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The Numerology of 9/11

Nov 13, 2022

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Number combinations and sequences are powerful messengers says this from

It’s simply a matter of knowing how to read the code that the numbers present to us. Often people even feel a sense of anxiety if they start seeing the same numbers over and over again.

Yet from a numerological standpoint, this couldn’t be father from the truth. When you see certain number repeatedly, it’s rather like hearing a favorite or significant song on the radio again and again. Every time you turn on the radio, that song is playing!

So with the sequence 9/11 or 911. What does this mean?

In numerology, the number 9 is the final number in the sequence of numbers 1 through 9. It’s a highly significant number and carries with it the energy of completions, endings, and transformational energy that lifts us from one chapter of our evolution into the next.

It’s the number of selfless service, compassion, and the highest levels of wisdom.

The number 1 is the bookend with the 9. It denotes new beginnings and initiation – with a splash of independence. So you can see how the numbers 1 and 9 are quite yin/yang.

Or to put it differently, a rather bold oxymoron. What happens when you put beginnings and endings into a container together and shake them up?

Which brings us to the crux of the matter.

When you put 9 with one or more 1s, there is an interesting and powerful alchemy that transpires. In the U.S. the phone number for all emergency situations is 911. This is an interesting example or illustration into the meaning of this number combination.

The 9 is the energy of compassion and higher spiritual wisdom. Yet there’s also a mandate here and that is to let go and surrender to all attachments. It’s the energy of “be here now.” Let go of the past without bitterness or resentment. Look to the impending future with grace and curiosity. Yet be here right now in the present moment because it is the only thing that is real.

When a 9 shows up it always denotes a higher spiritual function based in unconditional love with a focus on “All,” not just the individual.

Marry this energy with the often defiant and “self” focused number 1 and there’s some negotiation to be done. The number 1 shows up when focused intention and action is a requirement. It always signifies new beginnings and offers the opportunity to up-level your intentions. When used optimally, the number 1 always incites bold and innovative action.

So when this combination comes together, it’s as though the fuse on a stick of dynamite has been lit and makes the connection with the dynamite itself. The result? A dramatic and sometimes cataclysmic explosion.

This is an instantaneous collision of beginnings and endings. It offers the ultimate transformational upgrade and yet getting there won’t be for the faint of heart or for those unwilling to reinvent in profound ways.

Think of a call to 911. It is an emergency.

Whoever is calling (or whoever the call is being made for) is experiencing a life-changing event of some sort. And usually it’s based in trauma, surprise, or even violence.

So when 9 and 1 come together, it won’t be an incremental transition or a light frolic.

This will be a huge testing time and places us in a position to learn and grow at lightning speed. Yet it won’t be comfortable. World’s can turn upside down, yet when the dust settles it is always for the highest and best.

When 9/11 shows up its offering opportunities for mastery of higher consciousness. It begs us to let go of the old and move into the new.

On a practical level, this combination can show up when we’re going through a big transition in life, like a divorce, death, health crisis, or any other life-altering change.

This is always a time to take action with unconditional love. Overall, the 9 always asks us to release what isn’t viable any longer and the 1 offers a portal into the new paradigm, whatever that may be at this given moment. It also offers the reassurance that – despite the tumultuousness – the outcome will be positive.

It’s a matter of allowing for an almost instantaneous transition and then having the trust to know that its for the greater good. This combination dramatically introduces a new era, whether that’s in our personal lives or in the more expansive global environment. Yet never fear!

This combination supports advancement toward deeper truths and humanitarian ideals.

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