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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - When it feels right & when it feels wrong Part 4

Mar 26, 2016

"When it feels right and when it feels wrong"
~Understanding our own intuition and energy~

Part 4/conclusion

So as we conclude this blog series, we are directed towards accepting and learning to obey, listen, respect and honor our own higher spiritual wisdom. It means accepting such exists and that each of us as humans share the same capacity from within. While not all of us are meant or destined to assist others via a spiritual or metaphysical platform, we ARE all spiritual beings and within those or that amazing capacity and realm exists a higher or greater divine inspired teacher, prophet and the ability to pursue life on a higher level.

The biggest obstacle that intercedes or blocks our natural gifts or that natural and instinctual part of our soul is our ego driven desire to seek an outcome or answer that is perceived as the ONLY option or path to happiness. And we define the ego drive as the conscious energy, the emotional and logical and our ability to negotiate within self in order to skew or portray situations, self and relationships to fit into our expectations rather than what may be reality or truly serving the greater good.

So the first parts of this series explained or hopefully gave insight to what our spiritual wisdom is, or how it exists to serve and now we look at what or how we potentially block or prevent the transmission of such.

FEAR; for most humans, fear is the most limiting emotion or energy and that which can create the greatest damage to our self, our world view and in doing so our life now and in the future. So there are many examples of how we allow fear to define us and therefore rule or become our basis for decisions, choices and once again ultimately our lives'. While there is no scientific method or rite, ritual or process for recognizing and then eliminating fear (as our foundation) the following feels to be universally true for most of us.

When we ignore feelings, concerns, questions, doubts or become in denial about situations, relationships and even choices that create conflict, chaos or confusion- you can be almost certain that fear is blocking your higher self. When an outcome is so important that we for example ignore common sense (often a form of that spiritual wisdom) and we avoid facing any of these churning feelings/influences or energies to avoid facing something unpleasant, we are almost always headed towards regret and remorse. Of course certainly there are those of us that may be overly anxious, fearful or suspicious, these are cognitive traits and are thoughts or projections of an outcome in taking risks in general rather than strong feelings, or compulsive urges that something simply doesn't feel "right". And it is at that very moment, when it feels amiss, or there is the urge to question or to seek validation or clarification that we absolutely must step up to the plate and follow or heed that inner voice or wisdom. Those that accomplish this may indeed experience disappointment, and even rejection whether via another human or just a desired outcome such as a job opportunity, a friendship etc. However facing those as they come rather than living in constant denial and being forced to use our energy and resources to "prop" up that preconceived or proposed outcome to avoid reality. Reality always shows up sooner or later and if we can eliminate allowing fears to rule, we can find life suddenly becomes easier, happier and our path brighter as the truth always shines upon the greatest good, even if that means a little pain along the way.

No one wants to endure hardship or suffering, yet we so often bring that upon our own self or life simply by being too fearful to accept what truly is, or even to ask, or seek validation when doubts simply cannot be quieted.
Fear can also hold us back from the risks we NEED to take and those which can lead us to doors and the amazing and limitless opportunities life clearly has to offer.

Fear is a complex energy. It is an emotion and much like a huge Oak tree it has branches that often extend out and shadow across many areas of our life. Our concept of self, our own image, the importance of what others may think or the thought of being judged and then critisized, all of these play into our fears. It also can grip us so tightly that we virtually remain hidden in our existence, never able to take the risks that life asks of us. All rewards and in all of life, very little worth having or creating comes without some type of risk and some form of sacrifice. The difference is sacrificing knowing and being informed or aware versus wearing blinders to avoid a truth or the truth which sooner or later will always reappear or be waiting.

There is not a magic wand that can be waved to take us from ignorance to bliss. As with all things it becomes a process of self-awareness that begins with acceptance, faith and courage. When 2+2 does not equal 4; then it is time to open up that spiritual "professor" or door and let our soul's wisdom speak or guide us in finding the truth, as it has always been said that it is the truth that sets us free. And if it seems too good to be true, well generally it is. Whether an investment that promises to reciprocate with a million dollars for the investment of five dollars; to the new person that we have met but never seems to give specific answers or avoids personal details.

When it feels right and we have this deep sense that we need to pursue, whether a person, career or just a day outing, this is our chance, our opportunity to listen to the wisest friend, and that part of the Divine that exists within us all. And when we just know, just have this nagging feeling, suspicion or doubt that something simply is not quite right; this too is our chance to confront that and be shown and accept the truth. The light shines in the truth and when it or whenever it just doesn't feel quite "right" I can assure you, it is not right.

We will always have challenges to face. And as wonderful and blessed as this world and this life truly is; there is always that darker side that lurks around the corner. And while there are never going to be guarantees and no human life is without strife or some stumbling; we have and consistently make the choice of how we face our life, our self and ultimately our choices.

There truly IS a greater force and it exists as equally in you as in me and in all of us as the individual and the collective. There is wisdom, there is fear and there is intuition and our instinctive grasp or that silver of light, begging to shine through, to guide us just as a flashlight lights a darkened path. So whatever else you choose, embraces, embark upon, create and discover; I wish not only love but as the iconic movie said so eloquently;

"May the force be with you"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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