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The Moon Through the Zodiac

Oct 19, 2022

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The Moon orbits one full turn around the Earth in 28 days. And as it does, it passes through each of the Zodiac signs for about 2 to 2 1/2 days. The sign of the Moon on any given day broadcasts the subtle emotional undercurrent. Like the mystery of the lunar pull, it's hard to put your finger on, but something felt, like a background hum or wave says this from

It's a fleeting mood that you can follow to help you plan your week. Following the Moon through its signs and phases takes you out of artificial time, and into natural time. The more you tune into the lunar rhythm, the more it'll come into the foreground for you. You can discover your own power days for every particular life situation by following the Moon.

The Moon in any sign will affect you based on your own Moon sign and other planets in the birth chart. You can find your natal Moon sign by looking at your birth chart.

The Moon by Zodiac Sign

When the Moon is in Aries

Fresh Starts: the courage to act, momentum, big bursts of energy, new beginnings, taking the road less traveled, being a leader, doing it on your own.
Just Being: directness, innocence, feeling separate, personal authority, responsibility for your own life.
The Fighter: taking risks, not backing down from a confrontation, courage.

Watch out for: aggressive attitude, harshness toward others, taking dangerous physical risks, picking fights.

When the Moon is in Taurus

Wealth: resources, income, material possessions.
Valuing the Self: having strong boundaries, making the most of your natural talents
Sensuality: body pleasure, comforts, touch, affection, delight in the five senses.
Contentment: total relaxation, appreciation for the natural world, reveling in life, deep satisfaction, gratitude

Watch out for: rigid opinions, sluggish energy, stagnating, clutching on to people and things

When the Moon is in Gemini

Sociability: quick wit, craving variety, short exchanges
Mental Flexibility: logical, seeing all sides, fast analysis, clever
In Motion: driving, getting around, on the move, short trips
Society's Buzz: local media, the Internet, gossip
Relating: schoolmates, colleagues, siblings, extended family, roommates.

Watch Out For: frazzled mind, impulsive mischief or telling white lies, superficiality, being disingenuous, flaking out.

When the Moon is in Cancer

Intimacy: compassion, soul laid bare, tenderness, nurturing
Emotions: moodiness, sensitivity to feelings, heartfelt understanding
Home Life: envelopment in the familiar, emotional roots, mother, need to belong

Watch Out For: lack of confidence, hiding out of fear; shutting down, defensiveness, insecurity, dependence on others, smothering.

When the Moon is in Leo

Self-Expression: passion for own ideas, eagerness to give to an audience, creative ambition
Fun and Games: celebrations, play, vacation, exhilarating risks
The Drama of Love: happy together, surprising with gifts, indulging in luxuries, treating like a queen or king, loyalty

Watch Out For: ego taking over, insufferable self-centeredness, selfishness, winning at the expense of others.

When the Moon is in Virgo

Working Life: co-workers, daily rhythm, side jobs, 'to-do' list
Health: exercise, moderation, healthy habits, alternative healing
Getting Organized: tending to details, tidying up, being efficient, checking the day planner
Discernment: critical thinking, calm in a crisis, can plan out the steps

Watch Out For: anxiety about what could go wrong, overthinking an issue, pointing fingers.

When the Moon is in Libra

Partnership: marriage, collaborating, sharing responsibilities, relying on another, cooperation
Artful Life: design, high culture, elegance, aesthetically pleasing, sophistication, style
Balance: Weighing opposing views, meditating, instinct for equality, negotiations, legal issues

Watch Out For: losing yourself in a relationship, being a yes man or woman, talking too much, indecision.

When the Moon is in Scorpio

Power Struggles: picking up on hidden agendas, personal ambition
Holding Your Own: emotional strength, perseverance
Change: forgiveness, transmuting toxic emotions, release
Merging: Sex, kindred spirits, psychic entanglement

Watch Out For: revenge fantasies, resentment, blind rages, paranoia

When the Moon is in Sagittarius

Free Spiritedness: nature, travel, adventure, questing, exploring, discovering
Knowledge-seeking: higher education, moral conscience, spiritual wisdom
Open to Life: faith in the process, super friendly, quick to help, spontaneous

Watch Out For: missing the nuances, harsh honesty, skipping important steps.
When the Moon is in Capricorn

Substance: clear with life goals, resourceful, enduring, overcoming
Status and Authority: making your mark, mindful of your role in society at large, making contacts, recognition
Being Responsible: commitment, high standards, mature

Watch Out For: being too serious, authoritative, rigid, closed to innovation

When the Moon is in Aquarius

Fringey: Going off on a tangent, sudden shifts, quirks, and nuttiness
Friend Circles: associations, networking, coming together for a cause
Innovation: high tech, genius breakthroughs, futuristic ideas
Detached View: seeing how things are connected, working for the common good, being a champion for humanity

Watch out for: head in the clouds, rigid opinions, stubborn, hard to relate one-on-one.

When the Moon is in Pisces

Imagery and Illusion: vivid imagination, fantasy, dreaming, lostness, surreality, overwhelm
Sensitivity: loss of boundaries, tuning in to currents of energy, compassion
Divine Guidance: mysticism, solitude, being a seeker, longing for God/Goddess, unseen helpers

Watch out for: being a victim, helplessness, anxiety, surrendering to others, addictions.

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