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Spirit Animal Power the Bull ? Cow Spirit

May 23, 2023

Cow Crystals – Rose quartz, Carnelian and Peridot
Cow Flora – Pomegranate, Wheat, Lily
Symbols – garden, shield, waterfall and related to heart chakra.
The cow - Bull is a very powerful spirit animal.
In many cultures the cow is symbolic of Mother Earth, fertility, nurturing and power.

A Bull totem symbolizes the sun and relates to Osiris. The Cow totem is lunar and is connected to Osiris’ wife, Isis.
Bull and cow totems together symbolize fertility and are a blending of masculine and feminine energies.

The Bull totem symbolizes nourishment through its slaughter or sacrifice, while a Cow totem symbolizes motherhood. The two are connected and are both needed to create new life.

The Egyptian Goddess Nut is quite often depicted with the cow having four stars on its belly, which represents the 4 cosmic quadrants of the Earth.

In Egyptian mythology Hathor was an ancient Goddess worshipped as a cow deity. The Goddess Hathor was considered the Great Mother Goddess of joy and nourished all things. She was the original personification of the Milky Way, which was seen as the milk that flowed from a heavenly cow.
Hathor was also seen as a protector and an emblem of royalty.
In verdict literature the cow is a symbol of abundance and fertility as it represents the earth and the sky.

If the cow is your power totem animal guide here are a few of the keywords associated with this animal: Fertility, Power, Nourishment, Female Power, Grounded, Beginnings, Possibility, Potential, Calming

Bull – Cow spirit animal totem meanings and power when either of these appear ask yourself if your personal masculine and feminine energies are in balance.

Bull energies are bold and rigid, whereas cow energies are more subtle and gentle. For example, are you being too rigid in your actions and thoughts? Do you need to be softer? Are you feeling too soft or weak? Bull totem offers strength and stamina. Cow totem offers love and nurturing.

The cow shows us how to nurture ourselves and respect others. Those with the cow totem are usually service oriented and will normally put the needs of others before their own.

A Cow totem can also signify the importance of calcium in your dietary intake.

The Bull – Cow power totem animal often depicts insight into past lives and can represent rushing into things without consideration for the outcome.

The Bull – Cow power totem animal wisdom includes:
Being alert to danger – Contentment – Love - Sharing through the community

Cow: Connected to the Great Mother Goddess
Bull: To stand your ground

When the Bull - Cow totem appears ask yourself if you are being as productive as you could be?

The Bull – Cow power totem animal asks that you are nurturing of your relationships and that you avoid stubborn behaviours.

Consider the cow spirit animal for a minute:

To see a Cow in your dreams could represent some contentment that maybe influencing your life right now. Negatively, it could also mean failure or waste.
Traditionally the cow is linked to the Goddesses of Fertility - for example Aphrodite, Bastet, Freya, and Diana.

The Cow relates to motherhood and nurturing since she provides food for mankind. The cow also provides calves which may become food. Therefore, the Cow can signify fertility through sacrifice.
A Cow will always do what is best for itself and others the needs of the herd are vital.
The cow can stand its ground no matter the weather therefore cow medicine is about standing for the truth and not being influenced. It is also about overcoming challenges.

The cow is alert and intelligent, lead cows have been known to lead herds from field to field to avoid predators and droughts. Cows have a sixth sense and can recognise danger and opportunities. If the cow is your power totem animal guide you will be perceptive, and the Cow will appear to tell you to pay attention.
Consider the bull spirit animal for a minute:

The Bull represents strength, he teaches us to be careful, to look at your past experiences and learn from these, then determine how is best to create your future.

The bull shows you the future can be abundant and fertile, he asks you to take your time, don’t rush into things without proper preparation and always check your facts. He wants you to assess impulsive behaviours and look to your decision making.

A bull is a powerful totem reflecting a surge of energy. The bull assists you with past life journeys, he offers insight and healing.
He asks that you use your inner reserves and strengths at this time, avoid bullish or bullying behaviours, assert without becoming stubborn. He also asks that you look at your behaviours like anger and aggression and that you keep these in check.

The bull – cow power totem animal can help you understand the everyday aspects of fertility and the relationships necessary for it.

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