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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - Catfish Part 2

Mar 29, 2016

"Excuse me, can we talk"?
~Understanding, embracing and sharing our spiritual intuition~
Starz BlogTalk Radio; Part 2 of 2

Last night, Monday 3/29 Starz BlogTalk live radio broadcast aired the second and final in our topic series about intuition, that gut feeling and experiences we all share with the collective.
Featuring hosts, Natalie AKA StarzCast (Owner, founder, CEO of Starz and affiliates) and myself, StarzMayaMoon AKA Maya.

The show airs every Monday night at 8pm EST and if you visit Starz homepage you can click on the link and listen to all previous recorded shows via a variety of listening options. It was another amazing hour as we delved deeper into our experiences and connected with all humans; offering insight and guidance into the myriad of ways in which our natural intuitive wisdom is constantly available for "consulting". Our "Star" (owner) Natalie shared some personal stories bringing to our attention those even random encounters or events we may witness can offer all of us a chance to engage our humanity which is the illumination of our spiritual self and core. We were reminded how often what may appear to be just an unrelated situation can truly offer a chance for us to connect to another through love and through our spiritual being.

Although we certainly all have had major or more significant events that involved our own self and that feeling or gut instinct. Whether we inexplicably felt compelled to avoid or perhaps embrace a situation or relationship; that unnamed or undefined feeling truly is our gift or the blessing of spiritual intuition. Whether an uneasy feeling about someone new in our life or a social gathering where we couldn't shake the feeling we were "supposed" to attend, spirituality is all around us. We just need to be present in the moment and take time to step outside of our own life and being to notice the world and all of those around us. Perhaps many of us have not had an incredible story where we avoided danger or reluctantly accepted a social invitation only to end up meeting someone whom eventually we married as our life partner; we all have had some relevant encounter. Embracing our spirituality, and not allowing our fears whether based in rejection or the worry we may seem invasive, those that are quick to intervene, offer a pat on the shoulder. Stopping to offer assistance to someone struggling to reach the high shelf in a grocery store with a kind smile, there are hundreds of potential encounters that can and often are literally life changing to both self and those we assist.

Natalie captured our hearts by sharing a story from many years ago; while visiting a very well-known and busy theme park, she tripped on an awkward step, falling hard to the ground and surrounded by strangers not ONE PERSON hurried over, helped her up or checked to see if she had been injured. It's sad that our societies have been so intent on teaching us about personal space, privacy and "not being involved" that a group of people from many walks of life could be so cold and callous. Perhaps they felt embarrassment for the fall and hoped by ignoring Natalie it would make her stumble less visible. Or perhaps they made judgments or assumptions, wrong of course but enough to keep the crowd from rushing to her aid and offering help or support. While this may seem to be a rather minor incident, it is very demonstrative of our spirituality and the choices we make to either take a risk or offer help, or ignore and go on as if nothing happened.

And every human being has had some type of exposure or been witness to a situation where we have been faced with the choice to intervene, or simply ignore. And this energy and way of being is a direct channel and result of our spiritual evolution and in some way, shape or form will be returned to us in kind.

Our spiritual embodiment goes beyond major intuitive phenomena, and can occur at any given moment. A couple stranded on the side of the road, warning lights flashing, hood open. A young girl sobbing in the corner of a book store. An elderly and frail women struggling with a heavy sack of groceries. In each and every instance as an onlooker or bystander we have a choice to be involved, to make a difference in another person's life and therefore a difference in our life. If we live via our spiritual being or energy, we never hesitate to offer a word of consolation, to make a call to report the stranded family and vehicle or to help a senior or handicapped fill their cart with those things out of reach. It does take a bit of a risk as there is no guarantee no matter how pure and honorable our intentions that our help will be received as such. But what a worthy risk! To be able to look back and know that a simple gesture of spiritual humanity helped someone struggling with a significant emotional trauma. Or the family with no cell phone that had sat in the hot sun for hours while care after car zoomed past. Or the handicapped or senior who felt invisible and uncared for was given a smile, a hand a touch.
Our spiritual wisdom and energy is always working to urge us to take risks when it comes to helping others. We all have within us the capacity for caring and for demonstrating that caring by offering one small gesture or perhaps 5 minutes of our time and attention. We ALL choose to be led by spirit or dictated by fear or what may or may not be the "social handbook". But rare is the person that truly regrets stepping forward and letting another human being know, that someone has noticed, someone cares, and being perhaps an everyday "hero" to someone whom for all we know, was having one of their darkest days or moments.

It's easy to ignore the world around us, and in turn that world ignores us. But what an amazing place to be, to live and to connect when rather than simply walking past, we dig deep into that pocket of pureness and love in our spiritual being and instead we say; excuse me, can we talk?

I truly hope that all that joined us became enlightened as to the ongoing and endless opportunities that exist to brighten a day, a life and that to consider that one day you may be that person reaching up for something, silently weeping in the ladies room, or laying on the ground out of breath, and the difference that can be found between walking on, and stopping.

May you all embrace your spiritual light and shine it for all to see, for when our light is aflame, we can be seen by all those other lights, joining together we light up the world! ~

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