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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - Catfish Part 3

Mar 30, 2016

Part 3

Just to refresh the intended definition and meaning of a "catfish" in this context; it is the intentional and unintentional portrayal of self that is either false, inaccurate or perhaps a dramatization of a quality or trait we do possess.

Because all relationships, interactions and encounters are based or grounded on our true, actual or core self; it becomes essential to be self-aware without being self-absorbed. And there is always the element of roles, and accepting that situations, events, maturity and a myriad of other circumstances influence our energy therefore "who" we are.

My guides believe that just as we have a spiritual gender but can embrace both masculine and feminine traits, as unique individuals we are composed of certain traits or tendencies that are ingrained within our highest self and unchanged. So we each have particular or specific beliefs, coping styles, energy and traits which regardless of the external stimulus remain virtually the same throughout our lifetime. We would refer to these as our core values, beliefs and inherent emotional and spiritual DNA. We can correlate these as being or remaining intact as we might see a physical trait that is never changed or is not flexible no matter the provocation such as eye color. Shortly after birth our eyes develop their unique coloring and short of a cornea transplant, nothing that occurs in or to our life or being can change eye color. These are what we may call or refer to as "fixed" or "constant" pieces of parts that compose the whole or the person.

When we then look at those things which are flexible, adaptable and quite often are those which can and do become shifted, changed or have the potential for such. These qualities, beliefs or characteristics are then subject to changes and are influenced by circumstances, events, experience, relationships and a part of our journey in life. So on the physical level these may be weight, hair style or color, our unique style, and the presentation of the all these combined.

The importance of understanding and being able to work with self in honesty and truth is vital to our life but most importantly to our relationships, friends, family, colleagues and especially romantic partners and/or the search or the desire and intention for finding love.

So to be a "catfish" is to portray one's self as having a specific identity which includes the fixed, constant and that which is or can be variable or open to changes. To be "catfished" is to encounter, meet or enter into a relationship in which the other person is a portrayal of an identity or persona, but in truth and in either situation the real person or those influences, beliefs, energies and traits which define a person become hidden, denied, falsified or portrayed in a way that contrasts and conflicts with the true and/or real person.

Not only is this detrimental to our own self and life, but we then enter into a complex, chaotic and often destructive pattern of transmitting and then receiving responses or intentions and actions based on what is not real, but rather implied or created for the intention of attracting that which cannot be or will not be in harmony or balance with our actual self.
So for example if we begin an online relationship, or engage with others on forums, media or other methods and we portray ourselves for example as a tall, dark haired and ethnic male we are going to receive responses that are elicited from that profile. And when we are instead perhaps a pale, blond or red haired female; any and all interactions are false and without true meaning as these are based on THAT persona and how others identify with that specific person, energy, etc. Naturally there are a very few exceptions, but those are unique and not relevant to this topic at this time.

And while we may interact in person or face to face, therefore appearing as our "true" self in physical form; we are still quite capable of creating a facade, a false identity and there again any and all responses, interactions or relationships created or formed are then false or misrepresentations and subject to destruction.

Although in many situations and throughout our journey in life it's possible and even likely that some of us may endorse or take on various traits or even persona's in our journey towards finding our own full identity and a natural part of our growth, spiritual and emotional. So to some extent, the flexibility and intentions or attempts to embrace what we once felt was a conflict of self, or resonating with a new style, belief etc.

So not each and every change or shifts in self are negative or create negative results. There are certainly times when experiences, relationships and simply maturity or time spent in life itself brings about true and positive changes. There is and will always exist the potential for change and that such change or potential drives or inspires us to become our higher self or move towards our greater good.

However~~ it cannot be denied that within those flexible shifts or even experimentation with character, beliefs, coping and traits lies a line or boundary. And when that line is crossed either for the purpose of attracting a specific person, group or to receive some type of recognition solely for and about such change, we are entering a place that is neither of the light nor harmonious with our true core and spiritual self. And within that also lives the intention to "re-invent" our self, both internal (core) or the external (ego-persona) for not just a specific person or purpose but in a strong reactive attempt to deny self, or deny coping with issues, problems, challenges or that which rather than truly change, we simply don a mask or attempt to "mask" what instead needs to be addressed.

And this line can for many of us become hazy or unclear but the consequences can be destructive as mentioned and not just to self, but to others as well. In that formation or creation is the intention and such intention can either serve or destroy the greater good, the bigger picture and the connection of love with the collective and Divine.

Next, how to recognize the "catfish" versus the natural evolution of self, or that of others. ~

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