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Tarot Cards as a Means of Divination

Nov 22, 2022

So what do we mean by divination? Divination is the ability to access any information not directly available to the five senses using tools such as the Tarot, Crystal ball, runes and so on.
According to the Brotherhood of light Tarot Cards have four main purposes:
1. Science of Vibration
2. Divination by cards
3. Divination by number
4. Spiritual Science (the method of putting the rest together to develop a philosophy)

Tarot cards – Divination

Tarot contains Universal symbols and archetype, it is also said to be connected to the Kabbalah:
10 = Sephirot (ace through 10 in the Minor Arcana)
22 = paths (22 Major Arcana cards)
4 = elements (four suits)
History shows that Gypsies and the Egyptians used the Tarot for divination, and many modern day Gypsies continue to use their own unique decks for such purposes.
Divination is commonly used in many cultures, such as the Greeks, Egyptians, Sumerians, Romans, and Chinese.

Using Tarot cards as a means of divination:

Probably the most popular layout for the Tarot spread is the “Celtic cross”
What is the “Celtic cross”?
Probably the first published reference to the Celtic cross was in a book written by Arthur Edward Waite in 1910 called “The Pictorial Key to the Tarot”
There are various versions of the Celtic cross, yet each follow the layout pattern below.

Position One: The present/what is happening
Position Two: The challenge/problems being faced
Position Three: Root cause
Position Four: Recent Past
Position Five: Goal/aspiration
Position Six: Near Future
Position Seven: Advice/what is happening
Position Eight: External Influence/people
Position Nine: Hope and Fear
Position Ten: Outcome/if/how the issue will be resolved.

The outcome is based on the querent continuing their current course of action. Of course, if the outcome card is not a desirable outcome, it is within the free will of the querent to make the necessary changes to their situation.
There are versions of the Celtic cross with different positions for cards 3, 4 and 5

REMEMBER: Divination will not tell you exactly what will happen, we all have our own free will and we are able to express this. We as individuals can choose to alter our life path at any time; we can choose to do things differently or not at all.
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