. Knowing their names can therefore be very useful in communicating with them and will facilitate their intervention in your life.

How to see your Guardian Angel in the mirror

Here, you need a classic mirror, then put yourself in a quiet room, in the dark, breathe, concentrate and meditate a little. Once you are relaxed, stare at yourself in the mirror: choose one of your eyes, the right or the left, and stare at it intensely without stopping while remaining focused. Gradually, you will no longer see your face, but someone else’s will appear. It is possible that his eyes pop out of his sockets, but don't worry, because this is your guardian angel. In order to make it more effective, you can do it by lighting a white candle that you will have previously consecrated. The point of this exercise is to communicate quickly with your protector.

How do I notice my Guardian Angel? - 7 Signs your Guardian Angel is trying to contact you

Are you wondering how you tell an angel is with you? Well, detecting your protector’s presence is very simple and mainly involves listening to your intuition and trusting your senses. Guardian angels are believed to be spiritual beings who watch over us and guide us on our life's journey. They often communicate with us in subtle ways, and it can be easy to miss their messages. However, there are several signs that your guardian angel may be trying to contact you.

7 Signs your angel is with you:

Feeling a sudden rush of warmth or energy,
Seeing flashes of light or shadows,
Experiencing unexplained smells or sounds,
Finding feathers or other small objects in unusual places,
Experiencing a feeling of being touched or hugged,
Noticing repetitive number sequences,
Having vivid dreams or visions.

If you experience any of these signs, it could be a sign that your guardian angel is trying to communicate with you, and it's important to pay attention and listen to their message.

Knowing the name of your guardian angel is very important because they are in charge of your protection. Using your birthday to help you discover your protector’s identity will reveal how to invoke them and how to ask them for help and support. Don't forget that your angel is always at your side, even if you don't see them, they are present. They send you messages without us even realizing it, via a mirror hour or a feather delicately placed on our path. Keep your eyes open because your angel wants you to know that they are there for you. If you need their help right now, or if you are feeling lost, don't hesitate to contact one of our psychics. They will be able to illuminate your future with gentleness and kindness.

Birth month Angel - January
Born between: Guardian Angel names:

1st - 5th January Nemamiah - General prosperity.
6th - 10th January Yeialel - Helps with mental health.
11th - 15th January Harael - Helps with fertility.
16th - 20th January Mitzrael - Helps with mental illness.
21st - 25th January Umabel - Makes you more sociable.
26th - 30th January Iah Hel - Blesses you with wisdom.
31st January - 4th February Anauel - Guarantees protection.

Birth month – February
Born between: Your Guardian Angel is:

5th - 9th February Mehiel - Protection from danger.
10th - 14th February Damabiah - Attracts prosperity.
15th - 19th February Manakel - Heals illnesses.
20th - 24th February Eyael - Helps seek the truth.
25th - 29th February Habuhiah - Favors growth.

Birth month - March
Born between: Guardian Angel names:

1st - 5th March Rahel - Helps find lost objects.
6th - 10th March Yabamiah - Increases spirituality.
11th - 15th March Haiaiel - Good for protection.
16th - 20th March Mumiah - Favors success.
21st - 25th March Vehuiah - Favors fresh starts.
26th - 30th March Jeliel - Enhances love.
31st March - 4th April Sitael - Grants protection.

Birth month Angel - April
Born between: Your Guardian Angel is:

5th - 9th April Elemiah - Ensures safety.
10th - 14th April Mahasiah - Grants harmony.
15th - 20th April Lelahel - Aids with knowledge.
21st - 26th April Achaiah - Bestows patience.
27th - 30th April Cahetel - Fights against evil.

Birth month - May
Born between: Your Guardian Angel is:

1st - 5th May Haziel - Grants forgiveness.
6th - 10th May Aladiah - Bestows good health.
11th - 15th May Lauvuel - Encourages victory.
16th - 21st May Hahaiah - Helps against adversity.
22nd - 26th May Yezalel - Promotes friendships.
27th - 31st May Mebahel - Stands for justice.

Birth month – June
Born between: Your Guardian Angel is:

1st - 5th June Hariel - Enhances morals.
6th - 10th June Hekamiah - Encourages loyalty.
11th - 15th June Lauviah - Encourages revelations.
16th - 21st June Caliel - Gives advice.
22nd - 26th June Leuviah - Expands intellect.
27th - 1st July Pahaliah - Develops spirituality.

Birth month - July
Born between: Guardian Angel names:

2nd - 6th July Nelchaël - Fights evil.
7th - 11th July Yeiayel - Grants fortune.
12th - 16th July Melahel - Urges healing.
17th - 23rd July Haheuiah - Grants safety.
24th - 27th July Nithaiah - Develops wisdom.
28th July - 1st August Haaiah - Increases ambition.

Birth month - August
Born between: Your Guardian Angel is:

2nd - 6th August Yeratel - Ensures justice.
7th - 12th August Seheiah - Protects health.
13th - 17th August Reiyel - Encourages truth.
18th - 23rd August Omael - Prevents depression.
24th - 28th August Lecabel - Increases knowledge.
29th August - 2nd September Vasariah - Attracts mercy.

Birth month - September
Born between: Your Guardian Angel is:

3rd - 7th September Yehuiah - Helps with self-discovery.
8th - 12th September Lehahiah - Calms anger.
13th - 17th September Chavaquiah - Favors reconciliation.
18th - 23rd September Menadel - Encourages employment.
24th - 28th September Aniel - Increases knowledge.
29th September - 3rd October Haamiah - Increases ambition.

Birth month - October
Born between:` Your Guardian Angel is:

4th - 8th October Rehael - Heals the sick.
9th - 13th October Leiazel - Grants comfort.
14th - 18th October Hahahel - Favors missions.
19th - 23rd October Mikael - Protects you.
24th - 28th October Veuliah - Safeguards you.
29th October - 2nd November Yelaiah - Favors success.

Birth month - November
Born between: Guardian Angel names:

3rd - 7th November Sehaliah – I ncreases willpower.
8th - 12th November Ariel - Increases gratitude.
13th - 17th November Asaliah - Heavenly connection.
18th - 22nd November Mihael - Rekindles love.
23rd - 27th November Vehuel - Eliminates pains.
28th November - 2nd December Daniel - Helps obtain mercy.

Birth month - December
Born between: Your Guardian Angel is:

3rd - 7th December Hahasiah - Uncovers mysteries.
8th - 12th December Imamiah - Patron of prisoners.
13th - 16th December Nanael - Helps with meditation.
17th - 21st December Nithael - Helps with writing.
22nd - 26th December Mebahiah - Urges good deeds.
27th - 31st December Poyel - Encourages fulfillment.

Fact: A distinction can be made between the 72 guardian angels grouped together in the angel calendar. In fact, just like the zodiac signs that change every month, the Angels change every five days.

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