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Weekly Tarot Card Message Week Commencing Sunday 12th November 2023

Nov 12, 2023

Sunday 12th November
The Magician

The Magician is letting you know today that everything you need is right there under your nose. You have the tools you need to manifest your goals today. It asks that you use these tools wisely, it also asks that you follow your own gut feelings and hunches and that you keep an open heart and mind. It says use your Magic today!

Monday 13th November
Ten of Pentacles

The ten is speaking to you about family, especially if you are involved with some sort of family business / project or venture. This ten is saying make certain everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet metaphorically speaking. It says when you all have the same goal there is every chance that things will work to plan and be successful.

Tuesday 14th November
The Fool

The Fool is speaking to you today about adventure and having fun and is encouraging you to allow your inner child time to play. Remember the days when you were young and carefree, bring these feelings to the surface today and let your hair down metaphorically speaking. Have faith and don’t be afraid to take a chance, especially if things are right.
Wednesday 15th November
Justice is asking for fair play! It wants you to do what is right, to take the tried and tested routes and to be upfront and honest with everyone, including yourself. Speak your own truths, but also allow for others to do the same. If there is something legal you’re dealing with, have faith in the process and in the systems involved.

Thursday 16th November
Two of Swords

The two is showing a head / heart conflict around you. This is where your head (logical thinking) is saying one thing, and your heart (emotional thinking) is saying something completely different, and this is causing you confusion / frustration. The two is asking that you follow your head in this instance and go with logical, analytical thinking.

Friday 17th November
Three of wands

The three of wands is asking that you look to the future, and that you make plans for that rather than becoming bogged down in the small stuff that won’t be significant later. It says stop getting caught up with what if's and maybe’s and instead look ahead. The three says let go of the things that hold you stuck, and that aren’t serving you positively in your life.

Saturday 18th November
King of Wands

The King is asking you to allow your creativity to flow, and to be bold and enthusiastic. It says step up to the helm and take the initiative. Be the leader that you can be, don’t hold back, step into your own power. Look ahead to the bigger vision of the future you want to create for yourself. This King is about taking action and about getting the ball rolling so to speak.
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