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The Numerology of Telephone Numbers

Nov 15, 2022

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In the mid 1800’s, the first telephone-like device was developed by Antonio Meucci and later essentially mastered by Thomas Edison in the 1870’s. The later part of the 1950’s witnessed the switch from their phone numbers containing three letters and four numbers to the format of seven digits.

And where there are digits, there are meanings. Numerology can help us explore our phone numbers significance and possibly even why we are more or less successful with a specific number we’ve had.

In order to discover our phone number meaning, we will have to use the usual method of breaking down the numbers and reducing to a digit 1-9, respectfully excluding our Master Numbers 11, 22, 33 and 44. If you find one you’ve reduced your number and arrive at a Master Number, simply further reduce it down to a single digit.

The portion of your phone number to use is only the last four digits. These are the only digits specifically unique to you. The first three digits in a phone number are the area, the second three, the prefix and finally, the last four are the subscriber numbers.

For example: Your Number is 123-456-7890
Your phone number adds to a 6

Phone Number 1

A strong number that encourages personal power and influencing others. A great number for career and business minded people. This number works well for singles but not those seeking to find a partner as it invokes independence. Calls on this number are known to come to an abrupt end when all that was needed to be said was said.

Phone Number 2

This number works well for singles seeking a partner and invokes romanticism and sensitivity. This number also encourages cooperation from others and is very beneficial to those active in their communities. Not suggested for business moguls or sales. A lot of calls of support to and from others.

Phone Number 3

A great number for musicians, artists, authors and young folks. This number tends to attract attention and is regarded as ‘popular.’ Inspiring yet lacks a sense of direction and therefore not good for goal-oriented people.

Phone Number 4

This number is a good one for law firms, accounting firms, banks and large families. Not typically good for individuals unless they are involved in similar businesses. Reputation is the most important attribute to this number and advice is most common.

Phone Number 5

The number for instability and change. A very busy number, calls tend to be quick and to the point. Great for the unique and travel loving individuals but expect the unexpected. Not recommended for families or people with dependencies of any kind.

Phone Number 6

Protective, caring and warm, the best option for families. This number tends to strengthen bond’s but encourages gossip. Conversations will tend to be nurturing and responsible. Not very good for singles looking for partners.

Phone Number 7

Ideal for students and free thinkers and not the best for businesses. A great number for encouraging stability and mental health. This number encourages philosophical conversations and privacy.

Phone Number 8

A great number for attracting financial and career growth. This number encourages motivation and goals as well as businesses. Most content of calls are spent mulling over decisions but personal matters are mostly kept under wraps.

Phone Number 9

Considered the luckiest number and notorious for bringing unexpected finances. Great for those in social service or health related careers as it encourages compassion. Not very beneficial to those seeking material

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