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Weekly Tarot Card Message

Dec 24, 2023

Weekly Tarot Card Message
Week Commencing Sunday 24th December 2023
Sunday 24th December

The World
Make sure you look at the bigger picture today, and that you don’t get too caught up in what other people think, or in the small or temporary stuff. The World suggest an ending / conclusion of a project or situation and reminds you that as one door closes another is going to open and with this comes new possibilities.

Monday 25th December
Throw off the old and embrace the new is the message for you today. Judgement speaks to you about new beginnings and about following your own higher calling. If you have been feeling drawn to a particular path, then follow this up, look deeper into it and decide if it is right for you. Don’t be over judgemental today!

Tuesday 26th December
The Magician
Live in the present moment today, rather than referring to the past all the time. The past is done with and cannot be altered. Recognize the urgency of a situation, take control, and see the advantages on offer to you! The Magician is also an indication that your charm and wit will impress the right person today, which can have a significant impact on the direction your life takes.

Wednesday 27th December
Three of swords
Be cautious today! The three is an indication that an ending is needed for you to move forward, and reminds you that short term pain, paves the way for long term gain, and therefore asks that you let go of whatever it is that creates pain, upset or discomfort in your life and that you move on. It also asks that you always speak the truth.

Thursday 28th December
Ten of Pentacles
The ten is speaking to you about family, especially if you are involved with some sort of family business / project or venture. This ten is saying make certain everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet metaphorically speaking. It says when you all have the same goal there is every chance that things will work to plan and be successful.

Friday 29th December
Three of wands
The three of wands is asking that you look to the future, and that you make plans for that rather than becoming bogged down in the small stuff that won’t be significant later. It says stop getting caught up with what ifs and maybe’s and instead look ahead. The three says let go of the things that hold you stuck, and that aren’t serving you positively in your life.

Saturday 30th December
Six of Cups
Today is all about having fun and re-connecting with your inner child, allowing yourself to play and to feel as carefree as you did in your childhood. The six is also about re-connections and about reaching out to those that you haven’t heard of or seen in a while. Check-in on people and spread a bit of happiness around.
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