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Understanding Chiron

Mar 7, 2019

Image: Chiron's symbol -

Known as the “wounded healer,” Chiron deals with our most significant areas of vulnerability in life and in the astrological chart indicates a lot about the feelings of inadequacy we experienced growing up in this article by Waxyjo in the New Spirit Journal.

The wounds of Chiron remain prolific throughout our lives and are deep and indicative of our life motivations, since they show where we are likely to over-compensate and also regard ourselves as lacking.

Wherever Chiron falls in the chart shows an area which is not only a point of sensitivity, but we also feel like we are wearing a badge at times advertising our weaknesses. Hence, the most usual response when these kinds of insecurities crop up is for us to try to hide them.

A strong Chiron in the chart will often show somebody who has learned the art of covering up, to the degree that it is very difficult to see that this person feels quite the reverse on the inside. Such is the motivation of appearing capable and stronger. The main reason for hiding is that there has been early experience of others taking advantage of us and even if these experiences haven’t played out in a notable way, triggers have occurred which have caused us to feel tainted, less worthy and not as good as everybody else.

If you get the feeling that others are more beautiful, capable, confident, aware, imbued with some kind of magical ingredient that you were born lacking, then you can guarantee your Chiron has been activated.

It helps to know this, as the paranoia that the inner pain can create is a falsehood, but one which can spiral into very unhealthy cycles.

The real truth is that everybody feels this kind of insecurity in some area of their lives, so to move away from the psychological inclination to isolate oneself as unclean and unworthy is the single most useful response.

For a long-term healing prospect the best way to deal with Chiron issues is to speak of them. To wear your medal of weakness proudly. As the old quote goes, “the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself,” most of what we expect to find devastating is a whole lot easier to deal with once exposed and experienced.

By hiding away, one finds they are waiting for the worst to happen and then, when it does, an onslaught of anxiety can kick in at the very hint of the actualization of the fear. On the contrary, expressing one’s weakness tends to render the subject less potent, quite uninteresting and just like a light shining on a dark corner of a room, relatively safe.

Connect; show those that feel alone that you understand, that you don’t judge them. The feelings of disgust, self-repulsion and uncleanliness can lead to incredibly difficult psychological situations if left to fester. Chiron is often indicated as a factor in those who self-purge and try to control their bodies or environments in order to feel less unworthy. Sometimes Chiron people will turn their weaknesses outwards and try to control those around them instead.

They may be inclined to self-sabotage in the outer world as well as deep down inside.

Those with strong Chiron positions will often struggle with many of the scenarios above and emphasis will vary on the basis of your astrological chart and personal life experiences. The help is in recognizing the feeling and removing its power supply. It is often the case that these people will end up working in healing professions also.

The higher octave of Chiron is a profound compassion for the plight of others, on the basis of understanding and finding a level of peace with one’s own weaknesses. Switching the focus to helping others is the most useful way to use the knowledge of the human psyche which you have become so adept at.

To work with Chiron means to integrate the areas of yourself which you like least and recognize the beauty in them. See how you have accepted the same areas of weakness in others, and celebrate your goodness and kindness. Be gentle unto yourself, as you would be with others.

Reach out and share what you have learned to inspire those who are hiding themselves away, terrified of being exposed. Know that the light is never oppressive, it is the shadows and the unknown which incites the most fear into us all.

Be one and be love. Chiron wounds can become scars of pride, areas where we show our battle wounds proudly and wear our badge of experience with the knowledge that the human experience is temporary, life limitations are an illusion and the truth is only love.

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