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Weekly Tarot Card Messages - Week Commencing 03 Dec 2023

Dec 3, 2023

Sunday 03 December The Sun speaks about happiness and is asking that you engage with people today that bring a bit of sunshine into your life. Count your blessings and focus on all the positive things around you. Look to the future and set your focus firmly on having the best week.

Today is the start of a fresh new week so embrace it.

Monday 04 December The Fool The Fool is a card of wonder, excitement, and adventure, and is drawn today to ask you to let your hair down metaphorically speaking and to adopt a more carefree attitude. It says allow your inner child to surface, remember those times in the past where you felt free and able to play, try and bring this energy into your life today.

Tuesday 05 December Three of swords The three of swords asks for honesty and integrity. It asks that you are upfront with the people around you and that you speak your own truths. It also asks that you listen and that you give everyone the opportunity to have their say, regardless of whether you agree with their stance or not. Remember not everyone will agree with you.

Wednesday 06 December Knight of Wands A new idea or creative inspiration could consume you today. This could indicate a love obsession, especially if the reality of you and a certain someone getting together would shock or scandalize the neighbourhood, friends, and family. Perhaps you are considering a relationship with a much younger or older person. The Knight’s appearance represents intense connections and feelings that can’t be denied.

Thursday 07 December Three of pentacles The three of pentacles calls for teamwork and cooperation today, it asks that you don’t attempt to go it alone, seek help and assistance it will be given if you ask for it. Give and receive feedback today, share ideas, knowledge and information, this card today recalls the saying ‘two heads are better than one’.

Friday 08 December The Devil The Devil card is asking that you confront your inner demons today, what are you obsessed with - it could be anything from shoes – to an actual person or ideal. It might even be that you have an obsessive behaviour/habit that needs to be dealt with such as smoking! Whatever this today is the day to make change, or at least consider it!

Saturday 09 December The Wheel of Fortune The Wheel is a reminder that life evolves and is in a state of constant change, and tells you that if you are going through a time of upset right now, this will change and things will get better. It is asking you to have faith in the choices you make today, because when you trust in fate and in yourself great things can begin to happen for you.

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