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Weekly Tarot Card Message Week Commencing Sunday January 14 2024

Jan 14, 2024

Sunday 14th January 2024
The Fool

The Fool is a card of adventure and of letting go and feeling carefree, it wants you to remember the feelings you had as a child of not caring or worrying about the everyday stresses of life and says adopt this same carefree attitude today. Let your hair down metaphorically speaking and have some fun. Have faith in yourself!

Monday 15th January 2024
Ace of Pentacles

This ace speaks of new beginnings in your physical world, so could be relating to your job/career or finances. It says be ready to work hard because your rewards will be many. It says if there is a business opportunity you have been considering now is the time to go for it, especially if the financial rewards would be of benefit to you.

Tuesday 16th January
The Empress

Take on the role of the caretaker today, whether you are caring for a person, child, situation, or yourself, be empathetic, caring, and compassionate. Take other people’s feelings, needs into account, and try and be open to alternate views and ways of dealing with things. Indulge yourself a little too, take advantage of the wonders of Mother Nature!

Wednesday 17th January
Three of wands

Give yourself a big pat on the back today and credit for how far you have come. At times, the road may have felt long and full of hurdles but know you have overcome so much and can now rest-up and feel proud of yourself. This three is also all about looking to the future and letting go of the past and of any negatives you may be holding on to.

Thursday 18th January

The World shows a cycle ending, you have gone as far as you can and now it is time for change. This is a card of opportunity, and it asks that you take advantage of these. You are wiser and more capable than you realize, dig deep into your own inner realms, and re-connect to your passions and to what drives you.

Friday 19th January
Eight of cups

The eight of cups asks that you open your eyes and says know when to walk away. Know when it is time to wait and when it is time to let go and says today is one of those days when you may need to make the decision to walk away! It says you can initiate change and asks that you recognise when things are not working out as you would have hoped.

Saturday 20th January
Seven of Wands

Find time for yourself today, even if this is just a few minutes to re-charge! You have been busy and need to just take some quiet time out. There are many options available to you right now, and even if you feel overwhelmed or as if there is not any give in a situation, look again because your answers are there, even if you do not see them right now the answer exists.

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