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Thanksgiving Numerology

Nov 24, 2022

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Numerology is a fun and interesting way to uncover deeper meanings according to Let’s take a look at the number magic of 2017’s Thanksgiving.

On Thursday November 24 2022 Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. Did you know November is the (US) National Month of Gratitude?

2022 is a 6 year according to Numerology. The keywords related to the number 6 include balance, home, health, karma, love, success, and service.

This is the energy of instilling discipline, boundaries, and humanitarianism. As you progress through the rest of this year, reflect on how these themes have appeared for you in your personal karma.

Thanksgiving, a powerful tradition, is yet another doorway to step through with clear and firm intentions for this new cycle. What do you want in your life? Truly?

Whether you are gathering with family and friends this Thursday or not, take this opportunity to drink in the energy of Thanksgiving and gratitude.

Thanksgiving Numerology

The letters in the word Thanksgiving add up to 6. In numerology, 6 is a feminine energy with the expression of love, justice, equality, balance, and home. This is a warm number, full of generosity and harmony.

The soul urge of the word (calculated by adding the numeric value of the vowels) is 1, marked by the energy of independence, attainment, and individualism – to draw into life what is desired.

1, a male energy, is an interesting hidden force within Thanksgiving, pointing to the past of this holiday. Human history has been full of ugliness – greed, conquest, subjugation… The negative side of 1 is complete and total selfishness with a need for control that is arrogant, manipulative, and cruel. An abusive bully.

And now? The field of lovelessness as A Course of Miracles calls it is shifting as our perception of love opens.

It is time, in this age of “no secrets”, that we look at how all of us can become one, embodying love and equality for all, as a whole. We are not only seeking justice for the one, the one group of people, the one set of beliefs. It is time for synthesis, of including the esoteric and the sacred along with the mundane. That’s why Numerology is important. The number 1 is also unity. Where to direct the creative and innovative energy of 1 is up to us.

Looking at all the letters of the word Thanksgiving, we note that the numbers 3 and 6 are missing (though remember the expression itself is 6).

3 is expression and joy of life. Suppressing emotions and being overly critical are some of the challenges of 3. To bring in more of this joy and ease of communication and expression, perhaps include more of the colour yellow in your Thanksgiving decorations and menu. Yellow is also a colour of the mental and intellect so don’t overdo it or else the emotional will be reduced for this celebration.

Bring in the outdoors with the fall colours with leaves. Add crystals like amber and citrine. Minerals and gemstones for the number 3 include blue topaz, lapis lazuli, and herkimer diamond.

Another helper to bring more of the 3 energy in is that Thanksgiving is always celebrated on a Thursday, a day ruled by Jupiter which is associated with the number (yep) 3! Thanksgiving this year also falls in the zodiac of Sagittarius – ruled by Jupiter. Step into the groundswell of abundance! “I am bountiful.”

If we look at the word, gratitude, closely related to this celebration, we get another 6 energy.

You create a vibrational trade with anyone you’re grateful for – you’re energetically trading love and joy.
So gratitude is a beautiful duet between you and the universe.
Those who receive your gratitude are a dear to your heart.

Tania Gabrielle1



This year Thanksgiving falls on November 24.

The Numerology for November 24 2022 is 11 + 24 + 2022 = 14/5

When we add up the number of November 24 2022, we get 14/4. The vibration for today is 4.

4 is order and service and the energy of organization, groundedness, detail-orientedness, and reliability.

In numerology, 4 has a masculine, earthy, deeply rooted energy. The meaning of 4 represents conscientiousness, strength, responsibility, and stability.

Its sacred geometry is a square, sturdy, solid and balanced. From a “square deal” to a “square meal,” the idea that life is best approached with “feet planted squarely on the ground” speaks to the values of stability and reliability that are the vibrational signature of a 4.

Thanksgiving, like any family gatherings, can test the best of us, calling us to let go of our beliefs and beliefs in our own limitations. Returning to our childhood home can also trigger dependency, rebellious, traumatic, and other patterns from when we were young.

"In a gentle way you can shake the world."
~~Mahatma Gandhi

Dwell in the energy of Thanksgiving, without the baggage, labels, and yes, even history. Heal the wounds and through that we right the wrong. It is believed that when one person in an ancestral lineage and familiar link heals a wound, this shift resonates in both directions. This means we are “time travelling” and changing the future and the past, which is all a loop, a spiral. When we choose forgiveness, unity, harmony, and peace, in small and big acts, in the spoken and unspoken, we are creating real changes inside of us and inside of our lineage, and these reverberate through time and space. Sounds crazy? Try it yourself and see what happens. The felt experience is key.

On Thursday, the New Moon finds the Sun and Moon together in spunky and spontaneity-loving Sagittarius, the mutable sign of the archer. Armed with its cosmic bow and arrow, Sagittarius’ zodiac energy is all about aiming high and shooting for the stars. Brimming with fiery optimism and an insatiable thirst for life, this new moon encourages us to broaden our personal horizons, seek higher knowledge, and branch out into exciting and heart-expanding adventures. It’s the perfect time to try something new and open your mind to new ways of thinking.

Focus on the abundance in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving

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