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Weekly Tarot Card Message Week Commencing Sunday 7th January 2024

Jan 7, 2024

Weekly Tarot Card Message
Week Commencing Sunday 7th January 2024

Sunday 7th January 2024
King of Cups

Maintain good balance in your life today, and don’t rock the boat metaphorically speaking that is. Be wise, cautious, empathetic and above all else compassionate. Listen to what others have to say without judgement and remember everyone has their own opinion. Surround yourself with things that make you happy, today is a day for happiness!

Monday 8th January 2024

Be bold and brave today and don’t allow yourself to sway from the path you have chosen to walk, even if this means hitting oppositions head on. Speak out about what you want and how you feel. Try and avoid gossip today because things can have a habit of backfiring at times. Today is about making a stand and doing what feels right.

Tuesday 9th January
Three of wands

Give yourself a big pat on the back today and credit for how far you have come. At times the road may have felt long and full of hurdles but know you have overcome so much and can now rest-up and feel proud of yourself. This three is also all about looking to the future and letting go of the past and of any negatives you may be holding on to.

Wednesday 10th January
The Lovers

There is an important decision needing to be made today, make this from a place of love, so that everyone involved gets the best outcome possible. If you are single, then the Lovers could mean that someone special will cross your path today. If you are considering asking for someone’s hand in marriage, then today would be a great day to do so.

Thursday 11th January
Knight of Pentacles

Be cautious today, plan carefully, and don’t rush into anything. Work hard because your efforts will pay off. Today is one of those days where you must knuckle down and take things at a steady pace. Even if you are feeling bored, and feel life lacks fun right now, know you are on the right path, and have patience a while longer.

Friday 13th January
Ace of Swords

The Ace today is not talking about results, it is asking you to stop and contemplate what you need to do to obtain those results. It is asking for a clear mindset and for you to take a logical, analytical look at things. It says follow your head today, rather than your heart and wants you to stay truthful about what it is you want!

Saturday 13th January
Six of pentacles

Weigh up your options very carefully today and make no hasty or ill-thought-out decisions or choices. Today is about striking the right balance in your life, on both a personal level as well as a financial level as well. If you need help it will be therefore you today and likewise if someone reaches out to you, do your best to be of assistance.
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