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The Astrology Surrounding King Charles III Coronation

May 6, 2023

Image: Charles III Natal & Coronation Synastry Chart – solarfire chart

With an eclipse and multiple planets in retrograde, astrologer Ryan Marquardt explains what might shape the week's events in this from

What is the astrology of King Charles III's Coronation?

After months of planning, the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla is set to take place at Westminster Abbey this Saturday, May 6. In recent months, numerous details about the day, including who will attend and who is participating as a page, have been announced, and journalists and royal fans have speculated about what members of the royal family, including the Princess of Wales, might wear. But there's also quite a bit happening in the cosmos, coinciding with the coronation this weekend. So ahead of the coronation service, we turned to to turn an astrologer to decipher the energy as we lead up to a momentous weekend for the British royal family.

Ryan Marquardt, astrologer and host of the newly launched Clairannoyance podcast, sat down to give a primer on King Charles III's chart, as well as some astrological events to look out for as we move through the next week.

To start, Marquardt explains that King Charles has a Scorpio sun; his rising sign is in Leo; and his moon is in Taurus. The latter two, which play a dominant force in one's external and internal persona are of note for two reasons: "Your rising sign is what you lead with and Leo just so happens to be the sign of royalty, so there's a natural synergy there. King Charles was also a full moon baby under the sign of Taurus, and his mother was a Taurus, which is notable because the moon is the astrological mother. This sun and moon combination sets him up to be very prideful, and if his chart has anything to do with it, he'll have an old school respect for what the monarchy means."

As for the timing of the coronation, there are quite a few astrological events happening this week. First and foremost, Saturday's ceremony is happening the day after a lunar eclipse in Scorpio. "In a lunar eclipse, the sun and moon are opposite one another, and in this case, the sun is in Taurus and the moon is in Scorpio, a flip-flop of King Charles's natal chart. Essentially it signals a change of circumstances: he's becoming the solar figure," says Marquardt.

That being said, in astrology, eclipses can bring about unexpected events and shocking revelations. "They can also bring about hidden truths. And with a full moon in Scorpio, the most secretive sign of the zodiac, it wouldn't be shocking if all of a sudden unknown information surfaced."

Also of note: Mercury (the planet of communication) is retrograde in Taurus, with Marquardt noting that the retrograde opposes Charles's natal mercury in Scorpio: "This opposition signifies an intense push-pull. When I look at this astrological movement, what comes to mind is a potential 'hot mic moment," or something of that nature."

And then there's the Pluto, which recently moved into the sign of Aquarius for the first time in over 250 years a few weeks ago. On May 1, the planet of permanent change and destruction, started its retrograde back into the sign of Capricorn, and it will not return to Aquarius until January 2024. The last time Pluto was in the sign of the Aquarius, it coincided with the American and French revolutions, and a few hundred year's before that, the founding of the Church of England by King Henry VIII. With the coronation happening during the retrograde period, Marquardt notes that any themes that arise at this time may resurface when Pluto stations itself in Aquarius again in January.

"Pluto's movement will also impact Charles's moon quite intensely during this time," adds Marquardt, noting that this could weigh on the coronation. "With the squaring of his moon (and the influence of his mother) and Pluto as the planet of permanent change, it's hard to not see this as his task is to evolve the monarchy, and adopt new approaches in spite of pressure to maintain the old guard. He has the astrological opportunity here to embody a revolutionary spirit in terms of his role."

If the lead up to the coronation sounds astrologically tenuous situation, Marquardt would be inclined to agree, ending with this thought: "I don’t think an astrologer would have picked this day, as it doesn’t seem to have any beneficial energies at all."

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