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The Healing Art of Traditional Native American Indians

May 8, 2023

Many healing practices and spiritual ceremonials have come from traditions that were initiated by various Native American tribes.
Each tribe typically had one or more elders trained in the healing arts, for example herbalists, healers, and spirit communicators.
Native American rituals and practices are rooted in association with all facets of life and The Great Spirit (God).
For example, prayer ties, which the Native Americans used for praying to The Great Spirit in exchange for blessings.
This practice is still used today, by many, you do not have to be a Native American to practice this ritual as a tool for prayer or healing.

What are prayer ties to The Great Spirit?

Prayer ties to The Great Spirit are spiritual tools which are used as a physical representation and thought to hold the energy of a prayer.
Building prayer ties to the Great Spirit is a ceremony itself and is performed with a great deal of reverence and respect.
The ceremony is performed differently depending on the elder or teacher. So be aware that there are a lot of forms, and you might envision, or design one of your own.
Cut about a 2-½” x 2-½” square piece of natural cloth. The color may be any color you pick out that represents the prayer you are making. Tied bundles strung up together frequently have four colors constituting the unity of the 4 directions.
If you tie the bundles to a hallowed tree or other plant, you might wish to tie downy feathers with them so that once the wind blows it carries your prayer above.
As you collect your materials, keep your intent centered on honoring the materials, plants, or herbs you choose to use.
• Colored cotton cloth cut in 2-½” x 2-½” squares – Yellow, red, black, white, blue, purple, green.
• Fresh cedar tree branches (the green ends) If you wish to add fresh cedar.
• Tobacco – Strip the spines from the leaf if you are utilizing leaf tobacco.
• Cotton string, Kite string works well as does crocheting thread
• Sage (to smudge yourself and all your provisions)
As you make the ties, keep your intent centered on connecting to the Creator. After you have cut the squares, take a pinch of tobacco only or a concoction of tobacco, sweet grass, sage and/or additional herbs and place in the middle of the cloth as you state your prayer.
Then place the tobacco in front of your mouth and nose and breathe into it and talk about the qualities that you build with this bundle, talk about the qualities of creation and the great power that goes with it. (This might be a little pinch as it is all that is required to hold your prayer.) Your prayer is therefore mentally placed and uttered, place the “tobacco” into the bundle.
Fold the fabric over, fold it once again and one more time. Pinch the bundle together; tie it at the top around the pinch of tobacco.
As you position the ties, keep your intent centered on producing a hallowed circle of protection and oneness!
I hope you enjoyed this article!

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