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Understanding and Using the Merkaba Crystal

Sep 27, 2023

The Merkaba crystal looks like a star tetrahedron, a 3-dimensional, 8-pointed star that is made from two triangular pyramids, one pointing up and the other down. The symbol itself can be found in many ancient texts and artifacts like the Bible.
Which in physical terms is a vehicle for ascension.
Merkaba is a Hebrew word, associated with the Hebrew Bible text from Ezekiel 1.4-26. Merkaba means chariot (also known as Merkavah) and is known as the "chariot of ascension." In this culture, it is said to be a vehicle that takes the soul from this world to the next.
Merkaba is believed to be Egyptian and means – Mer, representing light energy; Ka, representing the astral plane and higher dimensions; and Ba, representing the physical plane and the body.

History of the Merkaba Crystal

The term merkaba is first mentioned in Ancient Egyptian texts dating back to 3000 BCE and is described as an energy field that surrounds and protects the body during its journey to the afterlife.
The merkaba was also alleged to have been used by the gods to travel between different realms.

Merkaba and the Ancient Egyptians

For the ancient Egyptians, the connection to the Divine was particularly important. They believed Ka, ‘spirit’ to be the life-force energy that flowed through all things, and Mer, or "light", to be what brought knowledge and understanding to people, and that the combination of these energies, was the perfect way to travel between different realms and connect with the divine.
They believed that the merkaba was the perfect tool to help them achieve their goals in life and help them to attain a higher state of consciousness.
Priests and Priestesses of different Egyptian gods used merkaba in their ceremonies and rituals to connect with the energy of the universe and achieve a higher state of consciousness.
Priest would use Ka divination to enter a deep meditative state, using the energy of the merkaba to connect with the divine, however it is not clear whether it was a physical object being used or a visualized one. During their meditations, the priests would receive messages and guidance from the Gods to be shared among the people.

The Merkaba Crystal and Sacred Geometry

A Merkaba shaped crystal can be made of different crystals with powerful healing and cleansing properties.
It is true to say that since ancient times, people have been trying to unravel the mysteries and meaning of the Merkaba. What we do know is that within the Merkaba is everything that allows us to exist as spiritual-physical beings, because it provides the basis for the mind-body-soul connection at the root of spiritual practice.
The Merkaba has roots in the Torah, and is connected to sacred geometry, and looks like a three-dimensional version of the Star of David and has the power to create a perfectly unionized and balanced energy field.
Made up of tetrahedrons, the Merkaba (sometimes spelled Merkabah), star shows balance and stability, and is the result of combining two opposing tetrahedrons to form a Merkabah Star, or Star Tetrahedron.
The top section of the Merkaba tetrahedron is believed to represent masculine force, with the lower section believed to represent feminine force.
The tetrahedron is also linked to the energy of the solar plexus - grounded, glorious, and ready to rise - this shape knows how to hold its personal power.
The Merkaba star is linked with the cosmos, with the top shape being the cosmos and the bottom shape being the earth. It is also applied to the physical realm and spiritual realm - dark and light - opposites together to create harmony.
The Merkaba shape is everywhere in our existence, you can see the shape in water, our cells, plants, animals. It is also connected with the flower of life, the mandala, and the tree of life. The Merkaba tetrahedron is said to be linked with the Divine and is believed to move us closer to ‘God' or higher consciousness. The upward/top point of the tetrahedron is said to take you higher, while the lower point is what keeps you grounded on your astral travels and connected with the earth.

What is the Merkaba Crystal used for?

Wearing jewelry made from Merkaba or having a crystal in the Merkaba shape is a fantastic way to find inner peace and is a way of harmonizing and connecting opposing energies.
The Merkaba star will nourish your subtle body and help with chakra healing.
It is also used meditation helping you to expand your awareness and thus connect with your Higher-Self, enabling you to experience an elevated state of consciousness. The Merkaba meditation synchronizes the feminine and masculine characteristics of our being.
They can also be used in advanced Reiki practices, astral traveling, lucid dreams, and to activate and purify the human Light Body, as well as for Mer-Ka-Ba visualizations.

How can Merkaba crystal benefit you?

The Mekaba Crystal can be useful in opening the Pineal Gland which sits in the middle of the forehead (also known as the third eye). By using the Merkaba crystal alongside ancient prana breathing techniques, you can help restore prana flow into the pineal gland. A fully activated pineal gland will help you to achieve your full potential. It will also help you to connect with the higher realms, as well as being able to use visualization techniques, and heighten your spiritual awareness.

Connect with the Source and raise your vibrations.

Merkaba is connected to source energy, which connects you to your soul intention, meaning you can create any kind of reality you wish.
Merkaba energy can remove negative and stagnant energy, allowing a fresh energy to flow around you. It can also remove chakra blockages that may be hindering you. For your energy to flow, the chakras need to be clear and flowing freely across all seven points of the body.

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