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The Spirit Guide Power Animal Peacock

Jan 28, 2024

The Peacock carries the symbolism of nobility, protection, watchfulness and holiness in Myth, legend, and lore.
In Christianity the Peacock carries the symbolism of the "all-seeing" church, along with the holiness and purity connected with it.

The Peacock signifies resurrection, renewal, and immortality within the spiritual teachings of Christianity.
If the peacock is your power spirit animal guide there is an artist within you that is creative and original. People with the Peacock power animal often earn recognition for their talents and in many cases will go on to be leaders in their selected field.

The Peacock power animal spirit guide brings the gifts of beauty, wholeness, psychic abilities, immortality, dignity, majesty, and confidence. The Peacock also reminds you that nothing should be taken seriously, even beauty! And that true beauty comes from the inside you.

The spirit guide power animal Peacock reminds you that if you adopt a happy-go-lucky outlook on life, it will help you to remain centred, in the moment, and be thankful for what you already have. It also asks that you remember laughter is one of the best remedies!

A Peacock power totem animal can give you insights into your past lives and help you to understand the karmic connections this holds for you in this life.

The male bird is the Peacock, and the female bird is the Peahen, take some time to consider the beautiful feathers of the Peacock, there are many legends that surround these. In Greek mythology it is said that Hera gave the Peacock its many eyes. In Egypt the Peacock was associated with the Sun God Ra.

The feathers are important to those with the power animal spirit guide Peacock, they often tell of “one rising from the ashes”. For people with the Peacock power totem animal this can help them to shed old feathers (habits and behaviours) to increase their own self-confidence, self-awareness, and
One of the characteristics of having the Peacock power spirit guide animal is honesty and having the ability to show off your true colours.

The eyes on the Peacock’s feathers symbolize their association with psychic abilities - to see into the past, present and future, it teaches those with a Peacock power totem animal to awaken their own capabilities and gifts.

In Shamanic medicine peacock feathers are believed to have healing and protective powers, they are stroked gently over the sick or injured person to rid them of negative psychic imprints which are attached to the person’s auric field.
If the peacock is your power spirit animal guide you are probably very sensitive, so take great care of your aura, try and build a strong solid auric field that will enable you to become a powerful ritualistic healer.

The Peacock power animal spirit guide also teaches the importance of family and community and asks that you gather your loved ones around you and that you cherish and nurture your relationships.
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